High school bully takes wife in front of husband

It was Saturday afternoon, and I was getting impatient. My wife Laryssa’s high school boyfriend was coming over any minute, and she warned me he wouldn’t be coming alone. My role was made clear to me: obey her boyfriend Kyle’s every word, and he wouldn’t hurt me. The doorbell rang and I froze. Laryssa kissed me on the cheek, reminded me that she loved me. Without admitting it to her, I understood that this was her time to be happy, her time to get some satisfaction.

My wife opened the door and in walked big Kyle, and 19 year old jock, still in his final year at the high school my wife worked at. He stood tall at 6 feet, and weighed about 180 pounds, about 50 pounds more than me. I didn’t even blink before Kyle grabbed my wife and kissed her right in front of me. He slapped me on the cheek a couple of times and asked me how his bitch was doing, referring to me. Humbly, I told him I was fine.

His friends walked in behind him. Dan and Bryan were about his age, height, but not as big, physically. They seemed innocent enough, but the smirks they were giving me assured me Kyle was telling them what a pussy I was for going along with this. I went to the kitchen to get them some drinks, and when I came back, my wife was already on her knees, face down in Kyle’s crotch, hands around his waist, sniffing away. Kyle was laughing his ass off, telling the boys to gather around and watch his bitch in action. My wife looked up at him with those innocent loving eyes and told him she missed him, and kissed him right on the lips, passionately. Kyle ordered me to come over immediately. After doing so, he told me to strip Laryssa for him. I did it, but he grabbed my crotch just after I finished and told me if I didn’t call him sir after every order, he’d beat me in front of Laryssa. “Yes Sir, I apologize for my behavior, sir.” I told him.

Kyle stood up and told me to take off his shirt, which I did one button at a time. Next it was his belt, shoes, socks, pants, and just before I reached for his boxers, he grabbed my hair and told me to ask my wife to take them off.

“Layrssa, will you take off Kyle’s boxers for me, please?” I asked. She dropped to her knees again and slid them off slowly, Kyle’s huge cock landing right on her face. She inhaled deeply and started smelling his cock, balls, and thighs before licking his cock. She sucked on his head and Kyle leaned back, grabbing her hair and forcing her to inhale his entire cock in her mouth. She sucked like a vacuum, making sucking noises loud, Dan and Bryan howling like they were watching a porno.

“Suck me bitch.” Kyle moaned. “Suck me long and hard, suck my huge, thick, juicy cock until you can’t take it anymore. Earn my cum all over your pretty face, bitch”

“Yes sir, I love sucking your cock. I only want to make you happy, Kyle” she said.

“Do I make you happy baby?”

“Yes. Mmmmfff”

“Does your husband?”

“Mmmmfff, um. yes. Mfffff”

“No he doesn’t. He can’t satisfy you like I can. His cock can’t give you what I can. His body can’t compare to mine. Isn’t that true, you little slut. Admit it.”

“Yes! Yes! Its true! I’m so happy you came along Kyle! I need satisfaction from a real man, and you are so perfect. I’d do anything to please you Kyle, anything!”

“Anything, eh”


“With that, Kyle snapped his fingers and Dan and Bryan got up. Kyle instructed me to get on my knees and take off their pants. I did so and Kyle slapped me hard for not calling him sir upon the order. I apologized and asked him for my next order. Kyle gave me three options. If I chose to disobey him, he’d beat me viciously right there on the spot and kick me out of the apartment, and I’d be forced to listen to them have sex all night. I asked for the options.

By :TripleG

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