Fucked My Elder Sister in Lockdown

My name is Nikhil and I’m 21 years old. I recently moved to Delhi to pursue career as an Investment Banker. As I’ve been doing good with the Company, I further requested the management to recruit my elder sister under the Company as well, as she has interest in fund management.

My sister is 25 and had been living in Doon with my parents until I called her here to pursue this job along with me.
It was December last year when I shifted here in Delhi and later in March I called my sister as well.
In March end the govt put Lockdown, glad that I had already stocked the 2 months ration.
First two weeks went normal as we would both exercise in the morning, then we would cook breakfast together, Netflix, video chat to our relatives & friends, etc. but later I began to feel urges as I’ve been fantasizing about my sister since teenage but never thought of bringing it to life until I got myself incredibly frank with her for a month now.

She now started to ask me to bring Sanitary pads and even she put her undergarments anywhere without any hesitation. The reason why I started to get arousals is that she grew her body parts in an excruciating way since teenage.

Now she doesn’t even wear bra inside her Tshirt as I could see her erect nipples through it. We’ve been sleeping on a same bed as my flat is 1bhk and there’s only one bed, but now it’s quite difficult for me to sleep as I get hard as soon as we lay beside each other, as I can see her erect nipples over her big and round boobs right next to me. After few more days I finally decided to fuck her. I decided to cook dinner for us and then left for shopping in the morning. I bought chicken and lots of garlic & ginger, as they help to build urges, and then I also decided to buy 2 Viagra pills. I returned to the flat where my sister was ready with the lunch and then we also watched a movie. Time passed and it was the time to prepare the meal. I cooked Chicken Peri Peri with lots of garlic, ginger & black pepper with some lemon rice.
We had our hot & spicy meal and later I prepared lemonade into which I dissolved the Viagra pills in both glasses. There was no change in taste and the lemonade tasted like normal lemonade.

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Viagra just over the most hot & spicy dinner, I was horny as hell just after 7-9 minutes. We didn’t watch any movie that night and headed towards the bed. My body began to sweat even though the fan was on, and when I looked at my sister, she was sweating too.
I didn’t want to sway the moment with any rubbish talk, so I just pushed myself extremely closed to her and spooned her, for which she suddenly turned around and started smooching me. The arousal and erection I felt at that moment was impetuous.
I never thought to bring my fantasy into life before.

I felt every single part of her mouth with my tongue. She cuddled me hard and we were in the same position for next 20-25 mins, as I didn’t want to hurry and wanted to make this night the most amusing one.
Then I got up and put off my Tshirt and my lower, and then I lifted her Tshirt a bit and licked her navel as I was going to do with her cunt.
I never had sex before and she neither as she never dated anyone in her life, so I wanted to give her the best of the best sexual experience and that’s why I decided to invest most of the time on foreplay. In past, I read many articles on clitoris, G-spot, breast and anal stimulation, etc so I knew how to satisfy her very well.

As I was licking & kissing her navel, she moaned immensely as she never felt the touch of a tongue there before. I filled her navel with my thick saliva and then removed her Tshirt. The view in front of me was the most amazing view I had seen till date. Two melons with firmly erect nipples right next to me for which I had been fantasizing all these years. I caressed them firmly and started sucking them like an infant, and then she moaned so good that my erection went out of this world. My dick was peeking out of the elastic of my boxers.
I kissed & sucked those beautiful boobs of my own beautiful sister for almost half an hour. I could hear her moan which was indicating the orgasm through stimulation.

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(My sister and I, both are hygiene freaks, so we shave our full body every week)
Then I lifted her arms and licked her armpit with the deepest part of my tongue out, on which she chuckled & moaned simultaneously. I did the same with her other armpit, which took me another 30 mins together.
Later, I finally removed her lower and there she was wearing purple undies which was quite tight on her figure but it also enhanced the hotness of her body. Everything was going extremely passionate as we weren’t talking but moaning.
I kissed her thighs and slowly removed her panties. Everything there was filled with the discharge by her vagina. I put my tongue there and licked & swallowed all the discharge which tasted incredible. As I wanted to eat more & more, I first gave her cunt a long stroke with my tongue, then I inserted my tongue inside her pussy & started moving my tongue up & down with my thumb over her clitoris and stroking firmly.
This time her moans grew extremely loud, making me horny like never before. My dick was discharging immensely too, but I wanted to give her the taste of it later as I couldn’t miss the delicious discharge by her pussy.

As soon as I ate all of it, I inserted my two mid fingers inside her cunt and firmly started to caress the upper wall of her vagina, this is where the G-spot lies. As I gave it the very first firm stroke, she got up and hugged me with a loud moan, but I didn’t stop as I knew that I just found the right spot to a woman’s orgasm and heart, respectively.

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As I was caressing more & more her G-spot, she grasped me tighter & tighter.
After few minutes and with several firm & gentle strokes, she achieved her best orgasm as even she didn’t know about the G-spot orgasm but only clitoris orgasm.

Suddenly she discharged heavily by her cunt onto my fingers, which I put into my mouth and swallowed all of it.
She came closer & kissed me while holding my dick in her hand, and few seconds later she pushed me backward and took my dick in her mouth, as now it was her time to taste the genital discharge.

She was sucking my dick and her left hand was squeezing my balls with the other hand caressing my thigh.
Couple of minutes later I stopped her and made her lay on the bed.
Though my dick is 6″, but this time it grew a bit bigger, maybe because I was about to fuck my dream body.
I put the tip of my dick on her cunt and slowly pushed it inside, with my fingers caressing her clitoris as this time I wanted to give her combo orgasm. (clitoris + G-spot)

In order to hit her G-spot with my penis, I leaned more over her so that my dick could rub the upper wall of her vagina.
I was rubbing her clitoris and G-spot simultaneously by which she grasped me tightly and finally spoke “Ohhh Nikha, fuck me yeahh. It’s the best night ever.”

Few minutes later I ejaculated all of my load inside her cunt and she achieved her second & combo orgasm. As I climaxed along with her, I thought it shouldn’t have been happened as it’s taboo, but then I looked at her and she was happy & satisfied, so who cares as long as it’s between the two of us only.30-40 minutes later we both were ready for the 2nd round and we went for it respectively. This time we didn’t repeat same tricks and positions, rather we tried Cowgirl as she liked to dominate this time. That night we slept 3:30AM.

After that intense night, we’ve been having the best nights as well as days sometimes, as we both have been doing Work from Home and that’s why we get some spare time in a day to squeeze some semen on each other, otherwise the night is all ours.

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