Hot Summer Housework with Mom

As I followed my Mother toward the ‘storage room’ at the end of the hallway, I couldn’t help but smile a little to myself. Yeah, it was indeed gonna suck spending a beautiful July afternoon clearing out and organizing the avalanche of junk that had accumulated in that small room over the course of 15 years. That’s how long Mom and I had lived together in our modest two bedroom house. A house she bought (with lots of help from her parents) after divorcing my alcoholic father when I was just three years old.

For 15 years, our ‘storage room’ as we called it, had been our repository for all of life’s odds and ends. If we didn’t want to throw something away – but didn’t know what else to do with it – into the storage room it went. Now however the small room was nearly filled from floor to ceiling, and Mom had determined that we were going to wrestle it under control before I left for college next month.

But there was one very silver lining to this whole situation, and my smile broadened, as my eyes roved up and down my Mother’s petite form, coming to rest on her shapely derrière. Beneath the taut, black fabric of her yoga pants, I could clearly make out the tantalizing triangle of a lacy, hot-pink thong. Yes, for the next 3 to 6 hours, I was going to have a first-class, unrestricted view of the tightest, hottest little ass I’d ever seen. The ass I’d fantasized about countless times in perverse masturbatory ecstasy. The ass that belonged to my sweet, beautiful Mother.

“Ta-Daaa!” she exclaimed swinging the door open wide, and turning back to look at me. Fortunately, I’d become adept at anticipating such sudden movements, and managed to avert my eyes from her ass just in the nick of time. “Hey what are you smiling about?” she looked at me quizzically.

“Oh nuthin’… just thinking about all the ways you can pay me back for this.”

“Oh-ho really?” she chuckled. “Well if that’s the case, then you’d better earn your pay Mister. And I’m gonna work you hard. Real hard. Whaaa-cheeee!” she made a whip-cracking sound, snapped her wrist and smirked.

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I laughed a little nervously, as I felt my penis begin to swell ever so slightly.

The ‘storage room’ was really just a large walk-in closet – approximately 10 feet deep by 6 feet wide. A single 100-watt bulb illuminated everything from the center of the ceiling. The 3 walls were each lined with shelving from top to bottom. These shelves were stacked full with old cardboard boxes of various shapes and sizes. Most of them had been put there when we first moved in, their contents long forgotten. It was between the shelf-lined walls, where the real problem lay. Layer upon layer of boxes, bags, clothing, toys, tools, sporting goods, and bric-a-brac of all kinds. This mass of precious refuse filled the floor from back to front, and rose nearly to the ceiling. Yep, we sure had our work cut out for us.

Surveying the situation, we quickly devised a goal and a plan. The goal was to have the floor cleared out completely – so that we could walk freely and access all the shelving, front to back. Beyond that, our secondary goal was to go through the boxes that occupied the shelves, and determine what could be jettisoned, and what must be kept.

Down the hallway, in the living room, we would establish 3 piles: stuff to trash; stuff to donate; and stuff to keep. The keeper pile would ultimately be returned to the newly organized shelves. As the trash and donation piles grew, we’d bag things up in preparation for their final destination.

We got down to business just about noon. The work went smoothly early on, and I have to say, it wasn’t so bad. It was actually kind of fun. Mom’s bedroom was just a few feet up the hall from the closet, and that served as our base of operations. In her bedroom, we had a couple tall glasses of lemonade. We had Mom’s radio pumping out some classic rock. And most importantly, in her bedroom, we had air conditioning! After all, it was late July in New York – and that means 2 things… heat and humidity.

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Of course, we both knew that, and had dressed accordingly. I wore some light-weight grey cotton gym-shorts. No underwear. I knew my balls would be sweaty enough as-is. On top, I wore a simple white tank-top undershirt – a ‘wife beater,’ if you will. Mom too wore a more feminine white tank top – or camisole, with delicate ‘spaghetti’ straps. The cami’s thin fabric did little to mask the pink lace bra she wore underneath – apparently a matching set with her thong. Nor did the sheer lace of her bra, do much to hide the dark, prominent nipples that topped her perky B-cup breasts. Damn, my Mom did look fine!

She kept up a steady stream of chatter as she pulled items out, handing things to me and telling me which pile to place them in. Most of the top layers consisted of her old clothes. And to her credit, Mom was almost ruthlessly determined to make progress. And I was happy to watch her as she’d bend forward presenting her marvelously shaped little ass to my eager vision. I found that as she bent and flexed, the already thin fabric of her yoga pants would stretch and her golden skin would become more visible beneath – revealing the perfect spheres of her butt. I was mesmerized by that pink lace thong. My eyes following the thin strand of fabric as it disappeared into the mysterious paradise between her butt cheeks. And I promised myself that I would find that thong after my Mom changed clothes – and I would inhale her sweet musky scent.

A couple hours passed, and we’d progressed about two-thirds of the way toward the back of the closet. But that New York humidity was causing us to work up quite a sweat. My Mom is of Italian descent. And she has the wonderful olive skin of her ancestors – kissed by the Mediterranean sun. Now, in that midsummer afternoon, her luminous skin was aglow with a fine sheen of perspiration. Her dark brown hair was pulled up high in a pony tail, but a few loose strands of damp hair clung to her shapely neck. And her white camisole had became translucent across her back. All I could think about was how much I wanted to lick the curve of her neck; to taste the sweat from the small of her back; to follow the contours of her body with my tongue.

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“Whew!” she exclaimed, “I’m sweating like a pig in here! Why don’t we take a little A/C break?”

“Anything you say, Boss.”

Standing in her blessedly refrigerated bedroom, we drank our lemonades and chit-chatted for awhile about the progress we’d made, and what still needed doing. As we spoke, I couldn’t help but notice the effect that the A/C was having on her nipples. Try as I might to avoid directly staring, my eyes were irresistibly drawn back to those two lovely, prominent protrusions. And, because we were standing more or less face to face, my mother couldn’t help but notice the direction of my involuntary glances. A slight smile played at the corner of her lips.

“Damn, this A/C feels good!” she said, turning and stepping toward the mid-sized unit positioned on her window-sill. With her back toward me she bent at the waist, leaning forward until her face was mere inches from the vents pumping out that icy goodness. She took her time, and I reveled in the wonderful sight of her up-turned ass, and crotch. My cock, which had already been in a state of semi-hardness for the past two hours, now awoke with a renewed vigor. As blood rushed to fill my member, I marveled at the sight of mom’s black tights, clinging damply to the well-defined cleft of her labia.

She raised her torso just a bit so that the vents were now blowing directly down her neck, chest and tits. Again, she took her time, making soft sounds of pleasure every so often. Then, still leaning forward, she hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her yoga pants, and folded the elastic waistline down her hips by about six inches – revealing the top few inches of that lacy thong – just before it plunged into her ass crack. She looked back at me over her shoulder, and said coyly, “I hope you don’t mind my underwear.”

“Um… no… not at all, Mom.”

“I didn’t think so,” she said knowingly. Turning her back to the A/C unit, she raised her shirt so that it hugged her ribcage, exposing her back to the cold air. She raised her arms, crossing her wrists behind her head. Her armpits had apparently not seen a razor for some time – and were sporting a dense, yet delicately feminine crop of fine brown hair. With her eyes closed, her head tilted back, and her lips parted, Mom was the perfect image of beautiful bliss.

She held the pose for a good leisurely length of time, turning ever so slightly this way and that, and coo-ing quietly with satisfaction. The close-encounter with the A/C moment earlier, had taken her nipples to the next level – making them longer and harder than I’d ever seen on her – or any woman! Like twin turgid torpedoes, Mom’s nipples protruded against the thin lace mesh of her bra, and darkly stretched the white cotton of her tank top. Each nipple had to be nearly an inch long, and easily a half-inch across. “Ohhh fuck… this feels so fucking good, she groaned sensuously.”

Opening her eyes languidly as if returning from a dream, Mom looked at me. I had been wiping my dripping brow with the bottom edge of my tank-top – so my abs were exposed. And my dick was now nearly fully erect, trailing down my left thigh and straining the fabric of my shorts. Mom’s eyes roamed at will across my shoulders, arms and chest. Her gaze lingered on my abs and dipped down to rest on my prominent package. Her eyes widened slightly, and I heard a small gasp escape her lips.

“Oh my goodness – look at you!” Mom’s voice sounded a bit unsteady. “My son the beefcake. You look like you should be posing for a calendar… ‘Young Studs Doing Housework – 2013 Edition.’”

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“Ha-ha very funny, Mom.”

“Hey,” she replied, “no fooling… I’d buy that calendar. And so would all my horny old friends.”

“Mom, you and your friends aren’t old.” Mom was in fact 43.

“I never said I was old. I said my friends are old. And they’re horny. Me? I am completely ageless… and horny too.” She laughed musically. “Now come on stud. Fun time’s over, lets get back to work.” She stepped forward to pass by me – more closely than necessary. Resting a hand lightly on my shoulder, she turned so that her left breast brushed firmly against my right bicep. I could feel her hard nipple dragging across my skin. Then her right breast, and nipple… hard, pressing, dragging even more slowly. Again I heard a faint gasp as she drew in a sharp breath of air.

We did indeed have more work to do, but ‘Fun Time’ was far from over. In fact things were going to become more fun than I could have possibly imagined.


For a while, we were able to put our inappropriate interlude behind us and attend to the task at hand. Another hour and a half passed, and we continued to make good progress. But it is undeniable that we were slowing down. It’s as if we were losing focus; losing the ability to concentrate. Perhaps it’s because we were beginning to focus more on each other. We were now deep toward the back of the closet and working shoulder to sweaty shoulder. Brushing, sliding, and frankly, rubbing against each other almost continuously. It became impossible to say how much of that physical contact was unavoidable – and how much was intentional. As time went on, I think we clearly shifted from the former to the later. At one point, I even felt Mom’s fingers delicately caress the length of my shaft – inadvertently, of course.

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It’s safe to say that we were both functioning in a state of high-arousal. My penis continued to strain against my grey gym shorts. And my dear Mother seemed to have lost the ability to concentrate on anything else. No doubt, the single over-head bulb delineated each ridge and bulge of my manhood in sharp relief. And the fact that I was wearing no underwear certainly added to the effect. Mom’s eyes seemed inexorably drawn to my crotch. She was constantly running her tongue over her lips, brushing strands of hair back behind her ears, and ogling my engorged member. And, as if to ensure that my that member remained engorged, Mom’s postures and poses became more and more self-consciously provocative – like some primate in heat presenting herself to the alpha male.

Yet, somehow, we pressed on, and eventually, we managed to clear just about all of the debris from the floor – save for a few boxes. Mom actually got down on the floor – on her hands and knees, with back arched, ass up-turned and knees spread – ostensibly to examine the contents of one of these last boxes. This pose (aided by that 100-watt overhead bulb) caused her tights to be stretched so thinly, I could make out the entirety of her pink thong as it spanned the full length of her crotch. I could even see where the thong split her labia – pushing her fleshy lips to either side. And, remarkably enough, I could see precisely the dark nexus of her anus poised provocatively beneath that thin lacy strand.

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She was looking back over her shoulder and saying something to me – but I had no comprehension of what it was because all the blood had rushed from my cranium and surged directly to my now rock-hard johnson. Mom stood up and took a step back. But her heel caught the corner of one of the remaining boxes, and she stumbled a little backwards to me. I held my ground to help steady her – the end result being that her buttocks came to be planted firmly against my raging, hard-on.

Neither one of us moved. Maybe Mom was still unsure of her footing. And I sure as hell wasn’t going anywhere. Then subtly, she shifted her position so that my downward pointing erection now pressed directly into the crevice between her ass cheeks. Still she didn’t pull away. Instead, I felt her push back against me even more, pressing my erection deeper into her crack. “Wow,” she said at last. “Is that a bottle of water in your pocket – or are you just happy to see me?”

“Um, no Mom. That’s just me. And I’m always happy to see you. Sorry though,” I said sheepishly. I don’t know why I felt the need to apologize – but at least it was something to say.

“Oh, Honey – no need to apologize. It’s fine really. These things happen sometimes.” Neither one of us had broken contact, my dick continued to press into the depths of her ass crack. She continued, “It actually feels… really… good. I haven’t felt a man like this… in such a long time.”

Hearing her say that broke me up a little bit. The realization hit me hard. My Mother was a beautiful, vibrant woman with wants, needs and longings of her own – all of which had been unfulfilled for so long. “Mom,” I stammered, “we could… I could… maybe we could…” I didn’t know what I was trying to say. But I think Mom understood the gist of it. She gently dis-engaged her ass from my erection and turned to look at me with tears welling up in her eyes.

“You are so sweet, my Son,” she said softly. “I’m flattered that I can have such an effect on you. You make me feel very… sexy when we are together.”

“Mom you have no idea what you do to me…”

She cut me off… “I know Baby. Believe me. I know what I do to you. And it’s not fair to you, really, I know. And I’m so sorry honey. It’s just that… one moment, you’re my little boy, my beautiful son… and you always will be. But then the next moment, you’re this gorgeous, total hunk of a man – and I feel so confused sometimes. And – especially lately – I just have these urges… and I don’t know what to do…” Her voice trailed off, her thought left incomplete.

She stepped away seemingly to turn her attention back to the boxes that lined the shelves. Shifting the topic a bit, she asked, “You… are a man now… aren’t you, Honey?”

I knew exactly what she was asking me. “Yes Mom, I am a man – if having sex is what makes a man – a man.”

“I knew you were. You have that kind of self assurance about you. Who was it with… Monique?” She removed a box from the shelf and was poking through the contents absentmindedly.

“No Mom it wasn’t Monique. It was Beth. Remember her?”

“Beth!? Really? That long ago? Of course I remember her. She was so sweet! Oh I liked her. Such a pretty girl. And… were you her first as well?”

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“Yes Mom. I was her first.”

“Well Beth is a very lucky young lady.”

“What? Why do you say that?”

She turned to look at me. I could see the emotion in her eyes. “Just because, you are a very caring, and special young man. And any girl would be incredibly fortunate to have you as her first.”

“Uh okay – thanks I guess. What about you Mom? How was your first…”

“Let’s just say – I wish I’d had someone as special as you for my first time.” I could tell from her tone that this was not a topic she wished to expand upon. And sure enough, she quickly found another topic, pulling a box from a lower shelf, and lifting the lid.

“Oh my God – I remember when you drew this picture!” she said, smiling and holding up a child’s crude but cute depiction of two people – one large and one small. “You drew a picture of the two of us on your first day of kindergarten.” The words were barely out of her mouth before the tears started streaming from her eyes, and she covered her face with both hands to hide the sudden sobs that wracked her body.

“Oh Mom, come here.” I enveloped her in a big warm hug, and just held her, letting her cry out her emotions with her head buried against my chest. After some time, the sobs subsided and she lifted her face to mine.

“I’m so sorry Honey. Oh God, I’m such a mess. You must think I’m crazy or something… It’s just – I think it’s really starting to sink in how much I’m going to miss you when you go away to school.”

I continued to hold her and hug her. And as incongruous as it may sound, my cock was once again growing fully hard and pressing against her groin. And Mom – bless her, she didn’t pull away at all. In fact she pressed her pubic region right back against mine – as if she craved the same kind of intimate contact that I did.

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I kissed the tears from her cheeks still holding her tight. “Mom, don’t worry, I’m only gonna be two hours away. I can drive home every weekend, and we can hang out like we always do…”

“Sweetheart, as much as I may want that – and believe me, I do… I want you to become your own man at school, and make new friends, and go to parties and experience new things… and you can’t do all those things if you are here with me every weekend.” Mom then gave a none-too-subtle grind of her pelvis against mine, before taking a step back and looking down at my swollen package. “And, most importantly, you need to find a new girlfriend who can help you tame that monster in your pants!”

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