Girlfriend uses her boyfriend for gay erotica shoot

When Samuel got the text from his girlfriend Angelica he could tell that she was freaked out. She was at a downtown loft that she had rented out for the day for a photo-set assignment. She’d been hired on by a magazine she often did smaller pieces for, on this time for something a bit more grand.

Angelica Quaid was just coming up in the adult erotica magazine and photography world. What had started as an art school double major and a lazy weekend Instagram hobby had quickly exploded into an actual career path, and a passionate one at that. Her photos had appeared on a number of high profile websites and erotic art mags, and while she had shot for almost every theme imaginable, she was becoming particularly popular in the world of ‘Artistic Homoerotica.’

Her work had been featured in popular private galleries and her benefactors ran the gamut from young Brooklyn hipsters to older North Shore of Long Island private collectors.

Unfortunately, only five minutes before the day’s two-hour shoot was scheduled to begin, her dark, red-headed Irish dream-boy of a model had dropped out. Something to do with a bad case of forehead pimple-itus and probably, more honestly, a hangover the size of the Grey Goose bottle service he’d found himself swimming in the night before. Really though, if you couldn’t trust a young male model in a city with a great nightlife, who the hell could you trust?

This left her with Javier Alicante, one of the hardest models in the industry to land for a photo shoot of this nature, and no second model with which to complete her biggest and most important assignment yet—something the magazine’s creative director had titled, ‘The Art of Male Seduction.’

The editor had even told her that if she knocked this shoot out of the park, they might consider it for the cover. She was officially freaking out now.

She texted her boyfriend most of these details, making sure to leave out the parts that in any way made the shoot sound too overly sexual. She knew he’d freak out if he knew everything that she had planned for this particular assignment.

She was desperate. She needed a sub or she risked losing a highly sought after gig with a very desirable pay rate to boot. Not to mention the fact that this could be a very big stepping stone for her in the industry. She begged her boyfriend in every way that a girlfriend knows how to beg.

“Please babe, you’re the only other super sexy guy I know that lives close by that could step in last moment. I know this sounds ridiculously crazy, but you would be absolutely saving me, and all you’ll have to do is let me pose you with my other model so I can get this photo shoot done.” She was so helpless and honest in her plea, as her text messages came pouring in in rapid succession—her creative brain pivoting on the fly. It also didn’t hurt that she was continuously stroking his ego in her requests.

“Ughhhhhhhhhh.” Was all Samuel could manage to text back. He loved his girlfriend immensely, but her work had always seemed like a total lark to him. She was certainly talented, but how could he ever hope to judge the artistic elements of masculine sexuality when it pertained to desires he had no interest in? He was straighter than the Prime Meridian on a flattened Kyrie Irving map and the idea of being a model in a gay erotica photo shoot was an absolute non-starter. But…he also knew that no matter how much he didn’t want to do this, he was going to. He owed his girlfriend big time. This girl had saved him in a thousand ways over their two years together and that extended to crazy car troubles and broken leg recovery nursing after snowboarding disasters and even some stuff with his family where she had been a Lighthouse of Alexandria in his ocean. He owed her. No matter how crazy her request, he absolutely owed her.

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