His wife dominates him – and his ass

I come home from work, I look over at the couch expecting to see her there but she is not. I step up into the living room and glance up the stairs and call for her.


“Up here.” I hear from up the stairs

I go upstairs and I turn into our bedroom. There she stands with her hands on her hips tapping her foot impatiently. She is wearing her tall leather boots, black hose with garter straps, her leather mini-skirt, and a low cut red shirt.

“You’re a minute late, strip.” She says in a firm voice.

Knowing that she is in charge I take off my tie, shirt, shoes, socks, pants, and underwear. My penis is already getting hard, and she takes a moment to look me and my penis over.

“Bend over, and place your hands on the bed.” She orders.

I do as she says and feel two quick smacks on my ass from the paddle.

“That is for being late. Be sure not to disappoint me any further this evening. Now go start the shower.”

I quickly go to the shower and turn it on.

“Get in.” She says.

I climb into the still cold shower and start to close the door.

“Leave it open.” She commands.

I immediately begin with a scented soap and I begin to wash my ass, and hard penis.

“Stick a finger in your ass, I want it clean.” She says. I start sliding my finger into and out of my ass as she sits on a stool to watch.

“Now masturbate for my viewing pleasure.” She says with a smile.

I slowly start stroking my soapy and hard penis. I can’t help but stare at her as I run my hand up and down my cock. It’s not long before I start breathing hard, and my hand is speeding up.

“Stop. I don’t want you cumming yet. Continue cleaning yourself.”

I rinse off the soap, shampoo my hair, and wash the rest of my body quickly and thoroughly. Before I turn off the water she stands up and reaches over by the counter.

“Turn around and bend over.” She says.

I do as I am told so that my ass is jutting towards her. I feel a liquid poured over my ass, and a finger inserted and quickly removed. Then I feel something else pressed to my ass, with a constant pressure I feel her push a butt plug into my ass, I gasp for a moment before she can get it all the way in so she pulls it back out almost all the way. Then suddenly she pushes it in all the way and I feel it pop into place. I let out a groan and my penis feels like it is going to explode.

“Rinse, get out, towel off, shave, and then come into the bedroom.” She says leaving the bathroom.

I hurriedly do as I was told and when I am done I go into the bedroom I see that laid out on the bed are my clothes, pair of silk boxers, black pants, socks, black shoes, bright blue shirt, and yellow tie.

“Put these on, you are taking me to dinner.”

I hesitate a moment thinking of the plug in my ass.

“Bend over, now!” She says angrily.

I immediately do as you say. I feel four hard whacks on my ass from the paddle that almost make me scream.

“Now do as I say.”

I meekly and quickly pull on the clothes, and then follow her down the stairs.

We go to the car and all the way to the restaurant she gives my penis occasional squeezes to be sure it was still hard. It couldn’t help being hard with the plug being pushed into my ass with every bump along the road.

Throughout dinner she also continues grabbing my penis. I could barely concentrate enough attention on my food to eat it. And she seemed to want to prolong my torture as she also has us order dessert as well. Finally I am able to pay the bill and we can leave. After I let her into the car, and I climb in she reaches over and kisses me, pushing her tongue into my mouth and grabbing my cock. She finishes the kiss by biting my lip.

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