Gothic Fantasy For Maz

It is 1am on Friday morning. We’re walking down James Street to the Libido shop. You’re wearing your knee high boots and your long leather jacket… and nothing else. I am wearing my black costume. Around your neck is a collar, complete with Rocky tags. I can tell you’re a little nervous, though not too nervous to be doing this.
We go into the shop and see our friend behind the counter. He likes your look, his eyes lingering on you as you go past. We head straight for the bondage section, looking over the nasty toys you love so much. While we’re looking at them, two of the Goth chicks from the last time come into the shop. One of them is the girl you like so much. They hesitate but then come to stand near us and look at the toys.
The one you like starts getting a little suggestive about what she would like to do to somebody she picks up at a sex shop. I look over at her and smile. She smiles back and looks meaningfully at you. I nod and pass the leash over to her. She reaches into your jacket and smiles as she finds you naked underneath. She even holds your jacket open to let her friend cop a feel. You blush, but anybody can see that you are enjoying the attention. The girls smile at each other and look back at the big rack of bondage gear. They pick a pair of leather cuffs, a cock gag, and the biggest paddle and whip they can find. They go up to the counter to pay for it, but the guy there suggests that he might give a discount for a blow job from their new toy. I smile as they order you onto your knees.
After the blowjob is finished they take you out and down to the park. They look around the park and take you up to the band stand in the middle of the park. They cuff you to the entrance poles and then open your jacket to expose your nakedness to anyone walking past. Because it’s so obvious you like one over the other, though from the way you’re acting it’s a close call, she takes the lead. The thing about Goths is that they’re biters, and this one likes to bite hard. The other one puts the gag on while the first girl, who calls herself Cassiopeia, begins to bite at your shoulder. Then she bites at your neck and then starts biting all the way down. HARD. She avoids your tits and nipples and pussy, but she goes to town on the rest of your flesh for the moment. Just as she gets down to your navel, the other girl, Dympna, starts to bite you all over your back. She is keener to get down to it and soon she is feasting on your buttocks. There are going to be a lot of bruises tomorrow.
Dympna has had enough of biting and pulls your jacket down. Then she grabs the whip, a big heavy leather whip, and shakes it out. I can see you shaking in anticipation. The first lash brings a big scream from your mouth. Cassiopeia moves her head from your thighs and up to your boobs. As the second lash strikes you, she bites the down-under cleavage. She keeps her teeth locked on as Dympna whips you again, harder, and your moving rips your tit out of her mouth. Immediately she clamps onto your tits elsewhere. Again the big whip causes you to tear your own boob out of her mouth. For a long time they keep going, and Cassiopeia has her teeth on your nipples and boobs as you pull them from her. After some time, Cassiopeia grabs the whip and Dympna sinks her teeth into your arse. Cassiopeia uses the whip on your pussy, alternatively fucking you with the handle and then whipping your lips. This time you’re pulling your arse out of the bites from Dympna.
They take you down from the posts and push you onto all fours. Cassiopeia pulls her pants down and directs the dildo gag into her wet pussy. Dympna grabs the paddle and stands behind you. Then she winds up and spanks your arse, ordering you to fuck her friend. This goes on for a long time, Cassiopeia even going so far as to tease herself so it lasts just that little bit longer. Then Cassiopeia picks up the paddle and Dympna takes her place. She cums quickly, and then hangs on for a longer fuck. Finally she turns around and pisses on your face. Seeing how horny that makes you, Cassiopeia also decides she wants a piss. Then they make you clean their twats before ramming the dildo up your twat and fucking you with it while you kiss their boots.

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