Glory hole girl

“Come on baby, you’ll love it.”

Desiree wasn’t so sure, but Joe had been such a nice guy, never rushing her, and his kissing, licking and fondling had made her almost dizzy with desire. Her blouse was off, bra open, panties kicked off, and she was eager to please him. His thoughtfulness overcame her reluctance, and with Joe’s grunts of encouragement, she gave Joe her virgin mouth, the very first blowjob she’d ever done, after 19 years, her mouth had gotten a cock to suck on. After he’d exploded in her mouth, they went downstairs, and Desiree was shocked. She’d just sucked off the captain of the college football team, and it was recorded by a hidden camera. The bastards had been down here in the common room, watching her suck his cock!

One of the guys watching joked, “How was her cock sucking ability, Joe?”

Joe laughed, and replied, “Well, she’d got a lot to learn, it was adequate, but not that good.”

Joe had a idea jump into his head, he grinned, oh yeah, that’d be great. He motioned for Desiree to follow him, and he led her to an empty room, and closed the door for privacy.

He turned to her and said, “Okay Desi, we’ve got that very interesting footage of you sucking my cock. We’ll keep it a secret, but you have to give us something in return. If you do, we’ll give you the tape, there will be no copies made, and no one else will ever see the footage.”

With a sinking feeling, Desiree said, “What do I have to do?”

Joe replied, “Well, we’re having a frat bash this weekend, and I’m in charge of the entertainment. Have you ever heard of a glory hole?”

Desiree though it sounded familiar, then she remembered. She’d overheard her brother and his best friend had been talking about getting sucked off through a glory hole, and…she suddenly got it.

She said, in a small voice, “You mean, I…I…”

Joe jumped in, “Yes, you’ll be our glory hole girl. You do need to practice your cock sucking technique, what better way then to suck off the fraternity?”

She gulped, but what choice did she have? Oh god, the idea of her Mom and Dad, all her friends, not to mention all the horny perverts on the internet, seeing her sucking cock, she’d die.

Saturday afternoon, and she could feel that approaching appointment, like the giant snowball rolling downhill, heading for her. At 6 PM, she left her apartment, and drove over to the frat house. Joe greeted her, and led her around to the side entrance.

“I’m sure you’d like to keep your anonymity from the guys, so I’ll bring you in through the side door, while everyone will be in the common room. No one will see you, and the only contact they’ll have with you is when you wrap your lips around their cocks, and slide that sexy mouth of yours down.”

Desiree breathed a small sigh of relief, she may have to suck off a load of horny guys, but at least they wouldn’t know who she was. She could hear music, and the babble of voices in another part of the frat house, and Joe led her to a bare room. The only thing in the room was a stack of pillows. There was a plywood wall dividing the room, and two holes had been cut out of the plywood, and thick electrician’s tape ringed the holes.

Must be to prevent splinters crossed her mind, and she smiled, oh god, the idea of getting a splinter in the cock…or the balls…and she started giggling at the idea.

Joe asked, “What’s so funny, Desi?”

She giggled, “I saw the tape around the holes, and I though how bad it would be to get a splinter in the cock…or the balls..and I just…” She trailed off, as another fit of giggles shook her.

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