Gay hunk takes a female cheerleader

Chip was one of those great looking men in his twenties that happen to be gay. He had a build that most women noticed and you could tell he was in great shape and took care of himself. He had a nice smile with pearly white teeth.

It was about 10:00 on a Saturday morning when Chip rolled out of bed, horny as hell. He went to the bathroom and had to deal with morning wood, which just wouldn’t go down. He brushed his teeth and walked back into the bedroom. He looked at the bed and shook his head. He had met a young twink at a bar and kid gave him a nice blow job, but had left when Chip was ready to fill the guy’s ass with his oversized cock.

Chip was a total ‘top’ and the quick BJ just got him hornier, which left him in the state he found himself now. He looked down at his tight sweat pants, that were pressing hard on his cock, keeping him just as hard as when he work up.

He went over to the window and lifted the shade. He looked out over the townhouse complex and noticed a few patches of white and red against the stone facades of the buildings. His eyes focused after the light had temporarily made it hard to see, and he saw that cheerleaders were going door to door soliciting something.

A moment later his doorbell rang. He couldn’t see the door due to the roof over the door, but figured “what the hell” and headed downstairs. He stopped at the landing and looked at himself in the full length mirror. He was wearing just the pants and his muscular body looked good. His hardon was still obvious and he smiled.

He open the door just a little and the girl said “good morning “ and started her little speech of where she was from and why they were raising funds. Chip said “hold on there, why don’t you come in.” The girl walked inside. She looked to be 16 or 17. She was very good looking and the outfit accentuated her very large chest.

As the girl (Alice) faced him after the door was shut, she finally noticed how good looking this guy was, and what a great chest he had. Her eyes traveled further down and they widen when she saw the outline of the big cock in his pants. Chip noticed and said “I’m sorry, I had just woken up and haven’t had a chance to get dressed when the bell rang.”

“Oh, um, sure, I mean, I understand. It is a little wild to come to a primarily singles complex this early. Many of the people have been upset that we are waking them.” The girl replied.

“Do you want any coffee, I am going to make some?” Chip asked.

“Um, sure” the girl replied as her eyes dropped to his cock again.

“Sorry about my thing down there, I had a date last night and well let’s just say it left me in this condition.” Chip told the girl.

“There must be something wrong with that girl.” Alice told him.

“Thanks, that’s nice to say.” Chip replied.

“I mean the guys in this town suffer from smallcox disease, you know what I mean? I mean in my age group anyway. I mean who in their right mind would pass that up” she said point at his pants.

Chip figured he might as well be honest and to see what happens, well, kind of honest. He brought over a cup of coffee to the table and sat down, but away from the table a little and said “Well you see, I have been in the anal sex mode lately and my date didn’t want to go there. How about you and your friends? It seems like anal is on all the porn sites like crazy nowadays?”

The girl blushed a little and brought the cup to her mouth to try to hide her reaction. She put the cup down and replied “Some of us are into it and others feel it is gross. I mean I can see a girl being nervous about taking that thing in her butt, sometimes even a little dick hurts up there.”

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