He is dominated by his ex and is forced into gay

I will start out by telling you I am a mid 30’s married male who has a pretty good sex life but one day I got the urge to call my ex and see if she was interested in seeing me again since I would be on a business trip in her area. She said she was and could I come over Friday night but I would need to come up to the back door and to make sure I took off all my clothes on the porch before I walked in. Wow, I was going to get some of her hot ass and I was excited.

I finished my business Friday afternoon and left to drive up to her house. I pulled up to her house and walked to the back porch. I took off all my clothes and walked in the back sliding glass door. She met me there and led me to the living room. She told me that she was going to do a strip for me but she wanted to tie me to the chair. I agreed and she tied me up. As soon as she was done she starts taking pictures of me as 7 girls walk in. Most I don’t know but I recognize a couple as old friends of hers.

They start taking turns with the camera and slapping me, pinching my nipples and pulling on my balls. I protest but my ex Nikki slaps me on the face and says “shut up you trashy cheater. I know you are married and I have pictures now. I will send these to your wife if you don’t do as we say. We are going to humiliate you for the way you dumped me and because you were going to cheat on your wife.”

They take off the restraints after Nikki and Janet both kick me in the balls first. I scream out in pain as tears roll down my face. They all start laughing. Janet tells me to go get them each a drink. I hear them say, “Look he must enjoy the pain because he is getting nice and hard”. I take their orders and come back with their drinks. Jane then tells me to start masturbating but don’t cum yet. I have been hard the whole time and getting very turned on with being humiliated that I have to be careful not to cum. I am stroking and Nikki walks up behind me and swats me with a belt. I scream out and almost rip my cock off as she hits me twice more. I turn around to grab her hand to stop her and Jane grabs my balls hard and pulls down. Tears start flowing as she says ” He doesn’t know his place here, let’s show him who is boss” With that, I am turned over on my back and Denise walks up and steps on my cock with her tennis shoes. It hurts but I just about cum as my aching cock throb. I then realize that another girl, who I found out later is named Shirley is taking pictures and video of this.

They pull me to my feet by my hair and cock and then bend me over, while Nikki puts blind fold on me. Janet comes back after being gone wearing a 6 or 7″ strap on over her clothes. I feel Nikki part my ass cheeks and squirt lube on my ass. Nikki then says, “This is for the time you fucked me up the ass with your 7″ cock. I feel the Rubber cock slowly penetrate my virgin ass and I feel a burning pain and then it is all the way in as she starts fucking me hard. She then pulls out and they roll me onto my back on the coffee table and she once again sticks it in me. She is fucking me hard as my cock is bobbing all around and I realize it feels great. Someone starts stroking my cock and I realize that I am cumming and fucked at the same time. I feel all of the cum being milked from my cock and the strap on in my ass is not letting up. Just then I feel a glass cum to my lips and I am thankful because I am thirsty. They then proceed to pour all of my cum down my throat. I start to shut my mouth and someone squeezes my balls and I reopen my mouth. I swallowed my cum as the girls were laughing.

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