Frustrated man finds a “damsel” in distress on his doorstep

It was after midnight on a Friday night, and I was in one of my really bad moods. It was hard enough finding a date with my stupid work schedule, but in this day and age, to find out at the end of an expensive dinner that your date had taken a damn purity vow, that was beyond the pale.

The dinner was nice, and all, but I kind of wished that a woman would give you some notice ahead of time that she wasn’t going to put out. I probably still would have taken her to dinner and all, but I just wouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. As it was, I was getting back to my apartment tired and horny. It was going to be a question of whether I had the energy to whack off before I fell asleep, ’cause if I didn’t, I was going to wake up in a much, much worse mood.

I came out of the elevator in my apartment building to the surprising sight of a willowy blonde in a scandalously short dress leaning against the door across the hall from mine. Her long hair was disheveled and she had her high heels in one hand, and she looked like she might be crying. I had to wonder what the hell that was all about… my neighbor Ron lived in that apartment, and he wasn’t the type to throw a lady out. Well, I don’t think he was, I never really talked to him more than to say “hi” and “be careful, the laundry room is flooded again.”

I might have been horny as hell and just about wiped out, but I wasn’t about to leave a crying woman out in the hallway all night… at least not without shutting her up. I was gonna have to get sleep sometime.

“Um, miss, is there something wrong?” I asked, halting my approach and trying to appear non-threatening. I also didn’t want a face full of pepper spray, if that was the mood she was in.

She turned towards me, and I was kind of surprised by how good her makeup still looked. It was a little smudged around the eyes, but that must have been some pretty heavy-duty professional mascara. Then there were the sultry red lips, the hint of blush, the smoky eye-shadow… all of which made it take me a few seconds to realize that the woman outside of Ron’s apartment was, in fact, Ron.

“Oh, Steve, I’m so glad you’re home!” he said, his voice a little high and tight. “I… I wasn’t planning on going out like this, but… I forgot my keys. I had a purse, but I forgot, and I had to get my mail…”

“Um, ok,” I said, grinning a little. A little weirdness can lighten up a bad evening, I guess. “Just went out to get your mail in five-inch pumps…”

Ron actually blushed and looked at the ground, and I caught myself thinking it was kind of cute. I pushed the thought out of my head, but the cuteness remained in front of me. “It was, you know, a little exciting,” he said. “Just step out and… look, I don’t do this kind of thing, all right? It’s just…”

“Well, you never gave me a spare key, but I can’t let you stand around out here all night,” I said. “Come on in, you can tell me about it over a beer.”

Ron smiled at me with nice teeth behind ruby red lips and my cock twitched a little. Inwardly, I shook my head and told myself that I wasn’t THAT horny. We went into my place and he sat down on my couch, rubbing his feet.

“I’ve been out there for hours,” he said. “My keys, my phone, everything right there on my coffee table.”

I threw my jacket on the back of my armchair and got us a couple of beers from the fridge. “Didn’t feel like going down to the manager’s office dressed like that?”

“Fuck no,” Ron said, as he took a beer. “He’d have his whole damn Bible study march up to my room and try to exorcise me, or something. I didn’t know WHAT I was gonna do.”

I nodded, sipping my beer. I sat down on the couch next to him, chuckling a little. “Yeah, judging by all the posters in his office, that would have been a bad scene. Definitely homophobic.”

Ron jumped a little. “But I’m not! I mean, I’m not gay.”

I looked at him, glancing down at the pretty red dress he was wearing. He sighed and took a long pull on his beer.

“I like the clothes, ok? I like how they feel, I like the makeup… it’s a turn-on. That’s it. I like girls, it’s just hard to find one that understands. Not gay.”

“I don’t think I get it,” I admitted, “but whatever you say. None of my business, right? You hungry? You’ve been standing in a hall all night.”

Ron seemed a little flustered, still blushing, and it still looked damn cute. He leaned back on the couch and held the cold beer can to his forehead. “I could eat… yeah. This has not been a good night.”

I got up and headed for the kitchenette. “Yeah, tell me about it,” I said. “If you can wait, I’ve got a frozen pizza here.”

“I can wait,” he replied from the couch. I fetched the pizza from the freezer and started the oven heating, figuring that tired or not, I was going to be up for a while. At least until we figured out how he was going to get back into his apartment.

“So, how about you? You’re getting in late… big night?”

I took another tug on my beer, and started thinking about a second one. “Yes and no,” I said. “Went on a date, it didn’t go anywhere. Ended up with a ‘just friends’ speech. Typical.”

“Happens,” said Ron. “Sorry… weird, bad night all around.”

I slid the pizza into the oven and set the timer. It was going to take a little while. I grabbed another couple of beers and went back to the couch.

“I guess you can borrow some of my stuff,” I said. “Clean up a little and go to the manager. I don’t think he’d give me your spare key.”

“Yeah, that’ll probably work,” Ron agreed, finishing his first beer. “Damn, it’ll have to be in the morning, though. He gets ten kinds of pissed when you call him this late.”

“I’ve got a couch,” I said. “No problem.”

He smiled at me with that red-lipped smile again, and popped his second beer. “Thanks, Steve, you’re a real lifesaver.”

He took another drink, then set the can down on the coffee table.

“Damn,” he said, holding his head. “Empty stomach… I need to slow down. Let me go clean up some…”

He stood up, but between the beer and the fatigue in his legs, he tumbled back onto the couch, landing right up against me. I caught him in one arm to prevent a more serious collision; I’d have used both hands, but I had a beer.

He felt nice. My hand closed on his bare arm, his silk-clad body pressed up against ne, and his pretty lips were just an inch from mine. His long blonde hair, even if it was a wig, tickled my face and my neck. It didn’t help that he smelled good, too… some kind of perfume that I’d never smelled before, and it did things to me.

He looked right into my eyes for a second, and it took a little longer for him to catch his breath. Then he was standing up again, blushing and nervous.

“Damn, Steve, sorry… I just lost my… it’s the beer, I think, and…”

Something inside me just kind of snapped. I couldn’t tell you what it was… I’m a nice guy, for the most part, and I try to be all “live and let live.” I needed something, though, and damn if it wasn’t right there in front of me.

I reached up and caught his wrist, and pulled Ron back onto the couch next to me. He gasped as I wrapped my arm around him again, and pulled him tight against me.

“Steve, wait, no,” he said, looking from my eyes down to my lips and back again. He had the nicest deep brown eyes. I set my beer down, and wrapped my other arm around him.

He put his hands on my chest and pushed, but I had at least six inches on him and outweighed him by a good fifty pounds. He had a figure that fit nicely into that dress.

“Hey, it’s ok,” I said. “Just relax, man. It’s ok.” I didn’t know what I was saying, really… anything that came to mind, anything that might calm him down or convince him to just go along. I wasn’t thinking.

I pulled him in and kissed him, and he struggled. Oh, man, he fought that; he pushed hard on my chest and kicked his legs up and tried to move his head out of the way, but I got a hand on the back of his hair and just held him for it. I kissed his lips and ran my tongue along them. He kept his mouth tightly closed, whining in protest. That was ok, because I liked the way his lips felt with the lipstick.

I pulled back slowly and he just looked at me, half angry and half scared as hell. It was a good look for him.

“I’m not like this,” he said, breathlessly. “I don’t do stuff with guys…”

“Neither do I,” I said. I took his right wrist and pulled his hand down to the front of my pants. He gasped a little as I ran his fingers up and down the outline of my rock-hard cock. “See what I came home with? And I was going to take care of it all by myself, but I’m not all by myself, right? So, I’m helping you out tonight, and you’re gonna help me, too.”

I released his wrist and he pulled his hand back to his own chest like I’d burned it. He looked up into my eyes, shaking his head.

“No, Steve, no I’m not going to do that. I’ll go back outside, I can do that… you can do whatever you want in here, I’ll just go…”

I slowly shook my head, looking into his eyes, as I unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants, and pulled down the zipper. He couldn’t stop staring down as I fished my cock out from my briefs; I was so fucking hard that it throbbed in my hand, the head dark with blood, the skin shiny from the tightness of it. I wouldn’t say that I was huge, but the way Ron looked down at my dick in fear, it sure felt massive.

“Please, don’t do this,” he said, as I took his wrist again. He resisted more, this time, but I slowly pulled his manicured hand down to my throbbing cock, and wrapped his fingers around it.

“Just help a dude out, man,” I said. “Come on, you know how this thing works. Just give me a hand, you know?” I forced his soft hand up and down on my raging cock, nice and slow. The feel of someone else’s skin on my dick was amazing; just what I’d been hoping for all night. He relaxed a little; not in control of the situation, but like he thought he could deal with it.

“Just this, right?” he said, his voice tight with fear. “I just do this, and then we’re done, ok?”

“Just finish me off,” I said, slowly releasing his wrist. His hand kept gliding up and down my dick, slowly stroking me nice and soft. He nodded, his breath seeming to come up a little short. His soft fingers lingered a little just under the head of my dick, then his fingertips teased the cleft of the head before he stroked back down to the base. He squeezed it tight, there, and then slowly brought it back up.

“That’s good,” I said. “That feels really good.”

“I… I’ve never done this before,” he said, eyes cast down. “Not to someone else.”

I kept an arm around him as he slowly jacked me off. It was turning into a good night after all. His soft hand rubbed me just right, like a guy knows how to do it. He teased the sensitive spot on the underside, just under the head. He played with my piss-hole just a little, then used the wetness that was forming there to stroke up and down the underside. He was starting to get into it, I could tell.

I kissed the side of his neck and he flinched, but he didn’t stop. I kept it up, nibbling at the sensitive skin under his ear, licking and sucking just a bit. I could hear him breathing hard, and he sped up his stroking. The room filled with the sound of his breathing and moaning, and the sound of his hand slapping against the base of my cock as he tugged on me.

I was more turned on than maybe ever. My hips started thrusting my dick up through his soft fist all on their own. I needed release, but not yet. I needed more.

I nibbled on his ear lobe and the flinching was gone.

“I want to feel your mouth on it,” I hissed in his ear.

“No,” he said, his voice soft. “I… I’m not going to do that. Just this, Steve. You said just this.”

“I said ‘finish me off,'” I replied. I sat back and tightened my grip around his shoulders, slowly pulling his head down to my lap. He stopped stroking me and put his hands on my thighs, trying to hold himself up. I put my other hand on the back of his head and got my back into it, causing his arms to buckle.

“I don’t want to do this,” he whimpered as his mouth got closer and closer to my dick. “Please, don’t make me do MMMMPHHH!”

Those ruby-red lips felt amazing sliding around the head of my cock. For a minute there, just a moment, I was afraid he was going to bite. Heck, I probably would have. Instead, he started to suck, whimpering and moaning in complaint, but taking my dick in his mouth anyway. I guess he figured I might hurt him if he tried anything like that. God as my witness, I couldn’t say that I wouldn’t have. I was a different person at the moment, and I didn’t care.

I pushed him down further on my cock, feeling the hot wetness of his mouth engulf me. His tongue dragged along the underside as I thrust up between his lips, and I tightened my grip on the back of his head.

I could have just pounded it deep into his throat a few times and probably cum really quick. This was not a time for cumming really quick. I wanted this thing to last. I made him slowly bob up and down on my raging cock, taking it in nice and slow and sliding back off of it just as slow. I let him off until only the head was in his mouth, then I pushed him back down ’til he had half of it.

He sounded like he was scared, like he didn’t want to be doing it. His wiggling tongue and sucking mouth said he was loving it, though. I loosened up my grip a little, and he kept going, his head bobbing up and down in the speed and rhythm that I’d set for him. He was being a good little cocksucker, even if he wasn’t taking more than half.

It was a blowjob, and it was a good one, but it was a tease. I could have sped it up; I could have forced it in deeper or made him suck me faster, but I kind of wanted to be teased. I wanted it to take away every last bit of control. I knew where this was going, even if he didn’t.

After a few minutes of slow “forced” head, I pulled his mouth off of my cock and looked him in the eyes.

He knew. He knew why I made him stop sucking me before I could cum. He knew what I wanted, and he was afraid. I stood up, pulling off my shirt.

“No,” he said, looking around the room. He was trapped, and looking for an escape, and it made me want him even more. He tried to stand up again, and I pushed him back down onto the couch. He couldn’t get enough leverage to get past me.

I dropped my pants and kicked them off, and he pressed himself tightly to the back to the couch, trying to get as far away from me as he could.

“You can’t do this… you’re not like this, Steve, you’re my nice neighbor…”

I grabbed one of his bare shoulders in my meaty hand and I pulled and twisted and laid him out on the couch, face down. He shrieked a little as I got on top of him. He may have realized that there was nothing he could say that was going to stop this from happening.

I wrapped one hand around his mouth to keep him quiet, and with the other I lifted the hem of his little red dress. He was wearing a sexy red thong that matched the dress… it wasn’t covering much. He had a surprisingly nice ass, which I fondled for a minute as I pulled the thong out of my way.

He struggled, he kicked, he tried to push himself up against my weight. I got my knee between his thighs and leveraged them apart, settling down between his legs. I wasn’t thinking, not at all. It was all raw emotion and want and need.

I’d never done this to anyone… not a woman, not a man… but I wanted it so badly that it made my teeth pound with my pulse.

Feeling his soft body under me, I guided the spit-slick head of my throbbing cock to his tight little asshole. He screamed into my hand, trying to shake his head against my grip. He didn’t want this, not one little bit, and I didn’t care.

I could feel him clenching his entire body, trying to keep me out of him. Again, I’d have done the same, but I was the one on top. I let my weight come down on my hips, and I groaned loudly as I felt his anus part to accept the head of my cock.

He screamed in a higher pitch, his whole body trembling against me as I slowly forced it in, an inch at a time. It was the hottest, tightest thing I’d ever had my cock in; it hurt a little. It squeezed a bit too tight, there was just a bit too much friction. It felt SO goddamn good, though; not just the penetration, although that was amazing. I was taking him. It made me feel strong and powerful. I could feel hot tears running down my hand over his mouth, and it only made me need more.

I sank my whole length up his tight, resisting ass, my balls resting against his. I could feel his pulse as it squeezed down on me, again and again, and he was muttering something behind my hand. Slowly, I pulled back out, then I slammed myself down again.

I don’t know what kind of sex I’d been expecting this night, but I had me some deep, hard anal and nothing else would ever be as good. I fucked Ron’s tight ass with all the desperation and need that I’d held back while he was sucking me, slamming my hips into his butt with loud slaps that filled the room and drowned out his mewling.

After a few minutes, he stopped fighting it and just laid there, taking my hard cock deep in his hole with only the occasional yelp or squeal. A little after that, I could feel him start to push back at me.

I was force-fucking my next-door neighbor, and he was fucking me back.

I got lost in the act and released his mouth so I could brace both hands on the couch for support. He wasn’t complaining any more… he was moaning and gasping the way I’d always wanted to make a woman sound, and it got to me.

He suddenly went taut under me and hissed “God… I’m CUMMING…” and I could feel his ass squeeze down on me in a fluttering, trembling spasm. It was everything I needed. I felt my balls pulse HARD and with a roar, I filled his bowels with hot, sticky cum; as much as I had ever shot, and maybe more. I pumped him hard for another minute, gradually slowing, to let his quivering anal ring milk out every last drop of my semen.

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