Girl’s Night

Now, on to the point of the story, the second girls night. Well, this one took place only a few weeks after the first one. I was turning 18 and managed to convince my parents to let me go out for the weekend with my sisters. My sisters and I rounded up about 20 girls total to join us for the first girls night. It’s amazing how many girls were interested in it after they heard what went on at the first one. Even girls that were straight, but curious were asking me about it. So the 20 of us each paid about $15 and we rented out a giant suite at one of the hotels in the city. When I say big, I mean big, this thing was enormous. My sisters and I got there early to check in and see what the room was really like. We opened up the big double door to the room and we just stood there awe struck at it. There was a small” hallway with closets off to the side then beyond that, two stairs that went down to a giant living room area with leather couches and chairs and a fireplace off to one side. Attached to this was a decent sized mini-kitchen, a porch, a bathroom, a bedroom, a master suite, with a big bedroom and private bath. The kitchen, each bathroom, and bedroom all had their own TV’s with VCR’s. We also found, hidden behind the paneling above the fireplace, a giant big screen TV. There was plenty of furniture all around. Plenty of room for all of us. This was perfect.
We then left and went shopping for the remainder of the afternoon. The party started at 5:30, with people arriving as early as 5. My sisters and I went to Victoria Secret first where we each got a new set of underwear and a new piece of lingerie. We also got a piece of lingerie and another complete set of very sexy underwear for prizes that night. After Victoria Secret’s, we went to the local porn shop, where my sister went in and bought various toys, some to use that night, and some for prizes, and bought 4 movies for us to watch and give away. After the porn shop, we went to a local linen store and bought two curtains so we could set them up as a serpentine wall in front of the door this was incase we had any visitors tonight, they wouldn’t see a room full of naked teenage girls. Our last stop for the afternoon was a local party store where we picked up some party stuff. Balloons, crep paper, streamers, party hats, soda, and other snacks. All these earins took us the majority of the afternoon, and we got back to the hotel about 4 p.m. We took that hour and decorated the place, set up our walls, and got ready for the guests to arrive. We changed into our lingerie and just sat around waiting for the other girls to come. We heard a knock at our door a little after 5 and just looked at each other and smiled. The fun was about to begin.

My older sister was stationed at the door, answering it since the room was checked out under her name. She wore regular clothes over her lingerie, but my younger sister and I stayed in just the lingerie. I was standing behind the first turn of the serpentine wall, and my younger sister was just going to roam around helping people and chatting with them until everyone arrived and we started. We let the first girl in. It was one of Katie’s (my younger sister) friends, she was at the first girls night and was a regular visitor to my house. As she snuck her way round the walls, I grabbed her and pulled her close to me. I planted my lips on her mouth and started kissing her. She was surprised at first but soon joined in. We stood there making out for about 30 seconds or so. I was sure to let my hands roam her body, especially over her tits. She loved that, it was something I had learned after having fucked her so many dozens of times. That was one girl who definitely loved her tits. They weren’t too badly sized either.

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