Gina’s gynecological exam

Gina green had dreaded the arrival of her gynaecology examination; her last time was embarrassing as the doctor was her old family doctor of many years standing; having treated not only her mother but also her grandmother. In fact the most embarrassing aspects where his constant references to family traits of elongated clits and protruding pussy lips.

When she received the medical assessment form in the post she tried several times to put off making the appointment; for she hated the thought of an elderly man looking at her cunt let alone touching her there. The latest summons for her check up had threatened informing her employers that she was no longer medically covered in the firms insurance and she realised that she just could not put off this dreaded thing any longer. So with dread in her voice and a heavy heart she called her old surgery only to be told that old Dr James had finally hung up his stethoscope and the collective surgery was now under new ownership.

She reluctantly arrived at the old surgery just ten minutes ahead of her appointment and was suddenly surprised to see all new faces and even the decoration of the rooms seemed fresh and appealing. Gone was the aged receptionist and instead was a young voluptuous woman answering to the name of Rosie; she handed Gina a questionnaire and asked her to fill it out before returning it to her. Gina noticed that her new doctor was called Dr Simon Janus and it even listed all the centre medical staff and that the woman who had handed her the forms was Rosie Tindle, the main Surgery nurse was Janet Price-Davis. Somehow this seemed to make her feel more at ease; as if the surgery was saying it had nothing to hide.

No sooner had she completed filling in the form then a woman in a pressed white coat came out and called Gina’s name; she beckoned Gina to follow her through the same door she had entered the room by. The corridor beyond seemed to run on and on; much longer than the building actually could take or was it her imagination. The floor seemed to slope up and her steps seemed to be harder to take as she slowly walked ahead of the nurse. Suddenly she felt the nurse give her a gentle nudge or was she trying to feel Gina’s arse; her soft voice introduced herself as Janet Price-Davis reassuring her everything was fine.

After what seemed an eternity they reached a door on the left and the nurse opened it ushering Gina into the room beyond. Pointing to a set of screens; Janet requested that Gina undress and put on the paper gown folded on the table and then to come back to the centre of the room. With that Janet busied herself preparing the silver trolley on the opposite wall. Between Gina and Janet lay the examination Table; even this look so much more inviting now that the one Gina imagined had been there before, the examination light above the table seemed so new and immaculate that Gina allowed herself to imagine a few really naughty thoughts.

She allowed herself to think just for an instant of her being sexually aroused by Janet on that table under the brightest of lights while a camera whirred in the back ground capturing all the erotic action. She suddenly found herself wishing the doctor could not attend and that Janet would carry out her exam. The other thought which flashed through her mind was a dishy doctor taking sexual liberties with her while Janet assisted in making her so aroused that she was prepared to let them do whatever they wanted to do to her.

All of these naughty thoughts had the normal effect and she found that her panties were rather more than damp than usual and she imagined her pussy squelching as she slowly walked towards the examination table; Suddenly in mid stride she had the most wickedest of thoughts; what if the nurse could smell the arousal she was now feeling in her cunt, would it be embarrassing or highly erotic. Gina suddenly shivered down her spine as a mental image of herself being bent over the edge of the table with Nurse Janet’s fingers delving into her soaking cunt as the young dishy Doctor Simon entered the room and Janet began telling him how she had smelt Gina’s arousal and she was dealing with it appropriately before the examination began.

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