Happy Torture of My Weekend

I washed the dishes and put the kitchen back in order from dinner. Master said that he was going to show our guest around the house. It was Harry’s first time here. I had met Harry a time or two, when going to Master’s workplace. He was very good looking.

As I stood there, loading the dishwasher, I thought about him. Master and I had an open relationship. He also knew that I liked blond guys. I couldn’t get Harry out of my mind. He was tall, blond, deep blue eyes, and had a pronounced bulge in his pants. Yes, I looked every time I thought that he wasn’t looking. I could still smell his cologne in the kitchen: Old Spice. The smell brought up childhood memories of my dad.

Master had not told me why he had invited him over, just that we were having company for dinner. I had not questioned him, though I wanted to do so. He had given me a look that had stopped me from asking.

When the last of the dishes were in the dishwasher and the kitchen was again clean, I went to go see where they were. I walked to the living room thinking that they may have retired there, but they hadn’t. Wondering if Master was showing him our playroom, I walked toward the stairs that lead to the basement. The door was cracked open and I heard voices; being very inquisitive, I stopped and listen to see what was being said.

“Yes, she has been wanting this for some time. I decided to surprise her. I’m glad that you agreed to help me,” Master said.

Hmmm… What is he talking about? I tried to hear more, but Master was talking too low for me to hear. I would have to go down the stairs to hear more, but then Master would know that I was there. Also there were his rules about me entering the playroom. I was to be nude anytime I stepped in there, no matter what reason I had for going there. What to do, I wondered. I decided to just act like I hadn’t heard and call out to see where he was.

“Master, I’m finished with the kitchen,” I called out.

“We are down in the playroom, Mein Liebling. Come on down and join us,” he responded.

My heart jumped into my throat. I knew that I would have to go down nude. Even though he had an open relationship, Master and I had not acted on it. He knew how self-conscious I was about my weight. Damn, what do I do? I knew that not following his orders would get me into trouble. Whether we had company or not, I would still get spanked and corner time. Therefore, I did the only thing that was left for me to do: to ask whether the rules still applied in this case.

“Umm… Master, do I still have to obey your rules about how I enter the playroom?” I questioned, hoping that I didn’t!

“Yes, you do! The rules apply at ALL times, no matter what!” he asserted.

DAMN, DAMN, just my luck. How to get out of this…

“Before you start thinking about how to get out of it or disobeying me, remember you will be punished, and then STILL do as I ordered you!” he clarified.

SHIT! Of all my luck. I slowly started to take off my clothes, drawing it out VERY slowly. I was not happy about this, but did as I was told. I then headed down the stairs and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw them!

I don’t know why it never occurred to me to wonder WHY they were down there, but there they were standing as naked as the day they were born, facing the stairs. My heart stopped beating for several seconds. My eyes wondered down Harry’s body. Boy, did he live up to his name! Master knew how much a hairy man turned me on. I felt my pussy get extremely wet just looking at what he had to offer.

His body was COVERED with thick blond hair, from head to toe. Damn, he had to have more hair than Master, and I didn’t think that was possible! Yummy… my mouth watered at his body. He had 8-pack abs that said he worked out every day.

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