Happily made my husband cuckold

This is sanjana sharma. Im presently living in Hyderabad. This story describes how I fucked with my friend in front of husband and making him the real cuckold.

To begin with…..

My husband vijay is 40 years and im 29 at present. I was married at the age of 19 during my graduation days. It was an arranged marriage and I was not actually happy with an early marriage. It was the first night which made me think my life is gonna be more miserable. I arrived in traditional saree and he was in dhoti. He allowed me to sit beside me and started talking casual things. As I was almost 11 years younger to him, I started only listening and moved my head where ever needed to convey my reaction. After 10 minutes he slowly pushed me onto the bed lifted my saree upto the stomach and started kissing my legs. I never got a mens touch till then. I was feeling tickling with every kiss of him. I was just enjoying his kisses with eyes closed. Soon he reached my vagina. I was already well prepared for the honeymoon, so I shaved my vagina 3 days before and applied creams to look it pretty.

He licked my outer walls of the vagina and I was feeling some sticky water flowing through the vagina. I was feeling myself very wet. I was feeling happy inside as vijay was showing me a beautiful oral experience as I saw in porn videos. Yes you read it right. Im a regular viewer of porn from my schooling days. He inserted his tongue very deep and made my wet vagina dry. I was expecting him to suck my boobs as well but instead he removed his dhoti and started inserting condom on his dick. Since the bed lamp was on I was able to see his penis clearly. He was having a very small dick. Even if it is erect it cant be more than 4 inches. I felt so bad seeing it size. He then positioned it on the entrance of my pussy and tried to enter it. Since I used to masturbate using fingers my vagina was a little loose and was able to take him inside in one ego. I can only feel that his penis is playing with the outer walls of pussy. Moreover he penetrated for only 10 minutes with him plimp penis and he cummed and slept over me snoring.

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I felt really sad. I wanted him to make me cum. But he never made me wet only with his penis. I cursed on my fate and slept thinking about my future. He used to fuck me almost everyday in the beginning and slowly he reduced to bi weekly. I then focused myself onto studies and completed graduation and came out with a degree. By the end of my graduation I conceived and delivered a baby boy and I spent most of the time pampering him. Things were going good but I was really missing the real sex. Let me tell you friends, I never cummed till date. I started watching porn again and using carrots to finger myself. It only made me wet but not made me cum. So in the mean while I also got addicted to reading sex stories. I contacted few writers and became friends with 2 people. One being raj kumar and the other being arpit. I was very close to both of then and we used to discuss all sex related topics. They used to share their intimate pics of their experiences and we used to talk dirty on then. During this conversation with arpit one day my husband got to know about my stuff and he scolded me and beat me and broke my phone. I almost had no phone for 2 years and then manasa has entered our neighbourhood. We soon became friends and she allowed me to use her PC to connect to raj and arpit.

We continued our friendship with sex talks and almost 3 years went away without meeting them. One fine day while me and manasa were watching porn, my husband caught both of us and scolded and cursed me for what I have done. I felt really bad that day and I bursted out and expressed his inability to satisfy me. Our arguments went high and I said fuck off vijay. Im leaving you from today. I started packing my bags and tried to move away along with my kid. He felt really sorry and started begging me not to leave him alone. Inspite of me being angry I also thought about my parents dignity and thpught to not leave the home like this. So I ordered him that from today we are just room mates and not husband and wife. And he should take care of me and allow me to do whatever I do. He accepted and I never let him allow into bedroom. Next day I ordered one brand new laptop and I started enjoying porn and masturbating. One fine day raj arrived in town and I asked him to come to my home to meet and stay till he completed his work. He arrived at 11 am and I hugged him and welcomed him. Raj was a married guy of age 34 with great abs muscular body. As he was so tired he went to sleep in my bedroom and I started doing my household chores.

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