Grandma caught me then Dad caught us – Grandma’s Dirty Panties

It has been a long summer so far, with Corona going on. Being stuck in the house all day, was starting to get me sexually frustrated. I’m talking I jacked off three to four times a day, and it still wasn’t good enough. I even went as far as taking that stimulus money, and ordering me a pocket pussy. I paid for that overnight delivery, but did not get it till three days later. You should have seen me watching for FedEx, those three damn days. The website I ordered it from, said it would come in discreet packaging. They sent it in a black package, when it did finally arrive. Not very discreet to me, if you was to ask. When FedEx set the package on my front porch, My parents was at home in the living room. Thank God the delivery driver, didn’t ring that doorbell. I had to sneak out the back door to grab it, not wanting anybody to know. I could imagine now, if they saw I ordered a pocket pussy. They would have joke’s for days.

The pocket pussy I ordered, was so realistic. It had a pussy on one side, and a asshole on the other side. And I’m telling you now if you don’t have one, you need to order one. It felt way better than jerking off with your hand. And shoot honestly felt better, than some real pussy I’ve been in.

My name is Justin, and I’m 23 year’s old. I’m 5’11, black hair, brown eyes, and athletic build. Yes, I have measured my penis before. And it comes in at 8 inch’s, when it’s rock hard. Believe me I thought about ordering a penis pump, but decided the pocket pussy instead. Anyways I live at home with my parents and my Grandma. I have a older sister Ashley, but she’s married and living in California.

My Dad Jason was a Public Defender, for the state of Kentucky. He basically represented any criminal, that couldn’t afford a lawyer. My Mom and Dad both was twenty years older than me, which put them at 43 years old now. I was a spitting image of my Father. He was 6’1, black hair, brown eyes, and still in good shape. With the corona going on, Dad’s been home alot more lately.

My Mom Peggy on the other hand is a registered nurse at hospital up in the city. She’s only 5’5, red hair, green eyes, a nice plump butt, and perky tits. I’ve seen her naked on several occasions. And yes, my Mom is hotter than a fire cracker. With corona going on, she’s been working more hours than anybody I know.

My Grandma Vicky was twenty years older than my Mom. Which made her turning 63 this year. She was 5’5, red hair, green eyes, a little on the heavyset side. Grandma’s tits were huge, and her ass was wide and fat. She was just a short sexy plump woman. If she wasn’t my Grandma I’d try to fuck her honestly. I’ve always had a thing for cougars.

We lived in a farm house in Foster Kentucky, which is considered a rural area. We didn’t have no big fancy buildings, shoot we didn’t even have restaurants. The nearest grocery store, was a half hour drive away. Our house was a four bedroom house. Two bedrooms upstairs, and two bedrooms down stairs. My parents stayed upstairs, with the extra bedroom across from them being our family game room. My Grandma and I, our bedrooms was across from each other’s on the first floor. We lived on a farm land, but we didn’t have a farm. Just alot of freaking grass, that needed to be cut.

“Want to ride to the city with me today,” Dad asked as he grabbed his brief case.

“Naw I’ll just stick around here,” I tell him fixing myself a cup of coffee. Knowing it was just going to be Grandma and I in the house, I was going to fuck my pocket pussy. The few days I’ve had it, I’ve done fucked it over twenty times easy. Probably the best buy, I’ve ever bought.

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