Go Out With Friends for an exhibitionistic holiday

One night, Anita and Amit were sitting in the living room and relaxing after dinner. Anita was wearing just a panty and a long night shirt without a bra whereas Amit was in his boxer shorts and bare chested.

‘Hey Amit,’ She said, reading the local paper. ‘Listen to this. They are looking for people to join a massage class. They teach the “art of sensual massage”. Do you want to try it?’

‘I suppose so. How much is it?’ Amit asked.

‘It’s 200 bucks per person and its here. Just in the neighborhood. They start tomorrow night. I’m going to call them. Shall I?’ Amit nodded.

She called them and they said it was a small group. The idea was to have someone teach them how to give sensuous massages. They were both intrigued and figured that they could learn some techniques. They had a good sex life but what was the harm in trying to give it some extra zing?

The day came and Amit got home from work a little early so they could eat and be ready on time. Since massage was on the agenda, Anita put on a loose T shirt and a pair of jeans. She deliberately did not wear the bra. Amit too was similarly attired. They walked over to the apartment building address that they gave Anita. It was on the second floor of an old brownstone building and quite stylish. They rang the doorbell of the apartment and stood back, wondering if this was going to be worth it.

The door was opened by an attractive woman of about forty, dressed in a salwar suit and of attractive build.

‘Hi. I’m Seema, are you here for the meeting?” She said, motioning them into a spacious living room. It was a room richly decorated and a few people were sitting on the oriental carpet on the floor. Amit introduced himself and Anita and their host beckoned them to have a seat. Amit took off his while Anita slipped off her sandals outside. They sat on the floor with the others and she made introductions.

There was Seema and her husband, a fiftyish man bringing a tray of drinks into the room, a plump couple in their thirties leaning on the couch and two single men, one was an effeminate thirty year old and the other was probably about the age of Amit and Anita.

Seema addressed the group. ‘Thanks for all coming, we are now all here. We had some other people call but you all know that people are unpredictable, right?” All nodded assent.

‘Now, the purpose of the group is to learn massage techniques and I will be your instructor. First, I need to collect fifty rupees from each of you to be sure you are still serious.’ She continued to talk as she moved around the room, collecting money. ‘Have any of you ever given a massage before?’

No one raised their hands. She continued.

‘Well, we will cover the main points tonight. Would anyone here be offended if we were to perform a massage here tonight?’ No hands.

‘Okay, then. Let’s begin.’ She went on to describe the basic techniques of massage therapy and brought out a flip chart with anatomical drawings. It was an interesting talk.

‘So,’ She said. “How about a volunteer for a live demonstration? We need someone young with a good body. I will do the massaging and all you need to do is lie there. How about you Anita?’

All eyes went to Anita who nervously looked around. Amit nudged her with his elbow when she did not respond.

‘What’s it?’ she whispered.

‘What about you?’ Amit said.

‘No way. She may want the person to strip fully.’ Anita protested.

‘Well these guys are all strangers and they appear to be decent. Nobody knows who we are and moreover they too are young. For all you know you may not have to strip fully.’ Amit explained. Anita still seemed to be a trifle hesitant. ‘Come on.’ Amit encouraged.

Anita looked up at Seema and said, ‘Okay. What do I do?’

‘Come with me into the other room and I’ll show you.’ They walked into the next room, presumably set up with a massage table. From the other room, Seema’s voice could be heard, ‘Just get as comfortable as you like and lie under that sheet, we’ll give you a few minutes.’

She came back and they all made small talk for a few minutes and then she led them into the next room. As Amit had rightly guessed suspected, it was a room with a massage table in the middle, some other tables around the periphery of the room with piles of towels on them. Anita was lying face down under a sheet.

‘Good. Anita. I am glad you were feeling confident enough to get that comfortable.’ Seema continued. Amit could see what she meant. The sheet was thin and Amit could see Anita’s outline quite well under the sheet. She was fully nude.

‘Now, the rest of you just have a seat and I will begin.’ She motioned to stools around the periphery of the room and all sat down. Seema turned down the dimmer to bring the room to a peaceful twilight and then she turned up some peaceful music on the radio.

‘Now, watch me carefully. I will describe each maneuver as I go. Remember the major moves, you can check me on that wall chart showing the anatomy.’ She rubbed her hands together to warm them and stood across the table from us, looking across Anita’s form to the rest of us. ‘Please don’t talk among yourselves but you can ask me questions as I work.’

She pulled down the sheet to expose Anita’s back, leaving it at about mid-waist level. The base of her well endowed breasts were visible with the nipples hidden in the bed. ‘Anita, you’ll tell me if you don’t want me to expose you too much, won’t you?’

‘Yes, I will Seema, don’t worry about me. Its okay with us; this whole thing.’ She looked at Amit and smiled as they both remembered the mall incident.

Seema began to rub warm oil on Anita’s back and was kneading the muscles and Amit looked around the room. Everyone was riveted to Anita’s form and she seemed very relaxed. Amit thought that she was writhing a bit with pleasure.

‘Anita, do you mind if I move the towel down lower?’ Seema asked.

There was a slight pause and then Anita reached down and threw the sheet on the floor. She was face down and completely nude. Her ass looked good and she had her legs slightly parted. The pussy lips could be seen albeit partly but Anita just kept her head on her folded arms and appeared to be fully relaxed.

Seema then moved down to her feet and began to work her way up right up from her feet to her legs with long slow strokes, very sensuous and lingering for a long time between her thighs. She took care to avoid getting entangled in Anita’s dainty anklets. She repeated the act again and very lightly and quickly pulled her buttock cheeks apart just to let the oil stimulate the rich nerve endings of that area. Amit again looked around the room. Everyone was speechless, looking at the scene of the pretty housewife being massaged in the nude.

Seema placed one hand over Anita’s low back and the other at the base of her neck and stood there a moment. Then she said ‘Okay Anita, you can turn over now if you want to.’

Anita looked at Amit, smiled and rolled slowly onto her back. Her nipples chocolate brown in colour were on end which was surprising to one who looked at them because of her fair complexion and she had a sensuous smile on her lips. Except for the carefully designed line of hair over her mound, her pussy lips too were visible. Besides Amit, the others who were present also appeared to be impressed with her beauty, poise and body confidence. Seema continued her massage, very professionally avoiding Anita’s nipples and crotch but Amit could see that Anita was enjoying the whole thing. Before long, the massage was finished and Seema stood back and spoke.

‘Now look how relaxed she is. How do you feel Anita?’

Anita sat up on the edge of the table and smiled at all of them. ‘I feel great. This was a great massage. Thank you’ She stood up and stretched, still very naked, in front of all of them and sat back on the table again. Amit overheard a man telling his wife ‘Look, such body confidence and a beautifully shaped pussy!’ Amit turned and saw a look of admiration on the face of the couple.

Seema took over again and said, ‘Your drinks have been refreshed, lets go back into the sitting room.’

As the crowd walked out, Anita got up and went into another room to get dressed. Soon she joined the others in the main room. Seema made a point to invite them back, no charge next time because Anita was such a good subject.

It was after the massage incident that they made final plans for the Goa trip. Since the occurrence of both the happenings was merely incidental Amit decided to tell Anita that during the first incident at the dressing room, Dileep too had been present.

‘I am sorry, love but I myself was not aware. It was only later that he told me that he too had enjoyed seeing you just like the others had. ‘ Amit said.

‘God! I really don’t know what’s happening. But the silver lining is that he would have known that I was hardly the one exposing myself. You were the one upto all these naughty activities.’ Anita said.

‘Yeah! I guess so. But imagine what I would have looked like when he told me. It is one thing to be doing it impetuously for fun when the crowd consists of unknown people as at the massage parlour.’ Amit said.

‘Yes. Poor you but anyway what has been done can’t be undone.’ Anita replied cheerfully.

The next day Amit and Anita headed for their holiday at Goa.

The bookings had been done in a hotel that they had previously stayed in. It had a lovely stretch of beach covered with silver sands. There was however one quiet corner which most people did not know existed. Both Amit and Anita were eagerly looking forward to the time that they would be spending there especially in view of the recent exhibitionist streak that they had imbibed.

The first day they just spent in making love and unwinding. The hotel had a lovely pool with sparkling clear blue water and they made good use of it. This was followed by generous doses of red wine and finally a sumptuous dinner.

The next day dawned nice and clear. Anita put on the new bikini that she had purchased. Just as they were leaving, they received a message on their cell phone from Dileep that he too was in town and wanted to know the hotel they were staying in.

‘What to do?’ they both asked one another and then they decided that there was hardly any choice except to ask him over.

‘God, how am I going to face him? Again.’ Anita said blushing a beetroot red.

‘Relax.’ Amit comforted her.

‘I’ll try to but how can I rid myself of the knowledge that he has seen me nude?’ Anita said.

‘Sure, he has but as you said it hardly reflects on you and well, what he has seen was surely nice and he would be having nice memories of it.’ Amit said with an impish grin.

‘Easy for you to say so.’ Anita replied.

It so transpired that Dileep was not alone. He is for a marketing business of certain medicinal products and when he had an opportunity to visit Goa, he armed with the knowledge that Amit and Anita were there, brought his wife Kavita along as well. Just as Dileep and Amit were close friends, similarly Anita and Kavita too were close having been together in the university.

The first day they spent on the beach enjoying the sun. With the girls in their bikinis, Dileep and Amit were enjoying the sun and the awesome setting. They played in the surf. Dileep and Amit kept kidding the girls about going topless. They almost thought that their wives would oblige but both ended up chickening out. The next day they took the hand made maps the hotel had and went hiking back in the jungle area. It did have trails but was still really grown over quite a bit.

They saw one of the small streams and were still on the right path. The next stream they came to was fairly large and they took the trail that ran along the water. After about 30 minutes more of hiking they came to a beautiful small waterfall. It had a pool that was about 20 feet long and 30 feet wide. They stopped and ate lunch in the beautiful setting. Anita and Kavita made the comment that she wished she had her swimsuit. Dileep and Amit both looked at each other and both got a gleam in their eyes. They stood up and both took off their shirts and then their shorts. The girls started laughing and giggling. Amit started to jump in his boxers but Dileep started pulling his off. Amit kind of paused for a moment and then followed his lead.

The girls were really laughing and giggling now as Dileep and Amit jumped in. The girls had only seen their backsides until Dileep got up on a rock. Kavita looked at Anita and smiled.

‘Men really are cool! Doesn’t really take them long to strip. That too in public. What if someone just walks across.’ Kavita said and Anita nodded.

‘Yeah, he would be disappointed seeing just men nude. In fact his day would be made if the person who walks across were to see us naked.’ Anita replied.

‘I think you are right.’ Kavita replied and they both laughed.’ Tell me, Anita, would you be able to do what our husbands are doing. I mean strip. We of course have seen one another nude and now we have also seen our, I mean you have seen my husband and I have seen your husband nude. I am just asking you whether anyone else has seen you topless/nude besides the regular guys like tailors, doctors etc and should we do it if these guys persist?’

Anita was silent for a while thinking about the two recent occurrences. ‘ I wouldn’t mind if its okay with you.’

‘Okay, lets see how tomorrow is.’ Kavita replied

Dileep and Amit were both jumping off the rock which was just about three feet from the water and telling them they too should come it felt great. They had expected the girls to follow but they turned out to be far more demure. All they did was talk and laugh but it was obvious that they were positively enjoying what they were seeing.

They had a couple of swims and then finally got out and sat on the smooth rocks on the side of the pond to dry with their back towards their wives. It was in this position that they put on their underwears and got dressed.

They went back to the secluded corner of the beach the next day. It was a place that was not noticeable to one who did not know of its existence and hence was largely uncrowded..

‘This is not fair.’ Dileep said addressing both the girls ‘ We showed enough spunk to strip fully and you did not have the courage or I would say the decency to join us. Very bad.’ He mock chided.

‘Well, today you may have a bonus surprised.’ Kavita said. Obviously she and Anita had done some discussing. ‘If you will turn your faces the other side, we promise you will be suitably rewarded.’ The men dutifully complied while Anita and Kavita quickly stripped leaving just the bikini panty on.

Anita’s breasts were beautiful, full with just the slightest hint of sag, her chocolate brown nipples pointing slightly up. Just perfect. Amit at that moment felt proud at his wife’s lovely body and thanked her silently for all the work that had gone into making it the way it was. Anita had shaved her legs and bikini line. To this she always paid a lot of attention; just a little vertical line of hair above the pussy lips. nature had been kind to her and except for the pussy which required occasional shaping and the underarms, she was virtually hairless all over the body in sharp contrast to the thick mane of hair on her head. The advantage in getting rid of all the hair in additional to looking elegant was that she could decide even when nude whether to show the pussy lips or not. Of course she had not said this to Amit but this was the thought that had flashed in his mind when he had seen the tastefully shaped pussy. Kavita was fairer than Anita and though her breasts too were of the same colour, the nipples were pink and did not stand as erect as Aniita’s.

They took pictures all along with the digital camera but knew when they posed with their arms around each other there was defiantly a sexual feeling in the air. Dileep sat on one small rock and asked Kavita to sit on one knee which she promptly did. He then asked Anita to sit on the other knee. Anita hesitated for a while but then went ahead. Amit clicked the picture and found it quite erotic. Nobody was fully naked but the girls were topless. Dileep took a picture of Amit with the girls the same way.

They were in the cove and helping Amit with the food basket was Kavita while Dileep and Anita were walking in knee deep water. Anita’s nipples were erect but she appeared to be quite comfortable now with her topless status. The pendent of the gold necklace was seductively hanging between her breasts. It was at that moment that the whirr of a motorboat was heard and they could see a motorboat approaching. Kavita and Amit were hidden from the view by shrubs and rocks so while they could watch they couldn’t be seen. Taking advantage of the distraction caused by the motorboat, Dileep pulled at Anita’s panty string. Within no time she was nude. She was startled by this sudden act of Dileep’s and as she spun around to run back to where Amit and Anita were, Dileep held her firmly by the arm. There were two foreigners in the motorboat and they came within a distance of about ten feet of where Anita was standing fully nude her wrist in Dileep’s hand who was just not letting her go.

‘Dileep is so wicked. Unnecessarily adding to Anita’s embarrassment.’ Kavita said. ‘ I’ll teach him a lesson.’ She promptly peeled off her own panty and walked casually to where Dileep and Anita were standing. It was perhaps a lucky day for the foreigners. They smiled and waived and after drinking in the site for about a minute turned and went.

As they left Dileep ran leaving her and she ran after him picking up sand and throwing it after him.

‘Relax, you two.’ Amit said.

‘You saw your pal. He pulled off my panty leaving me nude in front of those guys while he himself stood there grinning with his swimming trunks on.’ Anita said angrily.

‘Easy, easy. Don’t get worked up, Anita.’ Kavita said and Amit concurred. ‘ All in jest so cool down.’ Anita however did not quieten down till she had thrown a good amount of sand on Dileep and also putting a heapful inside his swimming trunk which made him pull it off and go again into the water to wash it off. What amused Amit was that she did all the running around nude without bothering to find her panty.

Later on Kavita and Dileep were kind of wrestling on a sheet with Kavita on top and then they got down to the sand. Amit took a picture of them and kidded them that it will look like they were making love even though one could see his cock poking out from under where she was sitting. Later on that afternoon, they were again having similar sort of fun and Amit took another picture of them only this time the cock was not visible. He kept a close look on them and did notice that when she slid off of him that he definitely was in her, but Amit just smiled exchanged a meaningful glance with Anita and kept quiet.

By : rupanita

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