fuck slave’s Day of Punishment

fuck slave had been doing a terrible job of pleasing me, her Master. I was trying to be patient, since she had never had a Master before, but after 2 months I had had enough. I called her and told her I would be at her place on Saturday at 3pm. I told her to be naked, have the ankle and wrist cuffs on and the highest heels she had. she was to be on her knees by the end of the coffee table that was in front of the door. she was not to move or speak until I told her too. I hung up without waiting for her to respond.

Saturday came and I got my bag of sex toys and bag of bondage items ready. I put a brand new tape in the camcorder. I put everything in the truck and drove over to fuck slave’s house. I parked in front and took 5 long deep breaths. I had to stay calm and in control. I grabbed my stuff and went to the door.

I opened the door and she was exactly as I had instructed her to be. I put the bags on the couch and set-up the camcorder on the tripod in front of the door. I turned on the camcorder and got one of the ropes out of the bag. I made a loop in one end and put it around her neck. I pulled the knot tightly against her throat. It caught her off guard and she gasped for air. She started to reach for the rope, but a slap across the face stopped her. “I told you not to move fuck slave.” I roughly pulled her to her feet by the rope. She now knew that I meant business and that she was in for some severe punishment.

I had her turn towards the coffee table, spread her legs and bend over so I could clip the wrist cuffs to the ankle cuffs. I took another rope and wrapped it around her leg and arm, from her wrist up to her knee. I did the same to the other leg and arm. I then tied her ankles to the legs of the coffee table. I had her lay her head on the table and turn her face towards the camcorder. I wrapped the rope around the coffee table and her neck until she could not move.

I grabbed her by the hair and said “What is going to happen today fuck slave?” she responded “i am going to be punished by my Master.” I asked “Why are you going to be punished?” she said “i have been a bad fuck slave and I have not been pleasing my Master.” I said “Why have you not been pleasing you’re Master?” She said “i have never been trained to please a Master.” I said “Well today is the first phase of the training you need.”

I took some pics of her. She looked so sexy bent over, her pussy and asshole in full view and begging to be fucked. I wanted good pics of her ass, to show how it looked through the different stages of the spanking she was going to receive.

I turned on the timer for 15 minutes and slowly began to spank her ass with my hand, alternating from one cheek to the other. I gradually began to spank her harder and faster. 10 minutes into the spanking, fuck slave said “Master please stop, i will not disobey you again.” I ignored her plea and continued to spank her ass. My hand was starting to hurt and she was beginning to cry when the timer went off. In the pics her ass was a light shade of pink and you could just make out my hand prints.

I got the paddle and held it in front of her face and said “This is what you are going to get for the next 15 minutes.” she said “Please Master i have learned my lesson, i will be a good fuck slave from now on.” I grabbed her by the hair and said “Bitch you are lying and I am not even half way done with your spanking.” With the paddle, I was able to hit her ass harder and faster. She was really crying now and sobbing. She said “Please Master, please stop. i promise to be a great fuck slave.” I said nothing and got into a good rhythm of hitting one ass cheek and then the other. She was getting so loud from crying, sobbing and begging me to stop that I had to turn on the radio so the neighbors would not hear. The timer went off and I took more pics of her ass. It was red now. She wiggled her ass as I rubbed it. I went to the kitchen and got a bowl of ice. I took a piece and rubbed it on her left cheek. It gradually melted. I repeated until I had melted 3 pieces on each cheek.

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