High school virgin taught a lesson

I never liked high school, but I guess things only get worse before they get better. Today I proved that.

I was in English, daydreaming as usual, when I hear my name. “Olivia, can I see you outside now please.” My teacher asked me.
His name is Scott Reming; he’s 6ft4” towering over me at 5ft 2”. I must say he is quite sexy, with his short brown hair spiked and his emerald green eyes.
I followed him out of the classroom, he stood with the door open till I walked past him, and he slowly closed the door behind me.
I turned to face him; I had to look up to lock my eyes on his.
He started saying “mmm, you’ve been a bad student today Olivia.”
I was puzzled by this, so I asked “what did I do?”
“You’ve been very distracting, wearing those skimpy clothes.” He said this in a sexy, kind of controlling voice.
“It’s the school uniform” I said confused by what he was saying.
“You’ve got detention after school with me” he gave me a half grin, as if he had been planning this.
“B…but…” he opened the door and walked back in before I could protest.
“Are you going to join us?” he looked at me with his eyebrows raised.
I walked in and went to my desk and sat down. I spent the rest of the class wandering what he is planning.
…later that day…
“Good to see you showed up after school” he snickered.
“I didn’t have a choice did I?” I said with an attitude.
“No you didn’t, take a seat.”
I walked over to a desk and pulled out the seat and sat. We sat in silence for what seemed like hours but was only 10 minutes.
He finally said something to me. “So, Olivia, you’re here for an hour alone with me.” He stands and walks over to me. “Well, you could leave early, maybe.” He gave me a wink and walked behind me.
“What do you mean I can leave early?” I said puzzled again by what he was saying. “You can’t keep me here anyway” I said with more attitude than before.
“Well, we can come to an arrangement then” he puts his hands on my shoulders.
“What are you doing?” I turned and looked at him.
“I’m letting you leave early” he slides his hands down my sides.
“Stop it!!” I say sternly, trying to get his hands off of me.
He moves his hands to my blouse buttons and starts to undo them. “Shh, Olivia”
I push him away from me, standing I move away from him. “You can’t do that to me, I’m a student” I yell at him frustrated.
“I’m your teacher, aren’t I? You never learn in class, you never pay attention. I think you would rather learn something else.” He said in a lecturing, snarky tone.
“You may be my teacher but you can’t do this to me” still angry at what he’s saying.
“You need a good punishment, one that your daddies never taught you” he snarled grimly.
“What?” I say shocked.
He moved over to me quickly. He pulled me into him and bent me over his desk sharply. “you’ll learn this today Olivia.” He chuckles in my ear.
I start to struggle and I kick him in the shin, this made him angrier.
He slams me down hard against the desk and pulls my skirt off to my knees and underwear at the same time.
“No, please don’t, I…I’m…” I struggle to say it.
“Spit it out, bitch!!” he says scary and deep toned.
“I…I’m a virgin, please don’t do this” I say shyly.
He slides his hand over my pussy and gently starts to rub, he leans over me.
I scream “please”
He puts his hand hard over my mouth and unbuckles his belt. I struggle, not wanting my first time to be rape.
“You’re a bad student; I don’t believe you’re a virgin either.” He forces me down harder against the desk.
He pulls down his jeans and strokes my back with his hand.
He moans as he puts his head alongside mine, holding my hair tight in his hand. His naked cock grinding against my body.
“Please, don’t do this, I’ll do anything you want, just don’t rape me” I cry out, hoping he will listen.
“You won’t understand any other punishment Olivia, you need this” he slides his cock into me slowly. “Mmm, your sooo tight”
Some blood seeps out of the cracks between my pussy and his cock.
I scream as loud as I can, as pain takes over my body.
“no one will hear your screams, no one’s here” he chuckles in the back of his throat.
He fucks me harder and faster, pushing me even harder into the desk. My screams of pain only encourage him to be rougher.
“You. Believe. Me. Now.” I say each word with each thrust of his cock.
“Yes, I believe you” he keeps fucking me hard, blood still spilling out of my now non-virgin pussy.
“Mmm, it will be over soon” he says as he moans close to exploding in me.
I close my eyes and imagine a peaceful place to be.
All of a sudden he stops, pulls out his cock just before he cums, he grabs my undies and saturates them in his cum.
‘Noooo!! I have to walk home with them on’ I thought to myself.
I collapse to the floor as he moves away from me. “Why did you do this to me” I say as I’m crying.
“Cause you’re a bad student that doesn’t listen” he pulls his jeans up and buckles his belt back up. He lifts me to my feet.
I push him away with the last bit of strength I have before I fall back to the floor.
He pulls me back up and into him. He lifts my cum stained undies back up, the wet cum chilling my bruised pussy lips, then he pulls up my skirt.
I lean into him with no strength to stand on my own.
“Are you going to be a good girl now?” he puts his arm around me and buttons up my blouse, but feels my boobs as he does.
“Yes, sir” I say softly.
He pulls me in tighter. “So you’re not a virgin now, are you Olivia?”
“No, sir”
He puts his hand on my thigh. “Good girl, you can leave no if you like. But I’ll see you tomorrow in class, and bring those undies with you as well.”
“Yes, sir, but I can’t go home yet” he hears the exhaustion in my voice.
“Are you going to stay even longer Olivia?” he quickly kisses me on the lips.
“I’m too exhausted to walk home”
“Do you need a ride home?” he asks me as he plays with my boobs.
“Please, but can you take me to the bathroom first so I can clean up?” I say scared to ask.
“Sure.” He walks with me to the bathroom holding me up and helping me walk. He lets me go in by myself and waits outside by the door.
I splash my face with water as I look at myself in the mirror. I turn around and pull up my blouse and see an already appearing bruise, I pull my top down and splash my legs and sore pussy with water.
“Hurry up, I don’t have all day!!” he yells at me as I just finish cleaning up.
I open the door and walk out. “Good girl.” We walk down the hall and to the exit; he doesn’t help me I have enough energy to walk now.
He opens the car door for me. “Get in the car, quick now.” I get into the car he slams the door behind me and he drives me home.

By :rubytuedsay

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