Fucked my elder sister Usha

Hi! My name is Hari and Iam from Chennai. This is my true story when I was at 18. I was horny boy, thinking about girls and sex all the time. I used to do all sort of pervert things, which 18 year boy could do like sneaking on girls and women around, trying to get glimpse of their luscious body. Making out what under garments they are wearing under their cloths, watching adult movies or blue films, Reading normal sex magazines like Paruvakaalam, Thiraichitra etc., I was lusting after matured woman, female teachers and girls walking on the street. I watched our neighbours women cleavage and thighs when they sweeping the outside of their home. I will masturbate every day thinking of the woman whom I saw their cleavage.

One time I got one hardcore sex stories magazine in Tamil language and read it. I found so many stories about sex relations between close relatives including brother-sister. My sexual feeling about my sister increased after that. I relieved myself saying that these types of sex relations do exist in the world that I’m not only one who thinks about own sister sexually. Our house was small so everybody sleeps together in the hall. I used to sleep with my sister in the floor mat and my dad and mother in the cot. I will sleep for long hours, after my parents woke up I get into cot and sleep.

One day I woke up then heard the noise of bureau. When I slightly opened to see whom it was, I was shocked to see my elder sister Usha covering her body in towel after bath. I was very nervous whether she will put a dress here and will get a chance to see my sister naked. She took her cloths off from her body and she was fully naked and I could see her full naked back body. Her buttocks was so nice and round in shape. Then I was trying to see her boobs. bad luck I could able to see her boobs only bulged when she tried to wore her panties by bending her. This time I couldn’t see her full boobs with nipple and her pussy. As usual she wore her skirt and shirt and gone away the room. By seeing my sister Usha in just bra and panties I was delighted what I saw. First I felt ashamed that I should not look at my own sister that way. But the fact that I never felt so much excitement and tingling sensation in my body before while watching her in half nude state.

I immediately moved to bathroom and played with my sister’s undergarments, dropping her panties over my cock and rubbing the bras over my face and body. I saw her bras size as 34. I cummed on her panties. Sometimes when I was alone in the house, I would find her used panties in the washing cloths, and sniffs them, that really made me wild. I would fantasise about touching her and fucking her and would bring myself to orgasm into her panties.

Then afterwards I started to watch my sister Usha interestedly. My sister Usha was six years older than my 18-year-age. She wasn’t like sex bomb or knockout figure. She was typical middle-class orthodox girl with attractive face. She had figure 34-32-36, which would defiantly drove, me crazy and caused me to masturbate every day. Living in same house with my sister gave me every other opportunity to explore my sexual feelings without knowing her.

For my sister I was a brother but for me she was sex goddess! Being her only kid brother, she loves me lot.

Since the bureau was in our bedroom I know that she has to wear the dress only here. My sister Usha was treating me like small boy so she never hesitated to change her cloths when Iam in sleep. Sister Usha never noticed that I am looking at her lustfully and I could boldly watch her sexy curves. The other day when I woke up early and came into bedroom after a walk I saw my sister trying to put a hook in her bra. I was aroused and when I pretend to go out keeping in my mind that she will scold me, she called me and asked to hook up her bra and button up her blouse at the back. Again, I went to bathroom and masturbated. I secretly watched her in her under garments and cleavage when she bends.

By :hari

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