Fucked hard by an Old Man while I was Crossdressed

Dear friends I have been reading mycdstories for 3 months now and I am a great fan of this site. I have therefore decided to narrate my own story which happened 4 yrs back when I was a 20 year old boy. It is a true story which I have kept a secret for all these years now. I don’t know how it all started but I am very fond of crossdressing since I was a 17 years old boy. I started with my moms nighties and eventually graduated to wearing saree , with bra blouse petty coat panty bindi bangles lipstick and last but not the least a female wig which I had bought from a drama dress supplier.

All this ofcourse when I was all alone as I had no guts to dress in public.
As soon as my mom and dad left for office I used to dress up elaborately and admire myself in mirror. I had this great feeling of a female trapped inside my male body.

To give you a small outline of my figure I am 5”7 in height, 32 waist 67 kgs fair and delicate.

I also mastered the art of cooking eventually and used to feel pleasure cooking food and snacks for myself. Basically it was the thrill of standing in kitchen and doing all feminine work. But I admit I never felt of having sex with a male all these years. I was very happy in my secret world enjoying the dressing all by myself.

It happened so that after my graduation exams my elder sister who is married and settled in Jaipur invited me to spend my vacations with them. I was thrilled as it meant lots of privacy to dress up as my sis and jeeja are both working and are out of house for whole day. I immediately told mom and dad that I am going to didi’s place for spending my vacation to which they readily agreed. I packed my bags but took care to carry only bra, panty and the long hair wig which I hide in my last rack of the bag.

I reached Jaipur after a full day journey and was greeted by my jeeju and didi on the statation. When I reached home I came to know that my didi’s sasur was also camping at their place which made me bit nervous as to my crossdressing plans. Her sasur was a 60 year old man retired as professor of chemistry from Kanpur who used to stay 3 months which each of his 3 sons since his wife died 10 yrs back.

I greeted him and my didi showed me my room I had a quick wash and joined all for a dinner. My didi told me that her sasur was a jovial man and asked me to be comfortable with him I as he was not typical fussy man.
Next day was Monday didi and jeeju left for office I got up late as usual and had my breakfast. Bauji as everybody referred him was reading news paper. I went to him and offered him coffee which he liked and asked where I learnt to make such a good coffee, I obviously could not tell me about my acquired culinary skills. He had the habit of going to town library at 10 am to refer research papers as he was of a scholarly bent.

I decided to grab this opportunity to dress my self as soon as he left. He left after having his coffee and said he will be back for a lunch by 2 am.
I imeeditely went to my sister’s wardrobe and picked up grey chiffon saree and a pink petticoat, and white blouse as I had brought a black bra. I went to the dressing table and put on the bra which was padded and my pink satin panty, and tied my petty coat then I wore the bouse and tied the long hair wig and started draping the saree, put on a light shade lipstick and some foundation and didi’s bangles and bindi .

I looked into the mirror and there I was looking stunning as usual in my fem avatar, I did a small walk in front of mirror like ladies swaying my hips while walking which I had mastered by now and adjusting my saree pallu to hide my cleavage.

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