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Time for the disclaimers and back story that will become relevant further in the story. Of course, everyone in this story that engages in sexual activity is 18 yrs of age or older. This is a work of fiction but I’ve tried to keep it within the realm of possibility and believability, with the exception of the volume of cum produced. In my story here, both male and female have the possibility to emit large amounts with less than normal risk of dehydration or effort needed to replenish energy. This is the first chapter of a (potentially very long) series that will expand past the main character’s household.

Onward to the backstory/information dump! My name is Brian Valentine. I recently turned 18 and became a senior at my high school that the author was too lazy to name. Short brown hair, 5’11”, 8″ dick. I’m not exactly athletic but I keep myself in shape. I’ve been told I’m attractive but I’ve never actually had a girlfriend. Yes, I’m still a virgin. My mom had died during childbirth. My father was hit by a drunk driver when I was 13. I currently live with my step-mom Lilith Wilde and her twin daughters Mary and Abigail, who are 9 months older than me. My step-mom had been with my dad for a good two years before his passing. Lucky for us we were living in a fairly large house we fully owned and were left a life insurance payment large enough to keep us afloat without my step-mom overworking herself to death. So she had plenty of time to spend with my step-sisters and I.

Lilith Wilde is a gorgeous woman. She had given birth young and took very good care of herself. She’s 35 but could easily pass for mid to late 20’s. Long black hair, emerald green eyes with the face of an angel. She measured at 5’5″, 34DD-24-34. Perfectly round, perky tits and a bubble butt to die for. Amazingly smooth, flawless, and, I’d imagine, soft skin. But somehow she seemed completely unaware of how hot she was. As a constantly horny young male growing up, it was hard for me to tell if it was a gift or torture to have such a hot piece of ass parading around the house. Her daughters certainly didn’t help my situation either.

My step-sisters were also pretty in their own right. Even though both were 18 yrs old, Mary was ‘the oldest’, which is just dumb twin speak for “I came out a few seconds before you”. But that was her main advantage over Abigail. They were identical twins but had some physical differences. They were both 5’3″, had long blonde hair, and green eyes. Mary was 34B-22-30 and Abigail was 34C-22-32. So physically Abby beats Mary with bigger boobs and booty. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to inherit their mother’s kind and caring attitude. Personally, I think they’d seen Cinderella too many times. They seemed to think I was their personal servant. It didn’t matter if we were home or at school. But lucky for me, they won’t show up for at least another chapter or two.

End of backstory! Yay! (At least for now)

Our story begins on a Friday evening, a few months into the first semester. I had gotten home about 10 minutes ago from a fairly average day at school. I dropped my stuff off in my room then walked back to the living room to watch my shows on the big TV. I could hear the shower running but I resisted the urge to take a peek. Don’t get me wrong, I was definitely tempted and it wouldn’t have been the first time I secretly watched. However, since I didn’t know when her shower began I couldn’t estimate how much longer she’d be in there. So I had deemed it too risky. Now I sat on the couch watching TV, trying not to count the minutes I could’ve spent watching the shower instead.

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