Giving Him What He Wants

My wife and I have been married for over 3 years and have 1 child. I am 28 and my wife is 5 years younger to me. Ever since our marriage, I had noticed that she was frigid in bed and didn’t reciprocate in bed; mostly she let me have my way with her but never initiated sex with me.

My wife is a very attractive woman; she is fair and stands around 5′ 3″ with a slender body. She has an amazing figure even after delivering a child; although her breasts are a tad big for her frame. She is a highly desirable woman but somehow that never translated into excitement in the bedroom. I thought, maybe she was interested in other young men, so I started leaving her alone with other men on some pretext or another but nothing ever happened. I could see the men’s lust filled eyes pop out but that had no effect on her.

Then one day, something happened accidentally. It was six months after she gave birth to our first son. We were visiting our relatives on the occasion of a wedding. They had made sleeping arrangements in a public hall but my wife wasn’t comfortable and hence the other side (her close friend was a relative from the other side) offered us a small room at the far corner of the hall. The only catch was that her friend’s parents would be sharing the room with us. It was a small room perhaps 7×8 with a door at one end of the room. At night, everyone was tired with the festivities and we heard people snoring hard in the main hall as we walked towards the room and were so relieved that the room was empty and we didn’t have to tolerate the snoring people. She admonished me as I made an attempt to make love to her that night; after a few repeated attempts she pushed my hand away and went to the restroom. After coming back from the restroom, she slept on the other side of our baby instead of sleeping right next to me. It was a clear indication that she was not in the mood.

She was closer to the door and the light emanating from outside faintly illuminated the room. I could see my wife’s figure as a silhouette. The floor was covered with mattresses and perhaps she was already on the mattress that was meant for her friends parents. She ended up on the other side as I moved onto her side with clear intention to make love to her. None of us gave any thought to it since it was nearing 1:00 am. I finally saw my wife’s breasts heave rhythmically squashing my hopes of any action that night.

I woke up a little later, from the sounds of her clinging bangles. As I slowly opened my eyes and adjusted to the sight in front of me, I noticed that my wife was sleeping on her side facing me; her breathing seemed to be a little labored. I saw her a few times throw her hand back; it took me a little while to realize that perhaps there was a man who was trying to molest her. I froze instantly and then had the thought of getting up and beating that man to pulp. Still, I wasn’t sure, so thought of confirming it before getting up. She threw his hand back a few more times and then eventually, I heard her seeth, a clear sound of frustration. I knew that she would now get up and push him aside. Things went awfully quiet for the next few minutes; it was so quiet, I doubted if anything was happening at all.

As my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, I started noticing the minute details and could clearly see that there was a hand wrapped around my wife’s waist and seemed to be caressing her naked belly. Her comforter was gone; her body was stiff; even her toes were pointing downwards clearly indicating that she was worked up. My own penis was stiff like a rock and for the first time I understood that my wife reacting in such a manner to another man’s touch was sexually exciting to me. Now I was curious to see how far she would go.

The man slowly pulled her “pallu” (the part of the Saree that covers a woman’s breasts) away. Usually, at the time of sleeping her breasts are semi-exposed as she feeds our baby several times throughout the night. Just when I thought it would get interesting, our baby woke up and cried for her attention. She separated from the man and picked our child to breastfeed him. She was close to me now and didn’t think much would happen but as the man tugged on her shoulder, I noticed her hesitate briefly before moving back to her original position, picking up our little one. She covered herself with the comforter again and this time I noticed the man behind her sneak inside as well.

Moments later her blouse was completely unbuttoned and as our son was feeding on one of the tits, the other was fondled by the man behind her. She was listless but didn’t discourage him. The man behind her gained in confidence as he twiddled her nipple between his thumb and index finger. He started kissing on her neck slowly; she started softly moaning in response. My penis was leaking precum now; I knew that fireworks were in order.

As precious moments passed, I noticed that my wife leaned back against him while this man continued to kiss her neck and cheeks. She seethed in pain as the man roughly played with her breasts. I was surprised that she had thrown caution to the wind and seemed to not care if I woke up or not; after all I was only sleeping only a few feet away from her. Don’t know when but I noticed him kiss her on the mouth and she didn’t seem to mind. Usually with me she avoided kissing on the lips and very sparingly allowed me to put my tongue into her mouth. As our son fell asleep, she slowly turned towards him and offered her lips fully. That’s when I noticed that the man was huge and could easily overwhelm my petite wife. In no time, he was on top of her; my wife eagerly spread her legs and kissed him voraciously completely ignoring my presence. She let out a guttural moan as he bottomed inside her. I saw her push back on him and for a moment I felt that perhaps she felt guilty but as she seethed in pain, I understood that it was physical. My wife who had given birth to a child only six months ago was struggling to accommodate this man. The more she pushed back, the more this man wanted to assert his dominion over her and he started furiously stroking her. Her resistance waned away within a few strokes; she moaned audibly and seemed to be lost in her orgasm. Only after a minute or so, I noticed her cling to him and holding him inside her with all her might. She had orgasmed!

My wife encouraged him by kissing him aggressively; something she never did with me. Having taken her to the heights of her orgasm so early, he settled into a leisurely rhythm and continued ploughing her. Her legs were bent and she lovingly held him and kissed him passionately. The man was built like a tank; perhaps weighed twice as much as my wife but he was bringing out the slut in her that I longed to see. Even if I had woken up at that moment they would have continued with their episode disregarding me.

Unfortunately for me, this man turned out to be a real stallion and knew how to pleasure women. He stroked for perhaps ten minutes when they both showed signs of climaxing. He deposited his semen inside her as she once again held him tightly.

They quietly separated and moved to their respective places. I dozed off soon after that as well. But somewhere in the middle of the night I woke up again as my wife stepped out of the room; perhaps she was heading to the restroom. I noticed the man was sitting on the mattress very close to where my wife was sleeping. He seemed to be stroking his cock, perhaps wanted to have round 2 or was just done with it. I didn’t know.

My wife returned after a few moments and then carefully pulling the door towards, she sat next to him again. It had become darker but fortunately, the door adjusted to a neutral position and let more light in. As the light illuminated the room, I noticed that this man had my wife in his arms and he was kissing her as she herself offered her lips to him. They continued kissing as the man once again mauled her breasts. There was something surreal about the night; it was the second time she was taking a chance with me in the same room. She would have refused me, if I had bugged her the same night after having sex. A few minutes later, the man bent forward and latched onto her breast. She moaned and briefly looked at me to see if I was still asleep. After a few moments, she lay back and let him drink her milk. My loving wife enjoyed his efforts for a few moments and then pulled him for another kiss. After a brief kiss, she slid down and took his penis in her mouth. I had pleaded with my wife several times in the last 2 years of our marriage but not once did she take it into her mouth. She did, however, jerk me off a few times during her menstrual period to relieve me. After pleasuring him for several minutes, she moved on top and rode him until he ejaculated inside her again. Due to the oral sex she performed on him, he didn’t last as long but my wife’s moans confirmed that she was satisfied.

I had lost my appetite for sleep. On one end, I was upset and angry to see my wife behave in such a slutty manner with a stranger but on the other end, I was elated to eventually see her open up; perhaps I felt that I may reap some of the benefits eventually. I kept on dozing off and waking up with sounds of my wife’s moans. Every time I got up, I realized that my wife was fast asleep and it was only my mind playing tricks. However, as the morning approached, I noticed that our room had a small window for ventilation almost at the ceiling that let in faint light and perhaps illuminated the room a little bit more. It was still quite dark but one could sense that the sun would soon rise and it was morning hours. Everyone in the hall was fast asleep. My wife woke up silently and headed to the restroom again. She spent a good 5-10 minutes and seemed to have washed up her face. She was drying her face with a towel, when she entered the room again. And then she very slowly pulled the door and this time dropped the towel behind the door to stop it from moving. This reduced the light coming in from the hall but the light coming from the window seemed to compensate it very much.

My wife sat very close to the sleeping man and placed one hand on his bulge, she nuzzled into him by laying by his side. Within moments the man woke up and I saw my wife lift herself on her elbow and kiss the man. I was shocked to see her kiss a man with his morning breath on. It seemed she had cleaned up her mouth before coming for this. Even more importantly, she was initiating sex with him at a morning hour, when it was time for people to get up and I could more or less see them now in that morning light.

She then quickly proceeded to offer him a nice blow job, which again she never did it for me. This is when I realized that this man was hung like a horsy. My wife desperately bobbed her head up and down as she tried to help him ejaculate. He seemed to have no interest in mounting my wife now. He wanted her to please him with her mouth. As more and more light crept in, I was worried that she was very close to getting caught. I could make more details about this man as well now. Fortunately, it took only 15 minutes before he flooded her mouth with his semen. She choked on it for sometime but gulped it down completely.

Next morning, I learned that the man was her friend’s father; perhaps 55 or so. He was a tall man with a large physique and very dark skin. She ignored him most of the day and if I had not witnessed her with him, I would not have given him a second chance. Nothing happened the following night and even though I made an attempt to approach my wife, she refused me completely. Fortunately or unfortunately her lover didn’t show up and we both were able to catch up on our sleep.

The following evening we were heading back, so I didn’t think anything would happen but I was on constant alert now. Eventually, I learned that my wife was at the bride’s place; we were invited from the groom’s side, helping them with winding up things. Still when she didn’t return until late that afternoon, I headed to their place and saw my wife exiting hurriedly. Her face was flushed and her dress crumpled; as I watched her briskly walk towards the marriage hall, I noticed that dark man step out of the house. So, it was clear that my wife had sex with him once again. Maybe she had sex the previous day as well but I didn’t notice it.

Upon our return, my wife was eager and willing to please me in the bedroom. When I mounted her and felt sort of a vacuum around my penis, I knew the man was gifted. She didn’t reciprocate while kissing but allowed me to kiss her; even more importantly she allowed me to pleasure her with my tongue. This was something that she had persistently refused earlier but she now acceded to my pleading most of the time. It soon dawned on both of us that she enjoyed my tongue more than my penis and hence oral sex became a regular act in our bedroom.

I wanted to see if my wife would now allow other men to take her similarly and retried my old experiments but nothing seemed to work again. Another six months fizzled by and just when I thought nothing would ever happen unless I invited her friend’s father again, something seemed to stir my wife’s dormant sexual feelings. This time it was an elderly servant of one of our relatives, who frequented our place, who caught her fancy. We knew this servant as he visited earlier when my wife was 6 months pregnant but didn’t notice anything between the two at that time. The audacious servant touched her on some pretext or another and she seemed to ignore it or tacitly allowed him. At one time while working in the kitchen when my wife bent down to pick up something, I noticed the bold, shameless servant brush his groin against her butt. She shot a look at him but then got back to her work.

This servant was nearing 60 and had been working at our relatives’ place as domestic help for decades so I didn’t want to fuss about it. Neither did I feel she would oblige him as he wasn’t particularly good looking. Strangely, however, I felt where the other young men failed to score this old codger would be able to. He was a little on the darkside but not as much as her previous lover and was extremely tall, standing at a little over 6 feet and slender physique to go with it. He had a large family back in the northern part of India; had about 5-6 kids and was already a grandfather.

We have a very small house, so there isn’t my privacy and hence I didn’t think much would happen unless she was desperate. Besides, we were traveling to a relatives wedding the following day along with the relatives who were visiting us. My wife was charged with preparing some sweets and snacks for the occasion, which kept her occupied the whole day. We were traveling that night and after all the hard day’s work, we all boarded the evening train only to realize that due to some confusion our tickets were cancelled – only the ticket for our elderly relative and my wife were kept. After a lot of haggling, negotiations, and bribing we finally settled to start our journey. The upper berths were to become available very early in the morning until then we had to adjust.

The elderly relatives were tired and wanted to hit bed pretty early. We had arranged it such that the elderly lady slept on one berth and my wife sat next to her feet and then the servant by the window. Between my wife and the servant there was a small suitcase. Since the lady was short and her husband quite tall, this seemed to be the best option. The old lady made place for our baby to sleep next to her on the inside. I sat opposite to the servant by the window while the elderly husband slept on that berth with his legs facing me. I should have sat next to her but strangely the configuration seemed to be prearranged before I could take the seat beside her.

My wife was extremely tired and I didn’t think anything would happen; besides we were in a semi-public place. My wife dozed off in no time and slept for what seemed like 3-4 hours; she woke up only due to our son crying for milk. Things had quietened by that time and after feeding our son, she went to freshen up. It was around 11:30 and a lot of passengers were fast asleep, including our relatives and the servant.

After returning, she went back to sleep promptly again. I heard her bangles clink a few minutes later, which woke me up and I noticed her rest her arm on the suitcase. The old servant bravely placed his hand right next to hers. It was dark and unless one made a conscious attempt; it was hard to notice anything. A few moments later, he boldly lifted her arm and slid his arm to the other end of the suitcase and clasped her hand. She looked at him for a few moments but didn’t move her hand away. This encouraged him and he soon moved closer to her and slowly caressed her arm with his other hand. A few minutes later, he picked up her hand and softly dropped it in his lap. She tried to retrieve her hand but he held on to her hand and let her reluctance wilt away. She cursorily looked around to see if anyone was even looking in our direction; I pretended to be fast asleep and then for the first time I noticed her hand grope his manhood in the darkness. As she leaned towards him, he nuzzled into her neck and started gently kissing her. She retreated for a brief moment and then later on relented but she didn’t lean all the way towards him. Within moments, she extended the shawl she had to cover her hand in his lap. It didn’t take more than a few moments but she removed her hand and hurriedly walked towards the toilet. Maybe she orgasmed by simply touching his member or that she felt it would be hard to control. The poor servant waited for a few minutes and then followed her. Not to be left behind, I followed her but was petrified of getting caught by them.

It was mostly dark except for one light almost at the far end. The old codger just turned around towards the toilet when I lazily pretended to walk towards the toilet. I waited around the corner to see if he was still there and he was waiting for my wife to open the door. She opened the door a few moments later and without much talk, he entered the toilet and they closed the door. Bravely, I stepped towards the door and peeped through the small holes that were left by previous door locks. My wife was in his arms and the old servant was kissing her. Even in that dingy toilet that was dimly lit, I could clearly see how much she was into kissing him. He towered over her and lifted her in his arms for a moment and then dropping her down said something to her. She hesitantly kneeled down and pulled down his pajamas to expose his penis. It was huge! It felt like he had an appendage hanging between his legs. She lifted that meaty sausage and guided it into her mouth. His semi-flaccid penis still didn’t respond but she diligently continued pleasuring him. As his penis inflated, she struggled to take it in her mouth. She then proceeded to kiss his droopy testicles that were unusually large. She hungrily sucked on them for a minute or so and returned to his penis that was fully erect. After sucking on the knob for a minute or so, she stood up and turned around, allowing him to take her from behind.

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