He got his mom in her school and car – Teacher Mom

I am Manu. As all of u knows that I am fucking my mom. She is a teacher in a local school here. I always pick her from school after class. Since my dad was around I couldn’t fuck her for 2 weeks and I was dying to fuck Usha, and I decide to fuck her in her school. That I gone to school to pick her up little late, so that everybody else had left the school. When I reached there she was waiting for with another teacher her name was Latha. Since I studied in same school I always fantasized to fuck Latha. And with the help of my mom I fucked Latha also. That I will tell u next story. I told mom that I want to go for latrine urgently. Mom and me walked back to school and she opened her room as soon as she opened the room I pushed her inside and locked the door.

Mom asked “ Manu what are u doing?”

Nothing mom I want to fuck u here. I can’t stand any more with out fucking you.

In home dad is there so you will not let me fuck u.

And I began to kiss her in lips and started to press her boobs over her sari.

She moaned and holds me tightly.

I slowly removed her sari and started to kiss her on neck and I licked her naval.

She asked me to sit on the chair.

When I sat there she opened my zip and taken my dick started to pump my dick using her hand.

Its started to grow and she planted a kiss on head of my dick.

She stood up and taken her panties off and she climbed to the chair so that her pussy will position on top of my cock and hold my head for support and started to fuck me. I caught hold of her ass and helped her to move in a rhythm. I started to open the front part of her top and made her big boobs free and started to lick her boobs one by one.

She began to moan and I know that I was about to cum. Suddenly she stopped fucking and she get down from me. From my face she can know that I was disappointed for not cum inside her cute.

She smiled and said son I want to taste you’re cum. And kneeled in front me and started to suck my cock. And with in minute I cum all over her face and she drank all my cum.

She caught my boobs again and placed it between her boobs, I slowly began to move my dick between her boobs and my cock began to grow again.

I asked her to bend down holding the chair and said that I will fuck her from behind. She bends down and spread his leg wide; I positioned behind her and position my dick in to her ass.

With my first push I entered inside her and I started to pump my cock in to her ass regular speed with my finger I finger fucked her pussy. She started to screen loudly with each of my trust. Suddenly I saw somebody watching us from the window. It was Mrs. Latha. I given a loud moan and pumped my last trust into my mom’s ass and I came at same time.

Then we made our dress proper and walked back to car.

Latha aunty asked why we late

Mom said there was no water there so we have gone to the other latrine. She gave a naughty smile. While I was opening the door for aunty I pressed my dick behind ass and gave her a naughty smile back and mom saw this.

We dropped aunty to her house and told her that we will come and pick her up tomorrow to school. And I gave her a nice smile.

When me mom was alone in car I told her that It was one of my fantasy that fucking teacher in school.

She asked whether that teacher is she.

I said “no”.

Then “who is that?”

Its Latha aunty I said with a naughty smile

And taken mom’s hand and place it over my crouch.

The image fucking Latha made my cock erect and again and I told mom that I want to fuck her again. And I parked the car in dark place on the door.

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