Grandma And Grandpa Are Still Doing It

The first time I saw Grandma naked was when she took a shower. I had stayed with my grandparents and woke up very early in the morning and at an unusual time for me because of my filled bladder. Grandma’s bedroom, the guest toilet and the guest room were in her house on the first floor, Grandpa had his empire in the studio. The two no longer slept together because Grandpa snored. At least that’s what he said so that he could move into the studio and watch his porn movies in peace.

So I got up very early and wanted to go to the guest toilet. When I passed the bathroom door I noticed that it was only ajar and that someone was showering in the bathroom. I peeked carefully through the crack in the door. Grandma was naked and was about to wash her cunt in the shower in the bathtub. She was a stocky, chubby woman, but still very attractive for her age at 67.

She had two luscious tits of a size that I loved: big and heavy, slightly drooping, wide, large areolas and dark nipples. She already had the beginning of a light fat apron on her stomach, very fleshy labia that were pulled down a little, black thick pubic hair and a big ass. The whole thing stood on sturdy legs.

Grandma’s body was shiny from the shower gel and she was just carefully cleaning her cunt. As a former nurse, she was very careful about cleanliness. She had rubbed herself with soap and was now cleaning herself inside the vagina. With two fingers of one hand she pushed the labia apart and with the other hand she ran through the cunt to wash it off. You could tell she was enjoying the pleasure. Now one hand slipped into the cunt and the other went up to the tits. She slipped a hand under their meaty udders and kneaded them with great devotion. Then she picked her up high enough to suck on her nipples. The other hand was meanwhile busy massaging the cunt.

Now Grandma sat on the edge of the bathtub and put the shower head against her pussy. You could see on her face how much she enjoyed the patter of the hot water jet on her cunt. Then she grabbed a back brush with a big style. After moistening the style, she pushed it into her cunt with slow twisting motions and began to masturbate gently.

I couldn’t control myself. I let my pants down, grabbed my hard stiff cock with a firm grip and began to jerk off wildly. I stared at my naked grandma and noticed how my balls began to boil and the tail twitched. Then I suddenly noticed how someone grabbed my shoulder. It was Grandpa walking from his studio to the dining room to prepare breakfast. “So, so my boy,” he said softly, “Your grandma is horny? I can understand well. I also often sneak up here in the morning to watch her jerk off and jerk off. But come with me, I’ve got something better for us. ”And he pulled me up the stairs into his studio.

Upstairs he pushed me into an armchair, sat on the sofa and turned on the video recorder. My eyes fell out of my head: Grandma could be seen on the screen, naked on a bed, jerking her cunt. Grandpa was sitting next to her on a chair. Then in the film a door opened and a sturdy, bald man, bald and wearing only shorts, walked into the room and approached Grandma. She continued to jerk herself while he stood next to her head and pulled down his pants. A huge stiff tail emerged. Grandma grabbed the stick with her free hand and started jerking it off. Then she pulled in to him, led him into her mouth and smacked his lips and began to suck and suck on him. The stranger grabbed her cunt and helped her jerk off. Grandpa pulled his pants down in the film and massaged his cock.

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