All through my late teens and 20’s I was a bit of a rebel, which probably explains – at least in part – my appreciation and love for heavy metal music. I loved going to live concerts. The sound level, the heavy beat of the drums and base, the wicked guitar licks, the controlled chaos of the crowd……..it just seemed to get inside me and move through my like electricity.

In my early 30’s, I was working a steady job, had a serious boyfriend, and was mostly stable and even a bit traditional. But I still loved going to the occasional heavy metal concert whenever a good band came through town. Unfortunately, my boyfriend was more of a techno-music geek, so whenever I wanted to go to a metal concert, I had to make it a girl’s night out with my friend, Audrey. She was single, a couple years younger, and a bit wilder than I was, but she was a blast and we always had a rockin’ good time.

When I was about 32, a great heavy metal band came through town, so Audrey and I bought tickets to the show. That night we were both dressed to kill….Audrey was wearing a tube top summer dress, with a black and red design that looked like blood and knives. She has large, E-cup tits, which made a tube top a bit risqué, but it was right up her alley. She looked hot, and her unfettered boobs were bouncing and jiggling all night in her stretchy dress material. I wore a crop top with a heavy metal band logo on the front and spaghetti straps (so, no bra – which meant my D-cup tits were free to jiggle about, and my nipple bumps were clearly on display), along with a denim mini-skirt. I was looking pretty hot, too. Between the two of us, we turned a lot of heads that night.

The concert was an outdoor event at the base of a hill, with a lit stage for the band, plenty of flashing lights, pyrotechnics, huge video screens, and LOUD music. The audience was spread out on the hill, with blankets and towels laid out for sitting on, but for this concert everyone was standing, jumping and dancing throughout every song.

It was already getting dark by the time Audrey and I arrived. I knew that once the sun went down completely, the hillside would be covered in darkness, while the stage would be an explosion of illuminated chaos and music. Audrey and I picked our spot on the hill and laid out our blankets. The crowd on the hill got thicker as the concert time neared, and the two guys standing behind us – Wade and Gene – struck up a conversation with us while we waited. They were good looking guys, and seemed nice enough, so the four of us chatted while the opening band played some tunes. About 15 minutes before the headliners were to come on, I told Audrey I was going to get a beer from the concession stand, did she want one. She said she was fine, but Wade said he’d like one, so the two of us headed down the hill to the concession area.

By the time we returned with our beers, it was already dark, so we could only see about 3-4 feet in front of us. As we approached our spot on the hill, I could see that Audrey and Gene were locked in a tongue-filled kiss, and that Gene had already pulled her boobs out of the top of her tube top dress. He was massaging and squeezing them with one hand, while his other hand was grabbing her ass cheeks. Gene was a big guy…..Audrey’s arms were wrapped around his neck, and he was almost lifting her off the ground as he grabbed and pulled at her tits and ass.

This is right about when the headliner band came on stage and began to play. The crowd on the hill was on their feet, jumping up and down with arms flung into the air and heads bobbing to the raucous beat….Wade and I included. Audrey and Gene had broken their kiss, Audrey had turned around in front of Gene and both of them were jumping up and down with the rest of the crowd. It was kind of tough to see in the dark, but I noticed that Audrey had not put her tits back into her tube top when she turned around to start jumping up and down, and Gene had moved right up against her ass cheeks, with his hands reaching around to grab and pull on her bouncing tits.

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