He Watched Me Get Fucked

Tiffany is a smart, down to earth, fun loving woman who loves dick. Who just broke up with her boy friend Jihad. They were in the process of returning clothes, pictures, dishes and keys. Tiffany really loved Jihad, but, she couldn’t handle his obsession. Jihad got really turned on listening about how the guys she use to fuck. He wanted details, feelings, size and what positions. All this while they were having sex, Tiffany couldn’t take it any longer. She told him so and they went there different ways.

It took awhile, but, Tiffany moved on with her life. She started dating this guy whom she really liked. She made him wait the usual three weeks before she decided to give him some. This was really hard for Tiffany because, she was hot for this guy. To night was the night as he followed her to her place.

He told little jokes as she fumbled with the keys. Once in she noticed a light on that she could of swore she turned off. She shrugged it off and asked the guy if he wanted a drink?? Sure, he told her as he made himself comfortable on the sofa. Tiffany joined him with two glasses of brandy. This lead to some small talk, some deep kissing and some serious touching.

This guy knew what he was doing, Tiffany was already soak and wet. The guy kissed her deep with a lot of tongue, just the way she loved it. His soft pecks on her neck along with sucking and licking of it. Made her nipples and clit pulsate. He alternated his touches between each nipple and the outside of her panties.
That’s when Tiffany suggested they move to the bed room.

They removed there clothes and met on the bed. He laid Tiffany back as there lips embraced and there tongues massaged one another. His fingers found her clit and stroked it so well, she had to break there kiss. Her moans were delightful as they intensified while the tips of his fingers ran over her swollen clit. He must of felt Tiffany had enough fore play as he moved into position to insert his cock into her pussy.

Two thoughts ran through her mind, one the size of his penis was going to give her good pleasure. The second was an eerie feeling that Jihad was watching. She quickly dismissed that feeling when she felt the guy rimming her pussy. This sent tingles through Tiffany’s aroused body. Her hips raised to accept his large cock into her hungry snatch. He teased her for awhile almost to the point of frustration. That’s when he eased his nine inches into her tight hole.

Inch by sweet inch he sank into her sweet pussy. They moaned together as he filled her cunt with throbbing hard dick. Tiffany loved the way he took his time easing his cock into her pussy. The way his dick throbbed made her pussy muscles massage his hardness. The bliss was wonderful for the both of them as he long dick her nice and slow. Letting his nuts nestle on her soft ass allowing her pussy to massage his cock.

Tiffany was on her way to climax when she looked over this guys shoulder to see Jihad looking at her get fucked. Her heart raced and her pussy throbbed as she saw the look of lust in his eye’s. This made the guy pick up the pace as he began to pound her pussy. The gratification flowed through Tiffany erupting at her nipples. This guy knew how to use his dick in her tight hole, letting only the tip of his dick stay in her on the up strokes. While his balls slapped her ass on the down stroke.

When the pleasure wasn’t as intense, Tiffany would look over at Jihad whose dick was out. He was stroking his dick in rhythm with the guy fucking her pussy. Tiffany thought she wouldn’t like this, but, she was wrong. Her pussy was creaming like crazy as she was getting fucked and watched. The intensity built as the guy pounded her pussy and Jihad looked on.

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