Have you ever had your face fucked before?

It was the most conflicted Penny had ever felt in her adult life. Here she was, wearing an office skirt and blazer, in a sex club of all places. Satisfaction was billed as a high-end BDSM club for the corporate elite. Technically, that ‘corporate elite’ now included herself after the big promotion she had received last week.

The talk around the office was that her new partners liked to meet at this establishment once in a while. Penny was a career driven women and she liked fitting in with the boys, so she wasn’t going to let this obstacle get in her way.

When a meeting had been cancelled at the last minute, she took that opportunity to head over to the club. It was around 11 am on a Wednesday morning when it happened. The club was only a short distance from her office and was located on the top floor of a commercial building.

It was a members only club. She got her membership from the man who helped her land the recent promotion. After thanking him, she pried and pried, desperate for information on how to enter the proverbial ‘boy’s club’ which everyone in the financial world knew existed, but rarely spoke about publicly.

Penny had done her research about this place. She very discreetly asked around, to people ‘in the know’ about this sex club, and so far she had heard nothing but provocative experiences. She had even read a recently published article entitled High-Heels about what an empowering place this club can be for open minded women.

That sealed the deal in her mind.

She paced around the lobby. There were four businessmen there waiting for their appointments. She kept her head down and pretended to look at the artwork on the walls. She was afraid of being noticed and judged by those men. When those men were finally escorted down the hall, she was alone, making things even more awkward.

Eventually, a formally dressed young woman left the desk and approached her with a handshake extended.

“Good morning, I’m Lola,” the young woman said as they shook hands. “Do you have an appointment with us? Or were you waiting for someone?”

Penny blushed. “Actually, no, I’m not waiting for anyone.”

“Then you have an appointment? Or are you looking to inquire about a membership?”

“I’m already a member,” Penny replied, before sighing. “It’s complicated, actually.”

“I can imagine. It’s tougher for a woman to show up to a place like this. Especially solo. How may I help you?”

“My name is Penny. Thanks for making the first move, otherwise I’d be standing here all day. I’ve never ever been to a sex club before, or anything like this.”

“Well, it’s very nice meeting you Penny. Did you have any particular kinks you were looking to get into? Dom/sub? Roleplays? A phallus in your mouth, vagina, or anus? Perhaps all at once? We can accommodate you.”

Penny blushed, hard. “I’m stumped. I’m a woman without a plan. I’m only here because my new colleagues come here.”

“Ah, so you’re one of those,” Lola said, as if a lightbulb had gone off in her head.


“An ambitious woman in a man’s world,” Lola smiled.

“That’s a fair way of putting it. I still remember the good old days of businessmen meeting in strip clubs. That, maybe I could handle. A place like this seems… far outside my comfort zone. No offense.”

Her eyes scanned around the place, looking at the erotic bondage artworks displayed on the walls.

“So you’re looking for an introduction,” Lola said. “You know, I may have something for you. And only because I get where you’re coming from. I understand how hard it is to climb the corporate ladder. I’d be happy to pull a few strings for you.”

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