Her sister’s blackmailer, a conspiracy & submission

The whole thing started when the CEO of a major news network made a very simple offer during a ceremonial event:

“Come to my office,” he said. “I’d love to discuss a few business opportunities with you.”

Megan felt like she was floating in the clouds. After having spent the evening rubbing shoulders with celebrities and politicians at the lavish gala, surely this was her opportunity to land a full-time job in the world of cable news.

“That would be amazing,” she replied, awestruck.

“Then let’s go. You’ve probably heard that we’re in the process of shuffling our on-air talent and we’re looking for fresh faces.”

In the past year, she had provided legal analysis for this network on a few of the top rated shows. Twitter seemed to love her segments. And on this network, women had to be gorgeous and well-spoken in order to succeed. Megan’s blonde hair, sharp wit, and perky nose gave her all the makings of a television star.

“I’d like that,” she said with her prime-time caliber smile, maintaining her professional, yet friendly demeanor.

The executive’s charm offensive was in full swing and they left the party to discuss things privately.

The office wasn’t far away. They crossed the street, she in her glamorous gown, and he in his fancy tuxedo. Things were casual and flirty, as if they were on a first date as opposed to a job interview.

Once they reached the executive floor, Megan felt she had entered a world where million dollar negotiations were regularly conducted, a place where careers were either made or destroyed. Putting on her game face, she was determined to mask her nerves.

The main office was unusual. It was designed and furnished to look like a cozy home. There were leather couches and wooden cabinets. There were books on shelves and paintings on the wall. The walls were dark colored and it was easy to feel relaxed.

After pouring glasses of scotch, the boss stood shoulder to shoulder with Megan in front of a large window overlooking the city. There, they discussed her ambitions, hopes and dreams. While answering these questions honestly, she was encouraged that he seemed to recognize she was more than just a beautiful face.

“Let’s get down to business,” he said, leaning in close to her ear. “You’re a highly intelligent woman and I’m sure you’ve figured out how this business works.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “Oh? And how does it work?”

“Well, you know, beautiful women like yourself don’t get to the anchor seat on my network unless they cooperate.”

“I’ve always been a team player,” Megan replied.

He flashed a charming grin. “You know what I mean though, right?”

“Oh yeah?” she laughed. “For you and who else?”

Megan knew exactly what the boss was hinting at, having already heard the rumors. She had assumed most of it was rooted in myth, or at least kept inconspicuous.

She tried laughing it off, hoping it was a misunderstanding.

Nonetheless, he remained serious on the matter. “Everyone in politics and media has their friend. That’s how it works. As it just so happens, I think you’ll fit right in. You have all the qualities I look for in a woman.”

She gulped. “And what will I have to do?”

“If you want to play with the big boys, you’ll have to play by our rules. Maybe you’ll have to give a blowjob every now and then.”

As a woman who loved to suck cock, it was an interesting proposition. But she had never mixed business with pleasure before. With her ultimate submission on the line, she had never felt so conflicted.

“You must be joking,” she said cautiously.

“Does this make you uncomfortable?”

“You’re a really charming man, but I’ve always relied on merits in the workplace. I’ve worked so hard all my life.”

“You can’t be that naive,” he questioned. “I’m sure that most of your bosses have been trying to fuck you. Probably some of your female bosses, as well.”

“I know. You’re right. Is that what you’re trying to do now? Fuck me?”

He gave a curt nod. “To be honest, I enjoy being dominant. But I’m also extremely generous to my employees. I can make you the star you’ve always wanted to be, because you have that potential. Have you ever engaged in BDSM activities?”

“Never,” she replied, feeling short of air.


“I’ve never been asked. I’m open to it though, with the right person.”

“So you’ve been a straight suck and fuck kind of woman,” he said. “That’s nice. There’s nothing wrong with vanilla. I love to introduce and train women to my style of fun.”

Megan’s heartbeat rose at the thought of being ‘trained.’ It was a tempting offer, especially since he seemed experienced.

She sucked in a deep breath. “You’re making me blush right now.”

They stood before each other, the boss gazing deeply into her eyes, as if plotting his next move.

The boss reached over and pulled open a desk drawer. Inside were all sorts of devices; paddles, flogs, vibrators. The mood changed when he picked up a leash attached to a leather collar.

“Are you a good cocksucker?” he asked impassively, while holding the toys.

She gulped. “Yes, I am. I love doing it.”

“Do you have a gag reflex?”

“Average,” she admitted.

“Well, I’ll need to test your oral abilities. After all, that’s a very important trait for any news anchor, don’t you think?”

Over the next 15 minutes, Megan was made to kneel after the collar had been secured around her neck. She had never felt so powerless as the leash was held tightly by her companion.

When his thick cock entered her mouth, all she could do was accommodate the girth while sucking. As a show of dominance every now and then, the leash was yanked firmly. The goal was to test her gag reflex, and she was determined to pass this test.

By the time the sexual act was finished, Megan’s glamorous appearance had disappeared. Her mascara ran down her cheeks from the tears that came with gagging. Her lipstick was smeared and there were globs of white cum on her chin, having leaked from around her mouth.

Megan hung her head down as the leash was removed. This had been both exhilarating and humiliating at the same time. Feeling confused, she didn’t know how to react after a moment like this. This was certainly new territory.

The boss’s finger lifted her chin and they looked each other in the eyes. She remained on her knees, with the boss’s wet cock still dangling in front of her face.

“Don’t tell anybody about this,” he said with a cunning grin. “Everything’s been recorded on video. I like having all the power. I call the shots. Now, shall we discuss business?”

Megan gasped, before plastering a false smile on her face.

Present Day: The Private Investigator

After three weeks of diligent research and surveillance, Alice was on the move. Gone was her short, messy brown hair. Now she was a blonde. Her previously plain wardrobe had been replaced by a sexy dress, accentuating her fit body. Not many people in her life would have recognized her.

She could be whatever a client needed her to be.

With looks like hers, no one dared to question her true motives as she checked in with lobby security under a fake name. And whatever residual worry she had about being wobbly in her new heels had disappeared. She had already conquered these high heels and she noticed quite a few wandering eyes on her legs.

She appreciated the powerful clicking of her heels on the tile floor as she made her way towards the elevator. Oh yes, she had arrived.

After reaching the proper floor, she went down the hall to a place she never thought she’d visit. Walking passed busy interns, hustling employees, and dolled up women ready for their television appearances, Alice managed to blend right in.

Around the corner was the dressing room. Inside, she saw her estranged older sister, sitting in front of a mirror while a team of stylists finished working their magic. Like always, Alice was in awe of her older sister’s beauty.

It had been years since they last spoke in person. They had always been worlds apart and family drama kept a wedge between them.

But in the end, family is family, and she felt obligated to do anything for her older sister.

She knocked on the door frame to get their attention and the stylists looked at her with mild curiosity. After a moment, her older sister adjusted to Alice’s new appearance.

Megan gestured to the makeup and wardrobe assistants. “We’re done. Give us some privacy.”

The employees scurried away from their demanding boss, leaving the sisters alone.

“Surprised to see me?” Alice asked, stepping in the dressing room and closing the door.

“I am, actually. You’re not a tomboy anymore. You look a lot like me now, with that dress and makeup. And those heels, my god.”

“It’s almost poetic that we’re matching, don’t you think?”

“I’m sorry, for everything,” Megan replied. “I wish things could have been different between us. Maybe after this is all over, we can…”

Alice cut in. “We can work out our differences next time. I’m here to do a job and I need to keep a level head. I’ve never done anything like this before. Ever. It’s only because we’re family.”

“Thank you. You’ll be generously compensated for your work.”

“Based on what I’ve read about you in the tabloids, I expect a serious fee. It sounds like you’ve received several impressive offers from other networks.”

“If you can help me, all you have to do is name your price.”

Alice nodded. “A friend was able to get security codes and a layout of that floor. It’s definitely doable.”

“Some friends you have.”

“It takes a team to pull off these kinds of jobs,” Alice replied. “Is there anything else I should know? Has he ever overtly threatened you? If I do this, will he suspect you were involved?”

Megan shook her head. “No way. He’s never, you know, threatened me or anything. It’s just hints and innuendos at this point. He knows I’m fielding offers and that I want to leave here. That’s when he makes snide remarks about our little video collection and… well… you get the idea.”

“That’s blackmail.”

“Call it whatever you want.”

“Is this also happening to other women at this network?” Alice inquired.

Megan almost laughed. “He once told me that attractive women like me don’t get on-air without giving up something in return. And I know for a fact that a lot of women are his ‘fuck toys,’ as he calls it. As far as blackmail goes, no one crosses him. They’re afraid after finding out their most intimate moments had been recorded without their knowledge.”

With a keen eye, Alice noticed a faint series of lines on the side of her sister’s neck and shoulders. She brushed Megan’s blonde hair back and exposed the marks.

“That was consensual, I hope,” Alice said, before gently touching the lines.

Megan batted her eyelashes. “It’s always consensual.”

Having studied human behavior all her adult life, Alice read her sister’s body language and tone. She hesitated to ask, but genuinely wanted to know.

“Do you enjoy having sex with him?”

“Yes,” Megan said without hesitation. “You’ve always been a nosey younger sister. I’m sure you’ll understand soon. I hope you won’t, but I know you will.”

“I have to look at some of the videos. I’m not going to wipe out his entire hard drive. Only the things you want me to dump.”

“Fair enough. I’ll try not to be embarrassed over this whole thing.”

“I keep secrets for a living,” Alice replied.

“Thank you. So, how will you do it?”

Alice reached into her purse and took out an ordinary looking smartphone. She held it up for Megan to examine. After switching the screen on, encrypted code appeared, making it clear it was far from a normal phone.

“It’s the kind of thing that spies use,” Alice said, in a conspiratorial whisper. “I’ll plug it into his hard drive and wipe out anything incriminating. If that system is only used for recording women, then his whole computer will crash. Like I said, I’m only doing this because it’s you.”

Megan flashed her award-winning smile. “My sexy tech geek of a sister. Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver.”

“Don’t thank me yet, Meg. It’s a risky job. And keep in mind this technology cost me a fortune, so I expect to be paid.”

“Ally, once I take that deal at another network, you can afford to go on vacation for a whole year. Trust me.”

Being mindful of her job, Alice checked the time. Yes, it was time to spring into action.

“I have to go,” Alice said. “My window of opportunity is about to open.”

Despite their long period of estrangement, their bonds of sisterhood remained. Giving each other cool nods, they were determined to emerge victorious.


Raymond’s office was on the executive floor. As expected, there were several other women conversing in the lobby, dressed professionally. Although appearing to be corporate women, they had actually been hired for other purposes.

Sitting in the lobby, Alice blended right in with all the other females. She sensed nervousness and excitement in the air.

When it was time, two large men in black suits came over and explained to everyone that this process would be orderly. The women formed a line and one of the security men held a clipboard to check their names.

Alice stood in the back of the line and knew this would be quite a challenge. But she was ready. A resourceful woman, she always had alternatives.

When it was her turn, she stood demurely in front of both hulking men, who seemed unphased by any of the beautiful women.

“Name?” the no-nonsense man asked, his eyes on the list.


The man looked at the list, then at her. “Your name isn’t here. Do you have another alias?”

“Hmm… I knew this would happen. Mistress Isabelle added me at the last minute. Can’t you make an exception? You can call her if you’d like.”

“I can’t do that,” the man said in a serious tone. “You’re either on the list, or you’re not.”

Alice feigned disappointment and spoke in a girly voice, “How about this ID? It seems to work every time.”

Discreetly, she lifted the front of her skirt and used her thumb to hook her panties. Pulling them down, she revealed a freshly shaved pussy. This was her backup plan — one she had hoped to avoid using — and she knew it worked when the stone faced man suddenly broke character and gawked.

“That looks legit,” he said with a nod. “Come right in, Ms. Alison.”

“How very gentlemanly of you,” she flirted back as she made her way in.

Flashing her pussy made Alice uncomfortable, but she was willing to bend the rules in pursuit of justice. That’s what made her such an effective private investigator.

The group of women were directed to different rooms where various men waited. Today was an ‘audition’ of sorts, perks that the upper-management felt entitled to enjoy.

Scanning the floor surreptitiously, she waited until the coast was clear before managing to slip away, undetected. With her high heels, it was an impressive maneuver. Through her research, she knew Raymond’s secretary wasn’t around at this hour to witness the debauchery.

Alice made her way to the main office and entered the secret password that unlocked the door, discreetly entering without a sound. This was Raymond’s domain, the place where the CEO made his business deals and had sexual liaisons. Most importantly, this was where the hard drive was located.

Pausing a moment, she savored the feeling of being alone in the boss’s office. She thrived on high-pressure jobs like this and found the risk exhilarating. She was surprised that the office had the appearance of a luxury apartment. It was that cozy.

Time was of the essence and she went directly to the computer. After switching on the screen, she saw that it was password protected, as anticipated. She reached in her purse and plugged the modified smartphone into the computer drive. Success.

Skimming through the files, Alice realized that she now had access to all of Raymond’s private information. She knew right away that this computer was linked to an entire network of hidden cameras located on this floor.

She clicked on a feed and was shocked by what was going on in another room down the hall. Two women were flirting with a man, and it looked like they were taking turns deepthroating a dildo. In another room, three women had their panties down and it appeared as though they were sharing a vibrator.

Once again searching through the files on the computer, she quickly located what she was looking for.

‘Motherfucker,’ she whispered to herself.

There were folders for several of the top female anchors on the network, along with a few paid contributors that she recognized. What they all had in common were cookie cutter looks: bright smiles, striking legs, glamour hair and sex appeal.

Alice debated with herself on what to do next. Her more deviant side won in the end, and she clicked open a file labeled ‘Megan.’ Her sister’s file.

She viewed the most recent recording, which showed her older sister fully dolled up, prepared for her afternoon show. The top of Megan’s dress was down and bunched at her waist. While tied face down on the boss’s desk, he fucked her from behind. In his hand, he held a flogger and firmly whipped Megan’s back.

If there was audio, Alice was certain she’d hear screams of pain and pleasure. It looked like the boss was fucking Megan in the ass.

‘Dirty bitch,’ Alice muttered to herself with a smile. ‘So that’s how you got those lines on your back.’

Unable to resist, Alice clicked on another video.

This time, she saw her famous older sister on her knees, wearing a collar with a leash attached. A large man, who she recognized as the security guard, pulled on the leash as Megan deepthroated him, and in between gasps, she sucked off another man, who appeared to be an older executive.

The surprising — or not so surprising — part was that in the end, after the men had filled her mouth with cum, Megan smiled, appearing to revel in their attention. With a cum filled smile, she looked like she chatted pleasantly with the men afterwards.

Alice’s suspicions were confirmed. She knew there was a reason why her sister didn’t want her watching these videos. It wasn’t just that the sex tapes existed. Deep down, she could see that Megan had become a genuine product of BDSM, despite the blackmail.

In truth, so was Alice. That’s why she couldn’t be upset with her sister. She had plenty of her own experience with hardcore sex during her younger days, when she had been promoted to detective on the police force. The job had its ups and downs, and sex was something that took the edge off, mellowing her out. To her, it was a better stress reliever than drugs or alcohol could ever be.

She closed the video of her sister sucking cock and considered watching another. But the longer she stayed, the greatest chance she’d be caught.

She intended to do the women of this network a huge favor by deleting the archive and crashing the entire mainframe. The boss deserved to be left with nothing.

She stopped when a folder labeled ‘Power’ caught her eye. What on earth could it be? To a man like Raymond, it must have been something extremely salacious.

Alice’s curious side won out and she quickly peeked. There was a list of last names inside of the folder, a few of whom she recognized. They were prominent politicians at every level of government.

This couldn’t be what she thought it was, could it?

She clicked on a name, which just so happened to be the rather unique last name of the city’s District Attorney. A video played, which looked like a secret recording made in a luxurious hotel room. Her suspicion was confirmed, it was the D.A., on video, having sex with what appeared to be a female escort. The D.A. was tied up while humiliating sex acts were being done to him.

‘Oh my god,’ she gasped, realizing she had just stumbled across a blackmail dossier.

What the hell was this for? Was it going to be used someday? Was any of it being used now?

She wondered.

Though she hadn’t spoken to anyone on the police force for many years, this was information that needed to be passed along to former colleagues. But she had a major problem. Breaking into an office and hacking into a computer is against the law. She knew the best route would be to make a copy of this entire drive and pass it along anonymously to her old colleagues. Someone would know what to do with it.

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