Have you ever had your face fucked before?

It was the most conflicted Penny had ever felt in her adult life. Here she was, wearing an office skirt and blazer, in a sex club of all places. Satisfaction was billed as a high-end BDSM club for the corporate elite. Technically, that ‘corporate elite’ now included herself after the big promotion she had received last week.

The talk around the office was that her new partners liked to meet at this establishment once in a while. Penny was a career driven women and she liked fitting in with the boys, so she wasn’t going to let this obstacle get in her way.

When a meeting had been cancelled at the last minute, she took that opportunity to head over to the club. It was around 11 am on a Wednesday morning when it happened. The club was only a short distance from her office and was located on the top floor of a commercial building.

It was a members only club. She got her membership from the man who helped her land the recent promotion. After thanking him, she pried and pried, desperate for information on how to enter the proverbial ‘boy’s club’ which everyone in the financial world knew existed, but rarely spoke about publicly.

Penny had done her research about this place. She very discreetly asked around, to people ‘in the know’ about this sex club, and so far she had heard nothing but provocative experiences. She had even read a recently published article entitled High-Heels about what an empowering place this club can be for open minded women.

That sealed the deal in her mind.

She paced around the lobby. There were four businessmen there waiting for their appointments. She kept her head down and pretended to look at the artwork on the walls. She was afraid of being noticed and judged by those men. When those men were finally escorted down the hall, she was alone, making things even more awkward.

Eventually, a formally dressed young woman left the desk and approached her with a handshake extended.

“Good morning, I’m Lola,” the young woman said as they shook hands. “Do you have an appointment with us? Or were you waiting for someone?”

Penny blushed. “Actually, no, I’m not waiting for anyone.”

“Then you have an appointment? Or are you looking to inquire about a membership?”

“I’m already a member,” Penny replied, before sighing. “It’s complicated, actually.”

“I can imagine. It’s tougher for a woman to show up to a place like this. Especially solo. How may I help you?”

“My name is Penny. Thanks for making the first move, otherwise I’d be standing here all day. I’ve never ever been to a sex club before, or anything like this.”

“Well, it’s very nice meeting you Penny. Did you have any particular kinks you were looking to get into? Dom/sub? Roleplays? A phallus in your mouth, vagina, or anus? Perhaps all at once? We can accommodate you.”

Penny blushed, hard. “I’m stumped. I’m a woman without a plan. I’m only here because my new colleagues come here.”

“Ah, so you’re one of those,” Lola said, as if a lightbulb had gone off in her head.


“An ambitious woman in a man’s world,” Lola smiled.

“That’s a fair way of putting it. I still remember the good old days of businessmen meeting in strip clubs. That, maybe I could handle. A place like this seems… far outside my comfort zone. No offense.”

Her eyes scanned around the place, looking at the erotic bondage artworks displayed on the walls.

“So you’re looking for an introduction,” Lola said. “You know, I may have something for you. And only because I get where you’re coming from. I understand how hard it is to climb the corporate ladder. I’d be happy to pull a few strings for you.”

“Thank you. What did you have in mind? Something tame, I hope.”

Lola lightly winced. “Not exactly.”


“Let’s just say that he’s experienced, and that he’d never hurt you because he won’t risk the bad press.”

Penny stopped in her tracks. She had come here with an open mind, but actually doing something with a partner? A stranger she had never met? A man who could potentially enjoy inflicting pain?

“You want me to screw some guy?”

“No sex. He’s not interested in having sex today. Unless you count oral sex as having sex.”

“A blowjob?”

Lola checked her watch. “It’s a unique opportunity. Time is of the essence since his appointment starts soon. I can give you this spot. And yes, you’d be giving a blowjob… a form of it, anyway.”

A form of it? Penny didn’t even want to ask. She was afraid that knowing the details would scare her away. But she trusted the credibility of this place. And she felt she could trust this young woman too, because they were both career women who’d do whatever it takes. It was now or never.

“I’m also pressed for time,” Penny said. “Will this be quick? Let’s say, less than hour?”

“You should be in and out in 30 minutes. He prefers quickies.”

“Then I’ll do it.”

Lola smiled. “Good decision. Right this way.”

They headed down the hall together and Penny felt her heartbeat rising and moisture pooling between her legs.


After making small talk to get Penny more comfortable and relaxed, Lola went straight to business after they entered a private room.

“You’ll need to undress now.”

Penny gulped. “Naked, I assume?”

“Think of this as a doctor’s appointment. You go there, get naked, handle your business, and leave better than how you entered.”

“Interesting point.”

Penny looked around the room. The decor was light and tasteful like the rest of the club. In many ways, it seemed like it could be a stylish place for a business conference. Except instead of a conference table in the middle, there was something for a person to lay on and get strapped to. And instead of normal office supplies, there were things to whip and flog with.

Nonetheless, she slowly removed her blazer as her eyes kept on roaming.

“Once you’re done removing your clothes,” Lola said, holding cuffs that were attached to the table, “I’ll be putting one of these on each of your wrists and ankles. Now, don’t be scared. It won’t bruise or scar in any way. The client that you’ll be servicing likes to be in control. Being restrained on the table will procure him immense pleasure.”

Penny gulped and had an uneasy feeling in her stomach. The irony is that the thought of being unable to run away also turned her on, and was giving her a tingling feeling in her most private area.

“Who is this guy, anyway?” Penny asked while undressing. “Some big shot investment manager or something? You’re really hyping him up.”

As she got down to her bra, she took a deep breath before removing her skirt. She was comfortable getting undressed in front of another woman. She had on a white laced bra with a matching thong.

“He’s a VIP,” Lola replied. “In fact, it’s my understanding that he helped us nab this lease and location. It would have been otherwise impossible for a sex club like ours to be located in the heart of downtown.”

“A city bureaucrat then. Or a powerful realtor. I bet all the sexual favors makes him glad he supported this place.”

In one quick movement, Penny reached back to unclip her bra and let it fall, tossing it aside with the rest of her clothes. It was like they had discussed; think of this as a doctor’s appointment. She felt confident in her appearance and liked being naked. She stood upright so that Lola could examine her moderately-fit body and average sized breasts with hard brown nipples.

Lola seemed aroused by this. “I don’t normally comment on the appearances of our clients, but you’re really hot.”

“Thanks,” Penny blushed. “What’s next?”

“Your panties, of course.”

“I thought this was oral only?”

“He prefers full nudity. Plus, this would be a great way for you to shed your inhibitions. It’s good experience if you’d like to return.”

Penny tucked her fingers inside her panties and pulled down. All the while, she sensed ulterior motives from Lola. She knew Lola was getting a real kick out of this. Frankly, they both were. Lola, it seemed, wanted to be more than just a helpful employee.

“Very good,” Lola said. “Now I’ll need you to lay on the table. It’s soft. Once you’re ready, I’ll handle the rest.”

Penny took a moment to examine the table with her eyes. On one hand, it looked soft and cushioned. On the other hand, the straps and cuffs at each corner made it look menacing, in a very sexual way.

“Can you, umm…” Penny tensed, briefly crossing her arms in a way that covered her tits for a moment. “Would it be possible if you stayed during this session? I know I’d feel more comfortable if another woman was in the room.”

Lola hid her smile. “I’d have to ask permission. I’m certain that your request will likely be approved. Now please, lay down. It’s quite comfortable.”

She took a deep breath and laid on it. She followed Lola’s further instructions and laid on the center, with her shoulders at each corner, and the top of her head tilted back over the edge of the table.

Penny remained still as Lola put the restraints around her ankles and wrists. Her legs were spread-eagled so that her pussy was exposed. She was glad she had shaved the night before. She still wasn’t sure what to think about all this. In just a few minutes, a man she had never met was almost certainly going to put his cock in her mouth. She tugged with her right hand, just to test the restraint, and it barely moved. When the last restraint was secured, Lola smiled at Penny.

“All done,” Lola said with a hint of glee, giving the restraints a final pull for confirmation.

“Will I be given a safe-word? That’s how this usually works, right?”

“Just say stop, and he’ll stop. If you’re unable to speak, tap the table and it will end. Speaking of which, I should be getting him now. He’s always on a tight schedule. Penny, relax, okay? You’ll have fun, I promise.”

Almost in a flash, Lola exited the room to get the other client, closing the door behind her.

Penny looked up and noticed the mirror on the ceiling and saw the image of her naked reflection. How unusual this was for someone like her. She also saw items displayed on the walls, which she could only assume were BDSM devices. Her excitement was building up. So were her nerves. She turned her head when she heard the door open and recognized the man walking in, with Lola escorting him.

Even in this position, she could still recognize Mayor Bradley. He was easily one of the most recognizable mayors in America. Many had even speculated that he could run for President someday.

“You were right,” the Mayor said in a no-nonsense way. “This one is gorgeous. Just my type.”

“I knew you’d like her, Mayor Bradley,” Lola said obediently, then closing the door so they’d have privacy.

He removed his suit jacket and hung it on a rack. He didn’t smile. He was known for being a tough and blunt speaker.

“You seem shocked,” the Mayor said, finally addressing Penny.

He rolled up his sleeves. It was clear that he wasn’t going to take anything else off, and that he had done this plenty of times before. He was that relaxed about this.

“I am,” she replied, then feeling extremely self-conscious that she was exposed like this in front of the most powerful man in the city.

“I get that a lot coming here. But I know that the non-disclosure agreements are iron clad and that the clients are trustworthy. Our world is small, and I find that it creates loyalty.”

Penny gulped. “What world is that?”

“Anyone privileged enough to get accepted into a club like this. People with very naughty tastes. Dominance and submission. It takes a lot to arouse me. Sure, there are plenty of escorts on the market. But I prefer career women that are unassuming. Women like you.”

His stare pierced Penny’s body and his fingers traced along her shoulders as he approached her.

In that moment, Penny had never felt so powerless in her entire life. This authoritative figure was examining her naked figure while she was bound helplessly to the table. And at the other end of the room, Lola stood there, gazing at the moisture pooling in her exposed pussy.

“This is what’s going to happen,” Mayor Bradley said with his trademark booming voice. “I’m going to fondle these lovely little tits of yours. Then I’m going to fuck your throat. Have you ever had your face fucked before?”

She shook her head. “No.”

“Then I’ll take it easy on you. At least I’ll try.”

True to his word, he reached down and squeezed each of her b-cups with his strong hands. Penny’s breasts had always been her erogenous zone. They were sensitive and pert. And they had never been squeezed this hard before. Despite the mild pain, she liked the feeling. It was done just right.

A tingling sensation shot through her body as he pinched those delicately long nipples of hers. She liked everything about it. Her nipples did, however, pucker in response. No one, not even herself, had ever pinched her nipples this hard.

The fingers released.

The foreplay was complete.

Her body was primed.

The sound of his belt unbuckling filled the room, followed by the sound of his zipper being pulled downed. The sound of a belt being drawn through the loops of a man’s pants has always been incredibly erotic to her. The noises of undress gave Penny a strange feeling of anticipation and her stomach clenched. When he stood beside her head, Penny struggled to see his cock. She only caught a glimpse of his erection.

His cock brushed against Penny’s face, alongside her left check. She hadn’t seen it yet, but she knew it was hard. She could feel the stiffness. She knew it was large. She wondered if her small lips would fit around it. She wondered how deep she could take it inside her mouth.

“This is my favorite position,” he said, clenching her hair. “Me standing, with my submissive laying down, and her mouth easy to access. You’ll find out why in a moment.”

Penny tilted her head back as the Mayor grabbed her face gently. She knew that he was positioning himself to fuck her mouth. She had seen enough online porn to realize this. It had always seemed like such a far fetched thing to do. That only seasoned performers could do it. But in this instance, she was ready to give it a try. If it didn’t work out, she could always end it. After all, how rough would a Mayor actually go?

The cock brushed passed her lips as she was being held firm. The tip of his cock felt soft against her lips. The small amount of lipstick she had worn had smeared against the erection. She could tell by the taste that he was freshly washed. Her head was held in a controlling manner, so nothing could move.

“Good girl, now open your mouth. I’ll go slow to start.”

In all of Penny’s rather tame sexual history, she had never done anything remotely close to this. But this needed to be done so she could join the company’s ‘boys club.’ And it needed to be done by her. No regrets. No apologies. No shame. She had always been a shark in the office, the soft feminine kind, and now it was time to try something new in life.

Penny felt him pressing his ball sack on her forehead. It felt warm against her skin. It was degrading to her since she had never found a man’s balls to be attractive, but she enjoyed it given the circumstance of the situation. He grabbed the base of his shaft and directed the tip to her now open mouth. He was hard, big, and she could feel the tension of his cock as he was sliding slowly into her mouth. Once the head was fully in, he started thrusting a little, going a little deeper with every entry.

Like a good, newly submissive office woman, she did what all powerful men loved; she wrapped her lips around the shaft and gave a suck.

“Your mouth feels nice,” he complimented. “I’m going deeper now.”

She moaned in appreciation and agreement. The angle was new for her but so far everything was fine. She felt him going deeper, and as the tip of his cock touched the end of her throat, she realized that in this position, she was at his mercy.

Her hands were held in restraints and no amount of tugging would help her. Her hands were out of commission and Mayor Bradley was controlling every single thrusting motion. Her mouth was stretched widely and her muscles were aching. She did her very best to keep her teeth away from his cock. Scratching always meant failure in the world of oral sex and she also struggled to keep her tongue at bay.

In that moment in time, she could only wonder what her new peers would think of her if they witnessed this bound and tied deepthroat. She imagined all those men in executive positions, thinking and assuming she was a prude, only to realize that she was game for anything.

When he started to pull out, she noticed the amount of saliva her mouth has produced and she knew that by the end of this face fuck, she’d be a mess to look at. Her eyes had already been watered and her mascara ran. Saliva leaked all over her face. She almost wanted to cry at what was happening to herself.

He pushed his cock back in, going a little faster this time.

“You’re handling this well for a first timer,” he grunted as his slick rod plunged into her again.

She felt him going faster and faster, hitting the back of her throat every single time. Penny was trying to catch a breath. It was a miracle she hadn’t gagged. Her eyes glanced at the mirrored ceiling. What an amazing sight. How had it come to this? She thought.

Penny was brought back into focus when she felt her hard nipples being pinched again. Aroused, she whimpered loudly. She could feel the pool of juices dripping from her pussy.

“I love your throat vibrations from moaning,” he said, still pinching. “It works wonders on my cock.”

Soon, both of his hands were holding the table and his movements were getting more consistent and deep.

“Lola, this one is suffering,” he said, holding his cock in the throat. “Can you do her a favor and eat her cunt? I think she deserves it.”

Lola’s eyes lit up. “Yes Sir. Right away.”

As Penny was being given a mouthful, she couldn’t believe that she was going to get her pussy licked by a woman. It would be a first, for her. She found Lola to be incredibly attractive and she knew Lola felt the same about her.

While her throat was being fucked, she felt Lola’s petite fingers on her spread thighs, caressing her body. The touch was soft compared to the treatment that her mouth was getting. The contrast excited her and she shivered when Lola started licking her folds like a good little obedient girl. Penny moaned loudly, sending more waves of vibrations to Mayor Bradley’s cock.

Lola’s mouth felt different than a man’s. The licking felt so smooth. Lola also had long nails, which dug into Penny’s thighs.

“Fuck, I’m close,” the Mayor hissed, squeezing Penny’s hair tightly as he kept on fucking her face. “Lola told me why you’re here today. I love your initiative. I can tell from your clothes and perfume that you must work finances. I wonder how your new colleagues would react to seeing you like this.”

Penny felt a powerful rush of excitement at being ‘exposed.’ At this point in her career, her colleagues had only ever seen her as a dominant woman, which was how she got the big promotion in the first place. If she had been seen like this a month ago, it could have easily meant career-derailment. The thought was a strange turn-on for her.

He continued thrusting at her mouth. “I wish you could get a good look at yourself. ‘Office slut.’ That’s my favorite. Maybe your colleagues will have a turn with you? Maybe you’ll get another promotion soon because of your throat. Do you like that, my slut?”

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