Fucked My Boss’s Wife

Hey guys I am back again with another true incident of mine. Last time I had written that I am dating a old school friend of mine and wish to make love to her. Though I am still not successful but an unexpected thing happened to me. I fucked my boss’s wife. Really life is full of mystery. I left my last job which was a big MNC and joined a small company with a better pay and better designation. Life was smooth as I was enjoying my higher designation and less people to handle as the company was small compared to my last one.

My boss (director of the company) is suffering from an injury while he was playing some outdoor games. Since then he told me to look after his business and generate as much as profit as I can and he will pay me a handsome amount apart from my salary. I was highly motivated and was giving my best shot. My boss comes at around 11 AM in the morning and leaves at around 5 PM. His driver brings food for him which is being prepared at his home and his house is not too far away from the office.

At times his wife comes in the car and gives his lunch though she has never got out of the car which made me think she was very orthodox though I haven’t seen her properly. My boss also feels women should not work and be at home as much as possible. Though my thought was opposite to his but I had to agree to his point as he was my boss.

One day my boss called me up and told me he cannot come to office as the pain has increased hence he called me to his house to give me some documents and discuss some official matters. I could not say no hence I went to his home and rang the bell. One lady opened the door with a smile. I asked if my boss is in to which she accompanied me to his room. Now the lady who opened was his wife and she was wearing a saree with jewelleries. I thought why does she need to wear those jewellery at home. Probably rich people have so much they need to wear to maintain a social status.

His wife is 5’2” tall with an average figure. She had big eyes and obviously I took a glance at her breasts which were not too huge and not too small. I could hardly make out how big her breasts were because of her jewellery. Till this time I had no bad intentions and neither I wanted to keep one as my job was much dearer to me at that time.

I went to my boss’s room and while we were discussing his servant came in with tea and snacks. My boss said he wants to make his wife one of the director’s of the company just on papers so he wanted me to get all the proceedings done through some trusted source. I obliged and said it will be done in a span of few days if all the necessary documents are ready. Then he called his wife and she came and sat beside my boss.

I said “Namaste Bhabi” to which she also responded in a polite way. Now I could make out she was not highly educated but belonged to a very rich class in her village. She had a pallu on her head and except for her face and feet every inch of her body was covered. She was good looking and she was 30 years old almost 10 years younger to my boss. She was very fair as she hardly went out in the sun. My boss took her signature in few documents and I left the place.

Trust me guys the entire night I was thinking about her and wanted to see her naked once atleast. I don’t know why I thought this because I haven’t seen anything of hers except for the face. Then I thought it can be a possibility that she might be sex starved because of her husband’s injury I am sure he cannot do anything. Still did not have the courage as to how to go about it after all she was my boss’s wife. After 10 days my boss told he is flying off to America for better treatment with his brother-in-law and asked me to look after everything.

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