Her forced seduction became the ultimate act for her

It was Andrea’s week on night duty, she was a teacher at an all girls boarding school and she was one of five who rotated weeks about.

She put up with it because it enhanced her salary greatly, and really it as boring, there were few problems that occurred that could not be left until the next day.

Her husband wasn’t too enamoured by her absences, but his salary wasn’t much, so he liked the money, but not having his sexy wife in bed next him on a clod night.

And Andrea was sexy, and very good looking, her husband didn’t mind her at the boarding school because there were few male admirers for her attention. But there were plenty of females who admired her, especially some of the senior pupils, the eldest at the boarding school were 21 year olds, and down to 18.

The girls were from all over the world, and daughters of some very high up, and very very rich people. At 28 Andrea was at the pinnacle of her sexual powers, alluring to look at and naturally graceful. She was also the school netball coach as well as geography, and history. Her life was full, her sex life was good.

She had married Bill 4 years ago, and together they had taught each other. She loved her sex, and lots of it, sometimes she couldn’t get enough, which kept her husband on his toes, as well as perpetually exhausted when she was at home.

Her natural auburn hair was curly wavy, and down to her slim shoulders, her breasts were high, a slim waist and at 5ft 8″ her legs seemed to go on for ever. Her face was a nature given gift, supremely lovely; she had little need for cosmetics.

She had fended off several of the male school governors and a few of the girls mothers too, even though monetary and holiday gifts, were offered, even offers of private teaching posts. She was a natural target for any red blooded male, and hot blooded females too.

She had dallied with other females as she grew up, especially whilst at college, and she did love to love a woman, but primarily she was a man woman.

She didn’t regard herself as promiscuous, but she had put it about in her formative years, and once in a real moment of weakness 5 months after she had married, but she put it all behind her and moved on.

Her husband wasn’t silly, he knew his wife now, and guessed that her growing up had been ‘busy’ she was just too sexually attractive not to attract others. But she assured him a lot that he was now the only one.

That was about to change, and in a way she would never have guessed.

It was Tuesday night, lights out had been rung, it was 10pm, Andrea readied herself for bed, a short but comfy nightdress, her book was at her bedside table and she got in to read a few pages before turning her own light out.

There was a knock at her door. ‘Who could that be?’ she wondered, ‘this is most unusual,’ she got out of bed and walked to the door. Looking through peephole, she saw Conchita, the school netball captain.

Conchita was from South America, 20 years old, 6ft 1″ tall, weighed in at around 160lb, long silky black hair and she was a real sensual coffee coloured beauty. She was also one of the brightest students in school.

She opened the door and asked quietly what she wanted at this time of night. Conchita looked slightly down at Andrea, smiled and walked into her room. Andrea closed the door; she didn’t want to disturb other pupils.

Following her to the centre of the room, Andrea again asked her, ‘what was wrong, is there a problem, what can I do for you Conchita?’

The girl too had on a short nightdress, a see through one. Andrea could see her body in all its gorgeous nudity through it.

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