FTM gets his holes fucked

His name was Paul. He replied to my craig’s list ad with a picture of his cock next to a shampoo bottle for comparison. His dick was bigger than the bottle, with a huge mushroom head. I wanted him immediately. I drove to his house, and he let me in. We sat on the sofa and made small talk, while he rubbed my pants leg with his big hand. I was a bit nervous, but horny as hell, so I was glad when he began undressing me.

With Paul’s encouragement, I removed my shirt, exposing my chest. Despite binding them flat under my clothes, my tits sprung out of my binder, perky and about a handful each. My nipples were already hard, and Paul leaned down and took one in his mouth, running his tongue across it. I caught my breath and he rolled my other nipple between his fingers for a moment before standing and removing his own shirt.

I watched him, eying the large bulge in his pants. He unzipped them and his pants fell to the floor. His boxers were tight over his erection. I stepped forward and slipped them down. His big cock stood straight out, just as big as the pictures had suggested. I got to my knees and ran my lips over the head, darting my tongue out to lick the slit at the tip and taste his precum that was already beginning to seep out. He leaned in, parting my lips with his cock and sliding it into my mouth. His cock head alone was a mouthful. I sucked on the big knob, savoring the hot flesh in my mouth as he began slowly pushing it in deeper. His cock hit the back of my throat, and I pushed forward, trying to get more of it into my mouth, swallowing and trying to suppress my gag reflex. Choking, I had to give up. He pulled me to my feet and unbuttoned my pants.

“Let’s see it,” he said, eying my crotch. I dropped my pants and he slipped his hand inside my boxers. His fingers slid down between my legs, feeling my wetness. He pushed me back toward the sofa, and I sat, removing my boxers and spreading my legs for him to see. My pussy was wet and swollen with arousal, and my little dick stood erect above it.

Paul got to his knees and took my cock into his mouth, sucking and salivating on it. He pulled away and blew on it, causing my whole body to tingle, then went down on me again, sliding his tongue inside my pussy and lapping up my juices. I moaned, spreading my legs wider. He ate me out, delving deep with his tongue, then sucking on my cock again until I was on the verge of cumming.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Paul suggested. I wanted him to fuck me then and there, but he pointed toward the bedroom, then followed along behind me. I walked to the edge of the bed, and he came up right behind me, and slipping a hand between my legs to caress my pussy. I pressed into his hand as he slid a finger up inside me, and fondled my tits with his other hand. His hand was soaked with my juices and he slid another finger inside my tight hole, starting to work it open in preparation for his huge cock.

Then he grabbed my shoulder and bent me over the bed. Getting on his knees again, he ate me out from behind, fucking me with his tongue until I was trembling. I nearly collapsed, and he pushed me on the bed on my hands and knees with my pussy still exposed to his hungry tongue. He got on the bed behind me and took his cock in his hand and rubbed the tip against my hard little cock. He began slowly humping against me, sliding our cocks across each other, and then he ran his up and placed the tip against my hot dripping hole.

“I brought condoms,” I said as he pressed his huge cock head against me.

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