Fuck by my coworker boyfriend

My coworker invited me over to spend the weekend with her .The next morning her job called for her to come in to work which left her boyfriend and I home alone. I was lying down in my room watching tv of course I was butt naked with my legs spread wide open cause I knew he was peekin in my room so I started playing with my dildo finally he came in the room and said I been wanting to fuck you for the longest now that we’re alone let’s fuck he stick his finger inside my pussy and finger me for a while I opened the crack of his ass and stroll my tongue up and down his crack he ask what position u like I said 69 I’m on the bottom cause I wanted his 9 inch dick down my throat OMG he started pounding his cock in my mouth and I was sucking it all up I was trying not to make noise cause I didn’t want the neighbors to know I was fuckin my coworker boyfriend friend.we were moaning and groaning felt so good then he pulled me down to edge of the bed bend my legs over my head slide his juicy meaty dick inside me he stood up in it as he was pounding me so hard I couldn’t help but to scream it was feeling so good he kept pounding harder and harder . It was ass licking fuckin good. My coworker never find I was fuck by her boyfriend every now and then he comes to place when ever my coworker has to work double shift .him and I became secret fuck buddies.I love to fuck big cocks

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