Guy is caught crossdressing by his wife

I have always been a cross dresser and enjoyed it.
Maybe it was too much at times. I some how let the guys
go too far with me. That is a different story. When I
got married I put all my special clothes in the
basement and lived a normal life.

One day I was home from a trip early and found my wife
was doing the laundry. There on the top of the pile
were her pink thongs. I was taken aback and grabbed
them and slipped them on and the warm rush of my past
feelings came back to me. I loved the feel of the silk
on my body. I was running my hand across them and soon
I was feeling my now erect member and soon it was
shooting its results of my rubbing. I took them off and
tossed them into the washer and left the room.

It was a couple weeks later that I needed to go out of
town for the night to repair a customer’s computer. As
I was packing I took a pair of her panties out of her
drawer and took them with me. While on my trip I wore
them the entire time. As other trips came up I took
more and more of my special clothes. I was soon
dressing up and finding new spots to go to and have fun

Well if you call having drinks bought for you and hands
under your skirt and, well later about that. I was
careful to have two bags one normal and one special. I
was packing and again took a pair of my wife panties
with me. On my trip I wore them and as always enjoyed

As usual when I arrived home I would put my special bag
in the garage and leave my normal bag in the kitchen.
She would empty it and do the laundry and that would be
it. It was several days later that when I went to get
fresh pair of under ware it was when I opened my
drawer that there on top of my white boxers was a pair
of her panties. It was the same pair that I was wearing
a couple days ago. I was wondering if maybe it was a
mistake or something. She said nothing.

On my next trip it was normal. I checked my bag and
made sure there were only guy’s clothes in it. Again
several days later, when I opened my drawer there I saw
several pairs of new panties. A thong, briefs and a low
cut boy shorts. I knew something was up now. But what,
I had no clue.

It was a couple weeks later when I fond out I needed to
go out of town that night that I asked her to pack a
bag for me. I arrived home and she was out and there
sat my bag. I grabbed it and off I went. At the hotel
it was when I opened the bag there on top was a pair of
white and pink thongs with a candy kiss taped on them.
I now knew it was known to her what I was doing.

I wore the panties all during my trip and enjoyed them
a lot. I did not think of whom or what or why, just
enjoyed. On my return my wife had made a few comments
that could have been taken several ways. I choose the
way that I understood them. It got to be a regular
thing for her to pack my suit case. Several trips later
it was a camisole then a bra.

The time seemed to fly by at a fast pace. It has been
two years since the first pair showed up and this last
trip the case carried a dress and makeup and heels. The
problem that I was having was that it not only made me
feel good but, I looked good also. Under the wife’s
idea we joined a gym and wanted to keep healthy.

I realize that is a good thing but, truth be told it
was different now. I knew that the diet and gym visits
where doing there job, but I still wondered. My normal
clothes seemed tighter in places and loose in others. I
did not think about it. I did think about the bra that
seemed to be more practical than sexual. How it now
cupped my breasts. I was not wishing I had them I had
them. I knew that in t-shirts it looked like I had
boobs but that was just wishful thinking. My waist had
gotten smaller and my skin was softer and my body hair
was thinner. I just figured that with the diet and
vitamins that it was just a nice side effect.

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