Fun With Dee

After a sex filled evening Greg left us naked and used , thankfully he covered us up before taking his camera and left the room.I slightly remember some time in the night he returned urging Dee to come with him.But as Gina moved closer to me I paid little attention to Dee leaving .Some how some time later she ended up back in bed with us. Gina woke up first stretching and woke me up with her movements as I was snuggled against her breasts.As we stared at each other with glassy eyes she rolled slowly off the bed. I rolled to my back seeing Dee with Greg cuddled against her. I myself rolled off the bed not wanting to disturb them also and followed Gina out of the room.

“How did that happen “she said as she poured two glasses of orange juice.The last thing I remember was that Dee was asleep beside me and you were beside her. I think I remember seeing Greg come out and they left” I said “then we rolled together kissed each other a few times and went back to sleep.

I do have to thank you for that fantastic time last night”I said “Fantastic “she said “that was the best sex I have had in 30 years,Thank you” .She kissed me then looked down at my semi limp cock “ give me a few minutes and I can help that”

I watched her take a couple of aspirins then walk outside and stretched again . We started walking as she began to tell me how she was really surprised that Dee turned her on so.”When she gets horny she really gives it her all, I can see now why you do her. Doesn’t it feel strange though that she is your sister”she said as she sat down on the bench.

Dee and I have grown up together, from an early age I was her best friend.As you can see she isn’t the kind of girl that had boys falling over her.She got picked on a lot and I stood up for her and assured her I would always be there for her. So many times she would come into my room from something that scared her . We slept together many times with my arms around her where she then felt safe.

When she became inquisitive on sex it was even harder.She was always asking me about jerking off or blow jobs .She even tried to give me one once.She told me just recently that she went to a friends brother and he showed her how to do those things. She even cried in my arms one night after she lost her virginity.

“You are a noble one, any other 16 yr old would have taken advantage of her”Gina said as I sat down beside her.”Well I was her brother as so I thought”I said as Gina placed her hand on my thigh.”Well Greg must have had fun with her after we fell asleep “ she said “but thinking about she never got fucked. Or at least fucked as good as you did me last night” she said laying head on my shoulder.Greg has been a great husband ,but now I see just how much he lacks in the sex department.”She grasped my cock “care for a walk”she asked “I love being nude out here in the morning., There is a place that I have often fantasized about being laid by a big cock like yours, lead me the way “I said.

Gina led me down near the lake where she leaned against a large rock .She placed her arms around my neck and spread her legs . It didn’t take long and she had her hand on my cock and started stroking it . She really started moaning when I slid my fingers inside to get wet.I wasn’t going to just fuck her I was going to show her a great fuck. The kind of fucking she would remember ,a big cock she has only dreamed about.I eventually pulled my fingers out of her rubbing them up to her breasts. I moved my cock that had gotten hard against but not in her pussy and held her tight to me.”These are perfect” I said, rubbing her nipples with the juices from her pussy.

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