Grandfather Fucked Me After I Crossdressed as a Hot Indian Housewife

Hi friends, my name is Priyank. I am 24 years old and work in an International BPO in Mumbai. I got transferred to Kolkata which happened to be my home town. My parents were settled in Mumbai though. I had a secret desire of Crossdressing myself whenever I used to be alone in my house. However I never got the chance to indulge myself deeper in Crossdressing as I used to stay at home. My grandfather used to stay alone in Kolkata.

My grandmother had died years ago and grandfather was also not in good health. Thus, my parents decided that it would be nice if I stayed with grandfather and also look after him in old age.
So I got settled at his place. Grandfather was not in good health, he could barely walk, couldn’t speak much and also needed help in eating food. It was a big house with three rooms. He used to stay in one room and I acquired another room. I thought anyways if grandfather is not well, then I could easily crossdress and roam around freely in the house.

There was a large almirah in the third room which had all clothes of my late grandmother. Clothes ranging from when she was young to when she was old. I was really excited as they were so much in variety and would easily fit me as grandmother was also a bit bulky just like me.

Whenever I stayed at home, I used to wear my grandmother’s clothes and roam around freely in the house. I used to wear her bras, panties, nighties, sarees etc. I would completely transform myself into a woman by wearing wig, breast forms, jewelry and make up. While dressed in grandmother’s clothes, I prepared food, did all household chores and take care of grandfather. I started feeling completely like a woman. Due to my care, grandfather’s health started recovering and he started to speak and walk a bit.

One day during diwali, I decided to dress up in a red saree. I had a bath, then dried myself up and wore a wig which had long black hair till shoulders. Then I wore my 36 inch breast forms which looked like real breasts with black nipples. Then I hid my semi hard penis in between my thighs and wore a black color cotton panty which nicely covered my ass and its cloth made me feel very hot.

Then I wore a white bra by putting the breast forms in the bra cups and hooking it from behind. The bra gave my breasts a nice round shape with deep cleavage. Then I wore a red petticoat which was made up of semi cotton and semi silk. Wow, the feeling when the petticoat touched my skin cant be described but it made me feel really hot and horny. I tied the petticoat just under my belly.

Then I wore a Red blouse with deep back cut and semi deep front cut. My cleavage was exposed and the arms were tight. I already started feeling like a horny woman. Then I draped a red saree around my waist over the petticoat and made a three fold pallu and covered my front assets. Then I wore a dozen red bangles on each kalai. After wearing all jewelry and make up, I looked at myself in the mirror. Wao, a perfect Indian Housewife. I also wore gajra on my tied panytail. Have a look at the image to have an idea on how I was looking.

I thought because it is diwali, I should make my grandfather have a nice bath and wear new clothes. So I entered his room and his eyes sparkled by seeing my new avatar. HE smiled a bit and with my help, he stood up and we started walking towards the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, I removed all his clothes making him completely nude. It was a daily activity for me as I used to make him bath.

I started pouring water on him by making him sit on a small stool. I applied soap on his back, neck chest and legs. When I applied soap on his penis, I could feel his penis becoming warm and a bit hard. I looked at him, he was staring at my cleavage, my tight blouse and my navel. I felt horny. I started rubbing his dick with my hand. It was dark in color. He closed his eyes and started breathing heavily. I started washing the soap foam on his penis. Now his black penis was almost erect.

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