His wife is trained by stanger

As we walked down the hotel hallway, my wife nervously clutched my hand. I glanced over at her and could tell she was very apprehensive with what was about to take place. She looked exquisite in her short black dress trimmed in lace. She wore a strand of pearls around her neck that hung perfectly into her cleavage. I had picked her outfit when we had agreed to this little arrangement. I couldn’t believe the night was finally here. I had hardly been able to work all week knowing what lay in store. It was a mixed emotion of jealousy, excitement and extreme lust.

Nicky and I have been married 12 years and have three kids. We have always enjoyed a good sex life, but it has definitely never been what you would call too wild and kinky. I am the only man that she has ever been with even though she had had some close boyfriends. She had been raised in a religious background and had therefore never really experimented sexually. The first few nights after we had been married had been very awkward due to her inexperience. She didn’t want me to see her naked and just lay there almost motionless as she experienced intercourse for the first time. I have had some luck trying to coax her into trying new things but it has usually ended in a fight. I will suggest some new technique and she will look at me as if I’m crazy and perverted. Finally she will give in, but act as if this is the stupidest thing she has ever done. By this time the moment has passed and I have lost the passion for whatever I had hoped would increase our sexual satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, she means well but the problem really boils down to not wanting to give into “lust” and not knowing how to act to turn a man on.

This brings us to our current situation. After years of trial and error, mostly error, in the sexual experimentation arena, I started talking to a fellow on the Internet that had had the same difficulties with his wife as well. The more we talked, the more I realized I was not alone. He finally told me what he had done to change it all. He had been introduced to a man who specialized in bringing out wives inhibitions. He had at one time been a sexual counselor but had been constantly questioned on his “unusual” techniques so he had left the field. He now worked with men such as myself who found sex with their wives less then expected.

After tons of questions, and finding myself satisfied with my friend’s results, I contacted this man. He turned out to be very pleasant over the phone and so I agreed to meet with him at a local hotel lounge. I felt like some sort of private eye as I walked into the lounge late on a Saturday night, went to the bar and ordered a drink and quickly drank it down to calm my nerves. While waiting for my second drink, I spotted him in the corner. He wasn’t real handsome like I had expected for some reason. He looked as if he were in his 50’s, slightly over weight, and dressed very plain.

I walked over to his table and introduced myself. To make a long story short, he asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. Most husbands can’t take watching what he would do, but explained that if I did, I would have the wife that I had always dreamed of. I would be able to watch but only participate when asked. If I interfered, the night would be over, he would pack his bags, and he would never see us again. I numbly shook my head in the positive as I realized how excited I had become listening to some of the things my wife would experience. We agreed on a date and a hotel. I was to pay for the room and leave a key at the desk for him to arrive early and prepare.

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