He becomes a cuckold, but who gets to breed his wife?

Some lucky ladies were blessed with a toned, gold-standard booty fixed atop a pair of mile long, sculpted legs that became pure poetry when set into motion. Brittany, my wife of just under five years, was one of those precious few women, which made me incredibly blessed as well. Her amazing ass sung sweet music as it swayed across the parking lot of our apartment complex headed for our car. I had no intentions of catching up, choosing instead to lag a few paces behind where I could shamelessly ogle how her form-fitting little black dress, which was cut halfway up her thighs, perfectly accentuated her killer butt. I had selected that LBD. It had cost quite a chunk of change. Along with the four-inch, strappy black heels she wore. Together on her though, they became priceless.

“Damn, Britt,” I said. “You are a slice of Heaven on Earth.” At 26 and 5’4″, maybe 108 pounds when soaken wet, I swear Heaven itself would have been insanely jealous of my girl.

Her measured stride slowed. Then stopped, a few spaces away from our Chevy.

I slid up behind her. Dropped my hand to cup her left ass cheek. “What’s up, babe?”

She wouldn’t look at me. “This is really it. You know? Everything changes from here. All of it.” Her lower lip curled under her top teeth and she bit down.

My hand played with the sheer fabric that flimsily covered her butt. Even though it was early Friday evening on a toasty spring day, she trembled at my touch as if a cold breeze had licked her skin.

“You want to call Trey?” I asked. “Tell him no go. We changed our minds. Say the word and I’ll blow this whole thing off in a heartbeat.” I wanted to be supportive of her. Not pushy or selfish. Try as I might though, there was no masking the note of disappointment in my anxious voice. Which she heard.

“What do you want?” she asked me back as she stared blankly ahead. “I mean, no kidding, for real. It doesn’t get any more serious than this. So what are you honestly looking for regarding the two of us? You need to decide, Doug.”

I already had. Months ago.

My free hand felt in my pocket for the key fob. I pressed the button. The car chirped as it unlocked.

I went around the passenger side and opened the door for her. She stood where I’d left her, her lips moving silently. Disbelief flickered momentarily on her face. Apparently she’d expected a different reaction from me or perhaps hoped as much for one. Then, she gave the slightest of head shakes before she came around and eased her luscious ass onto the seat.

Seconds later I joined her behind the wheel. Started the car. Backed us out. As I put it in drive, her hand shot over and snatched my wrist.

“After this weekend, no more pretending or hiding.” Her voice strained with urgency. “The truth will be clear to everyone… neighbors, friends, our families. Eventually they will all know. Are you absolutely certain that’s what you want? Because it can’t be undone, Doug. There will be no going back to what we had before. Ever.”

She was so right about that. No take-backs for what would transpire this weekend. Which only stoked the fire smouldering in my gut.

I leaned across and kissed her delicate lips. “I love you so much, Britt. I want you to have this. More than anything.”

“Promise you’ll love me afterwards?” Her small voice practically begged.

I kissed her again. “Even more,” I said. “Guaranteed.”

With that and a protracted sigh, she sat back in the seat. I drove out of our complex across town headed towards Trey’s townhouse. In 30 minutes I’d be abandoning my loving bride with the man who intended to fuck her senseless over the course of the weekend. And on Sunday night when I picked her up again, with any luck, she would be carrying Trey’s baby.

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