Home for my father’s funeral, I tried to comfort my mom but it led to much more!

My dad died at 54 of lung cancer from years of smoking. I was living in New Orleans, but my five sisters all lived near my mom in middle, northern Tennessee, and so after the funeral, I was the only one who went to Mom’s to spend the night.

I was asleep in the guest bedroom when I was awakened by Mom crying. I went to her room to lie down behind her to comfort her. I crawled under the cover and was surprised to find out that she was nude. However, as I lay behind her, she grabbed my left arm and wrapped it around her fat stomach (Mom was now 67 years old and weighed about 350 lbs.). She continued sobbing as I moved closer so that our bodies pressed together…her naked and me wearing a T-shirt and pajama bottoms… and then we both fell asleep.

While asleep, I had a dream about fucking a BBW (I had always been attracted to large women); in my dream, she was on her hands and knees as I fucked her from behind, watching that big ass shake. “Oh, yeah, that feels so good,” the woman moaned, turning her head to look at me, whereupon I saw that it was my mother. With that, I suddenly awoke with a hard-on, my arm around my mom, and my swollen cock pressed against her large ass through the material of my pajamas! I immediately panicked and pulled away from her.

“Oh, my, God, is she awake,” I thought to myself, “Did Mom know that my hard cock was against her? What will she think of me?” I moved a little farther away but still lay right behind my mom who was also lying on her right side. I soon decided that she was still asleep but my hard-on wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t stop thinking about my dream. I pulled the cover back so that I could see her naked ass, pulled my pajama bottoms down, and began sliding my hand up and down my thick cock while marveling at my own mother’s full, sexy ass! Not wanting to cum yet, I stopped jacking off, slowly moved against her again, and gently pressed my hard dick into the cheeks of her ass and caressed her fleshy belly. I couldn’t believe that I wanted to fuck my own mother!

Then, I wasn’t sure, but I thought that I felt my mom pushing her ass back against me. To test the theory, I moved my hips forward to enjoy my hard, seven-inch cock pressing against the crack of her ass. When I did that, she moved even harder against me and then reached back to slide her hand between our bodies and grab my hard dick! My own mother was awake and feeling her son’s hard dick!

“Kyle, I’m sorry,” she whispered, still sliding her hand up and down my cock. “I haven’t had sex for three years. Do you want me to stop?”

I then rolled over, one knee on each side of her body, and pulled off my shirt. Now we were both completely naked, and I lay down on top of her. She put her left hand on the back of my head, pulled me in, and we then French-kissed one another…a mother and son intertwining our tongues while her hand grasped my hard cock and I moved my fingers into her now-wet pussy. I stopped kissing her and moved down to put my face over her pussy. I always love that wet, feminine, nasty scent and my dick got even harder, knowing that it was my own mother’s pussy that I was smelling and getting ready to lick.

I shoved my face into that gushy cunt and rubbed her juices all over my face. Then I began licking up and down her cunt, and she put her hands on the back of my head. “Oh, god, that feels so good,” she exclaimed . “It’s been so long…eat my pussy! Eat that wet, nasty cunt!” I never knew that my own mother talked so dirty and that was only making me even harder.

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