Home Invasion

I heard a noise, it jolted me awake, was that the back door opening? I sat bolt upright, next to me, the movement woke up my wife Krista. She sat up with me, the sheet fell to her waist, I could see her nudity in the dim glow of our nightlight. We had made hot, passionate love before falling asleep, and I reached around for my discarded pajama bottoms. I hopped out of bed, and pulled them on.

“Baby, what’s up?” she mumbled, her voice thick with sleep.

I whispered, “Thought I heard a noise downstairs. I’m going to check it out.”

That brought her mind into focus, and she hissed, “Oh god, you think somebody’s broken in? Maybe we should just call 911. Where’s your phone?”

I mentally kicked myself, as I said, “I left it on the dining room table.”

I went over to the closet, and rummaged around until I found my old Louisville Slugger. Just as I turned towards the door, it opened abruptly. I froze, as three large shapes filled the door.

The leader said “Good morning folks!”

That was unexpected, and we just gaped at them.

He chuckled, and said, “Thought we’d pay you a visit. After seeing your hot little wifey out in the backyard, ummm-ummmm, that tiny little bikini you were wearing baby, smokin’ hot.”

Krista saw their hot, eager eyes, fixed on her, nude from the waist up. She flushed, and quickly yanked the sheet back up.

The leader said to me, “Now, let’s not have any unpleasantness, you just bring that bat over to me, and I’ll take it. Any other weapons stashed around here?”

Knowing that I had no choice, I walked over, meekly handed over the bat, and said, “No sir, no other weapons, just this.”

He grinned and said, “Sir, that’s so formal. I’m John, behind me is Jeremy, and behind him is Carl. We are going to get to know each other very well. What are you names?”

I said, “My name’s Edd, and my wife is Krista.”

“Anyone else in the house?”

“No John, just us. Our daughter Christine is attending college.”

They advanced further, and another figure stepped in behind them. I stared, bemused by what was happening. A woman, who was powerfully built, at least 6 feet tall, stepped in behind them. She looked strong and intimidating, built broad and solid, she looked like she could hold her own against any man that tried to give her shit.

“Meet our lady, Saska.”

She grinned at us as she walked over to the bed. Reaching out, she whipped the sheet off the bed, leaving Krista naked. She shrank back as our captors surrounded her.

“Ever been triple fucked, baby?”

Krista could only shake her head in the No gesture. Her eyes grew wide with fear as they stripped off their clothes, and three hard, eager cocks rose up.

“Well baby, you’re in luck, we’ll be glad to initiate you.”

Saska grabbed me, and pushed me back into a chair.

“And you, Edd, are going to watch your wife get a triple gang-bang.”

I was held securely, I was going to watch my wife getting raped.

John pulled my wife out of bed, and all eyes traveled up and down her body, hot, eager eyes fixed on the view of Krista’s 34DD breasts, traveling down the flat plane of her stomach, and taking in the bare, well waxed pubic area, then turning her around, and taking in the view of her backside. Her rump had a graceful curve, perky and smooth. Their cocks were rock hard, eager to violate Krista’s body.

“Oh yeah baby. Yeah, you’ll do nicely. Umm, gonna be one hot fuck I bet.”

Climbing onto the bed, he pulled her down on top of him. She fought to get away, until he growled, “If you don’t do what we say, your hubby’s gonna get messed up real bad. Your choice, baby.”

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