Getting My Family to Fuck Me

My name is Kyle. I’m a 17 year old high school student. I like
skateboarding, surfing, horror movies…and sucking my Dad’s cock. This
is the story of how I got here.

This story really starts with my Uncle Ronnie. I’d been forbidden from
seeing him when I was 16. My mom never told me why; she simply said her
brother was a piece of shit and I was never, ever to interact with him
again. This struck me as odd, being that he was a nice guy: not the best
looking guy (he was short, shaved head, in his 50s but could pass for
older due to excessive tanning, with a gut) but always kind. And yet I
was never to see him, or my Aunt, or their 14 year old son Connor.

Being a teen my curiosity was insatiable, and I had to learn what caused
the rift. While my Mom was at work, I went through her email, and the
answer fell into my lap. He’d left some stories from on his
laptop while we were all on a family vacation (always close your tabs!)
and my Mom stumbled upon them. They were about minors engaging in incest.
Boys, girls, men, women…doing just about everything you could (or
couldn’t) imagine.

In discussing this issue with the rest of her family, she’d actually
included the specific stories she’d found. Point by point, she’d
included each act of perversion, to defend her staunch response to her
parents. And so I started reading them.

Fast forward a month later, and I was obsessed. I was horny all the time.
I’d sit in school and think about getting face fucked by my Uncle. My
dick would slowly tent up in my gym shorts, and i’d have to run to the
bathroom to jack off over the school toilet. Any time I thought about
incest with my Uncle, it was like a warm thrumming energy deep within me.
I still wanted to fuck the girls in my school, but this was a new
obsession, dovetailing with my old. I wanted girls to watch me get on all
fours, lie beneath me, and suck my dick while my Uncle fucked me. It was
a new, but strangely welcome, insanity.

That’s how I found myself at my Uncle’s front door on a summer
afternoon. I was nervous. Terrified. When he opened the door I felt like
I was going to float away. Finally after some small talk, we went to the
living room and had a couple beers. He apologized for the weirdness,
though he didn’t say what happened. He simply said he understood where
my Mom was coming from, but he was very happy to see me.

After a couple of beers, I finally felt brave enough to do what I’d come
to do. He was in the midst of apologizing again in some vague way, when I
interrupted him.

“Listen, Uncle Ronnie…I know what happened.”

He turned pale.

“No no, but listen. I came here because I wanted to say…all that stuff
you were reading about. I read it too. And I honestly think its really
cool. It’s hot.”

He pursed his lips slightly. This was not what he expected, and he seemed
curious. And relieved. And yet…nervous in a new way.

He said, “Cool AND hot eh? Not sure that follows the laws of physics…”

I smiled. I leaned my leg against his on the sofa. We both jolted, and
tried to hide it. There was an awkward silence.

“Well,” he continued, “If you like that stuff…I have some cool videos
we could watch.”

I felt like I was falling out of an airplane. I told him I’d like that.
He walked to the TV and put an HDMI cable into his laptop. Soon an image
of two men fucking came on screen. One, frankly, looked just like Uncle
Ronnie, albeit a little more fit and muscular. The other was a pale,
hairless twink. He could have been 15 or 25. The older guy was slow
fucking his perfect, hairless asshole. The twink was moaning about how
good his Dad felt inside him.


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