Fucked my unusually aroused wife, I find my wife somewhat already full

I came home from work, to find a most unusual sight. My
wife, hair wet, obviously just out of the shower,
dressed only in her dressing gown, which was sticking
in all the right places.

She knew how to turn me on, and, sauntering up to me,
stroked my package gently through my trousers. In a few
seconds she had them off, and she kneeled down,
gripping my newly hard cock, long, thick and veiny,
with an engorged pink tip. She gently caressed my
balls, and returned to my cock, that after being
stroked lovingly but briefly, disappeared into between
her moist, brown lips.

After a minute of sheer pleasure, I began to speak,
eager to know what had made her so horny. She quickly
stood up, and put her finger to my mouth to shush me,
before my words were fully out.

Stepping back, leaning against a kitchen worktop, my
beautiful wife dropped her gown. Her breasts – the most
beautiful I had ever seen – were sexy and swollen, and
her pert nipples stood out in a display of sexual
eagerness. I glanced at my pussy. Her tuft of brown her
glistened with the water from the shower, but her pussy
glisten with another kind of moisture – the kind of
moisture only a woman’s pussy provides, for a man she
loves – or a man she is about to make love to.

My wife jumped up and sat back on the kitchen worktop,
and spread her legs wide open. I kissed her gently on
the mouth and, stroking her luscious breasts with my
hands, moving my tongue down to her hot brown nipples.

She moaned gently at the flick of my tongue, and
knowing what turned on my wife of ten years, I began to
move my tongue down her body, heading for that sexy
pussy that I could see glistening, dripping, in the
bright kitchen light.

My wife always liked my going down on her, and though I
rarely let her come from this, she almost never said
no. Today was an exception – heading for her pussy, she
grabbed my head tightly between her hands and drew my
face up to hers.

“No,” she said, “don’t lick me.” I felt her gentle
touch on my balls, then, running her hand up my shaft
with her fingers on either side, she grasped my cock
and pulled it towards her cunt. The tip of my cock
nestled just between her swollen pussy lips, which were
absolutely dripping wet, in a way I’d never felt
before. “Just fuck me, please, just fuck me now,” she

Unwilling and unable to resist such a command, I began
to slowly push my member into her mound. She was so
incredibly wet, so incredibly lubricated, that I
slipped in with no effort at all. Looking down, as I
watched the tip of my cock disappear and that veiny
thick shaft penetrate my beautiful wife, a small drip
of thick, white fluid appeared at the mouth of my
wife’s pussy, engorged with my shaft not quite half way

I froze, in shock, though my cock started twitching in
renewed erotic ecstasy. My pause was broken by my
wife’s gentle voice: “Fuck me, please. Fuck me now,”
she begged. I looked into her face, and saw a cool
expression, controlled, knowing exactly what it wanted.
“Give me your cock. Fuck me.”

I looked down, and began pushing my shaft slowly and
deeply into my wife’s tunnel. I could feel her pussy
was swollen, excited. The foreign cum that filled her
cunt oozed out and dripped on the floor as I pushed my
long shaft in deeper and deeper. In ten years, I had
never known her this aroused; she moaned gently as
every wrinkle of skin, every vein on my cock pushed
past her lips into that hot, swollen hole.

Gripping my shaft tight with her vagina, my wife
grasped by backside with her hands and pulled hard. She
grunted loudly as my cock penetrated her deeply. The
other man’s cum glistened on her pussy lips as I
withdrew my penis, and began the next stroke. My wife
jerked her hands again, and pulled me deeply inside
her. Looking up, I saw her staring into my eyes. “Fuck
me, cum in me,” she said, not begging this time, but

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