Grandma will become My wife

Oh, come in, baby! Come in! It’s so good to see you, sweetie!

Just look at you. I can’t believe my beautiful grandson is all grown up and on his way to college.

Though, I have to say, I was surprised when your mother called and told me you were coming up to visit me. It was so nice of you to want to spend your last summer before college with me, baby. I hope your mother didn’t force you.

Your mother didn’t make you come here? You wanted to spend your summer with me? Oh, baby, that is so sweet of you! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a young college boy all to myself for the summer. (Giggle)

What? You say you’re the lucky one who gets to spend the summer with a hot older lady? Oh, you are such a charmer!

Well, come on, then. I have the spare room all ready for you. It’s right this way.

[Grandmother leads Grandson to spare room]

There’s just a few extra boxes I have to clear out. Could you get them for me?

[Grandson picks up the boxes]

Be careful, dear. Just put them in the closet. That’s it.

[Grandson puts boxes in the closet]

Oh, thank you baby. Such a big, strong man you are, and… Oh! I forgot this box in the corner!

[Grandmother picks up the box]

Oh my goodness! Is this what I think it is?

[Grandmother looks inside the box]

It is! It’s my wedding dress!

My goodness! It’s all still here! The dress, the vale, even the lingerie I wore underneath. Everything!

You know, I still remember the day when your grandfather and I were married like it were yesterday.

(sigh) It was the happiest day of my life… well, until you were born, sweetie.

Your grandfather took one look at me and said I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

It was… magical!

What’s that, dear? Oh! You might be right! I think it might still fit!

What!? You want me to try it on? Oh, sweetie, I couldn’t! It’s been too long, and besides, you wouldn’t want to see and old woman like me in something like this.

You… you want to see me in it, more than anything? Oh, I don’t know, baby.

You say you want to know how grandpa felt that day when he first saw me in the dress? Oh, baby, you are just too much!

Okay! I’ll try it on! Just this once!

You wait here, and I’ll be back when I’m ready! Oh! I’m going to need to fix my hair and get some makeup to go with this!

[Grandmother leaves to try on dress. Comes back after some time has passed]

Okay, baby! Get ready! Here I come!

[Grandmother reveals herself in wedding dress to grandson]

Ta-da! What do you think? Not too bad, right? I mean, the dress and all the lingerie still fits pretty well, and I did what I could with my hair and makeup! Still, I’m no where near as beautiful as I was back when I was a young…

What did you say? You think I am the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your life!

(crying) Oh, sweetie!

No, sweetie, I’m not sad! It’s just… you reminded me so much of your grandfather just now! So young, so strong, and so handsome! The way he looked at me on our wedding night, like I was a goddess; the way he held me in his arms; the way he swept me off my feet and carried me over the threshold. It was just so- Whoa!

[Grandson picks grandmother up and carries her down the hall]

What are you doing!?

You’re… you’re carrying me over the threshold? Oh, baby, you don’t have to-

[Grandson carries Grandmother to her bedroom]

Oh! You brought me to my bedroom! How romantic!

(giggle) Okay, enough fun and games. Put me down on the bed.

[Grandson puts grandmother down on the bed]

That was fun sweetie, but I should really get out of this dress before I-

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