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HI there again, response to last story was good so it has encouraged me to right one more story, actually a real account of mine. Let me again tell you about myself, I am an engineer with athletic body. Let me tell you guys being engineer m good with measurements, I have seen ppl boasting about the size of their manhood, they should first go and check the scale how much is 1in. Mine is average size enough to bring women to tears while fucking.

Also I realized there are many fake stories that have started pouring in on ISS which used be platform for true experiences. Here I am sharing my true experience and so I will be giving enough background to story so be patient for real action.

Girls/ladies, who want a friend with a benefit so reach out to me. I am looking forward to your replies on chavat.notty@gmail.com
This had happened last year, with a friend whom I met on fb. She was dusky, had cat eyes, flat stomach and was bold. She had not too big not too small boobs.

While surfing on fb one day I came across this girl I liked her picture and sent her the friend request I was waiting for her acceptance for couple of days but she didn’t accept it. So I also ignored it. Life went on and I even forgot I had sent friends request one such girl.
One fine day, almost after few months, I received notification that girl had accepted my friends request; I was more surprised when she even replied to my message. We started chatting on fb, I learnt that she was heartbroken, she just had a breakup.

Literally, I had no intentions for her. We started chatting and within couple of days it turned naughty. Then I had this feeling in my mind that she could a good fuck buddy. Though, we had never talked about having sex, I found that she may not reject it.

I forgot to tell you we both were from different cities, I was working in one city and she used to study in city nearby.

One day we decided to meet up in her city. At that time I had no plans to fuck her it was just a casual meet. We met and drank till we were high. We took auto-rickshaw till her place, as we were high and had very good time while drinking we sat very close to each other, I even put my arm around her, and she was being cosy too. It was a great feeling being so close to a girl whom you had just met, I had hard-on n she too was aroused. Unfortunately there was lot of traffic on the road for us to explore each other sexually. Then I lighted the cigarette and we started smoking, to my utter surprise she asked me if I can do mouth to mouth smoking. As I was shocked and because of traffic and me being lil shy in the beginning refused the offer. Off course I cursed myself for it. This is how I missed first chance.
Our friendship grew after that but now naughty talks had reduced and the frequency of chats too. Sometimes we used to talk but limited to Hi Bye only.

One fine day she messaged me and said she has moved to my city, I was like WTF! Why didn’t you tell me you are coming. She: I have just moved yesterday.

This time I started making my plans I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. But things were not easy as they seemed.
She too was interested in meeting me again. So we decided to meet after my office but things had gone cold between us and I was finding it difficult to ignite that fine. From where shall I start!
We met once in my city she even came to my place but that didn’t turn into fucking session as conditions didn’t favor good fuck.
Then came the day, this time I planned in advance, we met, she came to my place again.

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