Giving Him What He Wants

My wife and I have been married for over 3 years and have 1 child. I am 28 and my wife is 5 years younger to me. Ever since our marriage, I had noticed that she was frigid in bed and didn’t reciprocate in bed; mostly she let me have my way with her but never initiated sex with me.

My wife is a very attractive woman; she is fair and stands around 5′ 3″ with a slender body. She has an amazing figure even after delivering a child; although her breasts are a tad big for her frame. She is a highly desirable woman but somehow that never translated into excitement in the bedroom. I thought, maybe she was interested in other young men, so I started leaving her alone with other men on some pretext or another but nothing ever happened. I could see the men’s lust filled eyes pop out but that had no effect on her.

Then one day, something happened accidentally. It was six months after she gave birth to our first son. We were visiting our relatives on the occasion of a wedding. They had made sleeping arrangements in a public hall but my wife wasn’t comfortable and hence the other side (her close friend was a relative from the other side) offered us a small room at the far corner of the hall. The only catch was that her friend’s parents would be sharing the room with us. It was a small room perhaps 7×8 with a door at one end of the room. At night, everyone was tired with the festivities and we heard people snoring hard in the main hall as we walked towards the room and were so relieved that the room was empty and we didn’t have to tolerate the snoring people. She admonished me as I made an attempt to make love to her that night; after a few repeated attempts she pushed my hand away and went to the restroom. After coming back from the restroom, she slept on the other side of our baby instead of sleeping right next to me. It was a clear indication that she was not in the mood.

She was closer to the door and the light emanating from outside faintly illuminated the room. I could see my wife’s figure as a silhouette. The floor was covered with mattresses and perhaps she was already on the mattress that was meant for her friends parents. She ended up on the other side as I moved onto her side with clear intention to make love to her. None of us gave any thought to it since it was nearing 1:00 am. I finally saw my wife’s breasts heave rhythmically squashing my hopes of any action that night.

I woke up a little later, from the sounds of her clinging bangles. As I slowly opened my eyes and adjusted to the sight in front of me, I noticed that my wife was sleeping on her side facing me; her breathing seemed to be a little labored. I saw her a few times throw her hand back; it took me a little while to realize that perhaps there was a man who was trying to molest her. I froze instantly and then had the thought of getting up and beating that man to pulp. Still, I wasn’t sure, so thought of confirming it before getting up. She threw his hand back a few more times and then eventually, I heard her seeth, a clear sound of frustration. I knew that she would now get up and push him aside. Things went awfully quiet for the next few minutes; it was so quiet, I doubted if anything was happening at all.

As my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness, I started noticing the minute details and could clearly see that there was a hand wrapped around my wife’s waist and seemed to be caressing her naked belly. Her comforter was gone; her body was stiff; even her toes were pointing downwards clearly indicating that she was worked up. My own penis was stiff like a rock and for the first time I understood that my wife reacting in such a manner to another man’s touch was sexually exciting to me. Now I was curious to see how far she would go.

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