Home for the Holiday’s

“So this is your first time home since the semester started?”

“Yep,” Caleb Holiday answered, peering eagerly out the cab’s window as his familiar street rolled past, the suburban houses gaily decorated for Christmas. “Four fuckin’ months!” he growled under his breath, glancing over at Dwayne.

The lanky Black youth chuckled back at him, pearly white teeth gleaming against his dark skin. He had an easy manner about him that made Caleb feel like they’d been life-long pals, despite the fact that they had only met ten days ago. Dwayne’s had been the only serious reply to the ad that Caleb had put up on Craig’s List looking for a very particular companion to accompany him home for the holidays. At 20 years old, he was 2 years Caleb’s senior, but they had hit it off from the start and now behaved like old friends. Caleb grinned back at him and pulled out his wallet, hastily digging out bills and tossing them to the driver as the cab rolled up in front of his family home.

“Keep it!” he told the driver and bailed out the door before the car even came to a full stop.

“God damn, son, slow down!” Dwayne laughed, rolling languidly out behind him. He paused to stretch his back as the cab pulled away.

“Come on, man!” Caleb urged as he bounded up the steps.

Dwayne shook his head and followed the white boy up to the two-story white house that looked like every other white house up and down the white neighborhood. Hopefully it was a little less conventional on the inside and he would find what he’d been promised…

“Mom I’m home!” Caleb called as he ushered his new buddy through the front door. He dropped his bag and shed his coat just in time to be slammed back into Dwayne’s body by the squealing woman that came running down the hallway from the kitchen.

Dwayne dropped his own bag and pushed the shorter white kid off him, watching with amusement as the 40-something brunette covered her son’s face with excited kisses.

“Oh Honey, I missed you sooo much!” she exclaimed then covered his mouth with a deep, hard kiss, during which she fumbled his belt open, unbuttoned his jeans and ripped down his zipper. She pushed his jeans down far enough to free his hard cock, moaning passionately as she wrapped her hand around it.

Dwayne stood by awkwardly, watching as Caleb spun his mother around and pushed her up against the wall. The kid growled into her mouth, still aggressively returning her kiss as he frantically pulled up her skirt and grabbed for her panties. The sexy black lace thong she wore under her plain blue cotton mom-dress came away to the sound of ripping fabric and was tossed hastily aside.

The horny woman guided her son’s stiff prick into her waiting pussy as he lifted her leg to his waist and thrust his hips forward. She broke the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck, whimpering and mewling encouragement into his ear as he immediately began fucking her hard against the wall.

“Give it to me, baby,” she gasped. “Give Mama that sweet cock she’s been missing!”

Caleb responded by burying his face in her neck and plowing into her even faster, harder. At that rate, it was only about 2 minutes before he was grunting and blowing his load inside her. But from the sounds she was making and the way her body quivered as she held on to him, she had beat him to it. She reached down and gripped his white buttocks, holding him inside her as they both caught their breath.

“Sorry, Mom,” he panted. “It’s just been too damn long!”

“Yes it has!” she agreed, planting more kisses on his face and lips. Finally she released him. As she smoothed her skirt back into place, she seemed to notice Dwayne for the first time. “Oh, hello there!”

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