Hot Father Daughter Crossdressing Story

Hi friends, my name is Anjali. I am a 24 years old girl and studying MBA from a private college in Delhi. I stay in hostel but on weekends, I come to my home to stay with my dad. My mom and dad are divorced from the last ten years. Mom stays in the USA and I still do not know the reason for their divorce. I don’t have a boyfriend yet because I didn’t get time to do anything other than studies. Still, I am good looking, my height is 5’4 inches and my vital stats are 34-28-34.
My dad is a small time businessman in the media sector. I think he is a lonely man because he never thought of a second marriage. It was dad’s birthday and I wanted to give him a surprise. Normally, I come to my home on weekends but due to dad’s birthday, I came on Tuesday without informing him.

It was 7 pm in the evening. I came home with a cake and a new I phone 5s for my dad. I silently opened the door with the duplicate key which I had in my bag. I entered the house but it was dark in the hall area. I thought dad is not there at home. But I saw light coming from bedroom.

I silently went to the bedroom. What I saw there was a big surprise for me. I saw my dad wearing a white bra and a purple panty which he took from my wardrobe. I was completely shocked by seeing my dad wearing my bra and panty. I thought to silently get out of the house and go to my hostel. However, before I could do that, dad saw me and expressed my name in surprise “Anjali!!!!!!”

I stopped. I looked at dad. His eyes were low in shame. I asked him “Dad, why are you doing this?”

He said “Anjali, you didn’t inform me before coming!!”

I said “Dad, please answer my question”

He said “I … I like to wear ladies clothes from my teenage. I am sorry if I embarrassed you. Your mom also left me when she came to know about this. Now you will also leave me..”

Then he started crying. By seeing him crying, I forgot my anger and became very sad. My dad had done so much for me in every walk of life. He sacrificed his big dreams and luxuries to fulfil my needs. I went to dad and hugged him titely.

I said “Dad, I am a matured girl, how can you even think that I will leave you? If you have this secret desire, then we will talk about this.”

Dad said “What is there to talk? I am a very bad person.”

I said “No dad, you always sacrificed your dreams to fulfil my needs. I wont stop you from doing this. Make me understand what is this all about”
We sat on the bedroom bed, Dad looked at me, he held my hands and said “ Anjali, actually I love wearing ladies clothes from my childhood. I love the feeling of being a lady. Dont think that I am gay. I am a straight person but I love to crossdress.”

I said “If crossdressing is your passion, then I will not object. I will support you and will help you get dressed.”

Dad said “Are you sure? Don’t you have any obligations?”

I said “No dad. From the last ten years, you have been my dad as well as my mom. From this day, I strongly believe that you can play the role of mom very well. I can share things with you which every daughter wants to share with her mother.”

Dad said “oh Anjali, I love you beta.”

I hugged him and said “I love you too dad. Come, I will make you crossdress in my clothes”

Dad was never so happy. We went to my wardrobe. I saw dad was wearing my white bra. I filled the bra cups with two clothes to make fake boobs. Now I understood why dad had no facial & body hair. Dad was shying and I started laughing.

I asked dad “Dad, what do you like to wear?”

Dad said “I like sarees, salwar kameez and nighties. Basically all Indian Clothes.”

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