He’s seduced at the pool by his girl’s mother

During my lifetime, I had had the pleasure of fucking TWO daughters AND their mothers. The experiences I write about are all true. You ask, why does this happen? Probably because I have a shy twinkle in my eye. I can sense a horny woman. I believe in the inner beauty of every woman, and the need to give themselves to their men.

It was about 85 degrees, slightly humid, which is a typical mid-July day in Connecticut. Janet had asked me to drive out for a cookout at her parents’ home in Farmington. Dress for the day………shorts and swim gear.

Because of what had happened several weeks earlier between her mother and me, I was a little hesitant to go. However, the thought of the cool water in their pool quickly changed my mind.

I arrived at 1:00 P.M.. You couldn’t have asked for a better day. The sky was a deep blue, with marshmellow clouds drifting by. It was hot, but a cool breeze was blowing. An ideal summer day, indeed.

To my surprise, Janet and her dad weren’t there. Agnes greeted me out by the pool. “Peter, sweet, how are you doing”? I told her I was fine, a bit warm from the heat of the day, but would like to know where Janet was.

Agnes shrugged her shoulders and said that she had gone with her father to get some steaks for the grill. Meantime, Agnes said to change in the cabana and cool off until she returned.

Agnes was wearing white shorts. They were so tight, they revealed her cunt line, as well as a good definition of her buttocks. She had on a blue blouse, wrapped around and tied in a knot. Not only did this reveal her midrift but I could see the swelling of her tits…………all in a pleasing, teasing manner. She went to the other cabana to change into her swim suit.

About ten minutes later, Agnes returned. She had on a sheer white coverup over a lime green two piece bikini. The outline of her body was clearly evident through the sheerness of her jacket. This woman was in her mid-forties, but her body showed she worked out, to keep her body in shape. She had red hair and no lines were evident in her face. She always wore conservative makeup and jewelry.

Agnes had firm supple shoulders and no flab in her arms. She had a “knockout” body, somewhat like her daughters, with firm pointed tits, nipples about ¾ inch long when hard………..a nicely tapered waist and just slightly larger hips. From the waist down, she had shaved all her pubic hair. Her cunt sat high, and not hidden, like most women had. She had a sumptuous layering of pussy lips, in a very delicate color, not bright red, but more of a subtle off-pink.

Her legs were firm, muscular but feminine, with brightly painted toenails. I always envision her giving my penis a foot job, with those delectable feet wrapped around my cock. Just watching those pretty nails and toes rubbing my dick up and down always make me shoot my load of cum all over her.

Agnes sat down on the chaise lounge and removed her coverup. I was more than slightly aroused, so I jumped in the pool to cover my growing, blood laden cock. The water was cool, but warm when the sun came out from behind the clouds. We made small talk when I turned at the end of a lap.

On one of my last laps, I noticed a change. Agnes had somehow removed her bikini top and bottom, but had left the sheer coverup on. I immediately became hard, seeing all of her body thru the sheer top. The cool breeze had brought her nipples to a full standing erection. On my next lap, I noticed that she had become more erotic. Even though a man’s penis shrinks in cool water, what she was showing me now caused mine to become rock hard.

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