Frustrated man finds a “damsel” in distress on his doorstep

It was after midnight on a Friday night, and I was in one of my really bad moods. It was hard enough finding a date with my stupid work schedule, but in this day and age, to find out at the end of an expensive dinner that your date had taken a damn purity vow, that was beyond the pale.

The dinner was nice, and all, but I kind of wished that a woman would give you some notice ahead of time that she wasn’t going to put out. I probably still would have taken her to dinner and all, but I just wouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. As it was, I was getting back to my apartment tired and horny. It was going to be a question of whether I had the energy to whack off before I fell asleep, ’cause if I didn’t, I was going to wake up in a much, much worse mood.

I came out of the elevator in my apartment building to the surprising sight of a willowy blonde in a scandalously short dress leaning against the door across the hall from mine. Her long hair was disheveled and she had her high heels in one hand, and she looked like she might be crying. I had to wonder what the hell that was all about… my neighbor Ron lived in that apartment, and he wasn’t the type to throw a lady out. Well, I don’t think he was, I never really talked to him more than to say “hi” and “be careful, the laundry room is flooded again.”

I might have been horny as hell and just about wiped out, but I wasn’t about to leave a crying woman out in the hallway all night… at least not without shutting her up. I was gonna have to get sleep sometime.

“Um, miss, is there something wrong?” I asked, halting my approach and trying to appear non-threatening. I also didn’t want a face full of pepper spray, if that was the mood she was in.

She turned towards me, and I was kind of surprised by how good her makeup still looked. It was a little smudged around the eyes, but that must have been some pretty heavy-duty professional mascara. Then there were the sultry red lips, the hint of blush, the smoky eye-shadow… all of which made it take me a few seconds to realize that the woman outside of Ron’s apartment was, in fact, Ron.

“Oh, Steve, I’m so glad you’re home!” he said, his voice a little high and tight. “I… I wasn’t planning on going out like this, but… I forgot my keys. I had a purse, but I forgot, and I had to get my mail…”

“Um, ok,” I said, grinning a little. A little weirdness can lighten up a bad evening, I guess. “Just went out to get your mail in five-inch pumps…”

Ron actually blushed and looked at the ground, and I caught myself thinking it was kind of cute. I pushed the thought out of my head, but the cuteness remained in front of me. “It was, you know, a little exciting,” he said. “Just step out and… look, I don’t do this kind of thing, all right? It’s just…”

“Well, you never gave me a spare key, but I can’t let you stand around out here all night,” I said. “Come on in, you can tell me about it over a beer.”

Ron smiled at me with nice teeth behind ruby red lips and my cock twitched a little. Inwardly, I shook my head and told myself that I wasn’t THAT horny. We went into my place and he sat down on my couch, rubbing his feet.

“I’ve been out there for hours,” he said. “My keys, my phone, everything right there on my coffee table.”

I threw my jacket on the back of my armchair and got us a couple of beers from the fridge. “Didn’t feel like going down to the manager’s office dressed like that?”

“Fuck no,” Ron said, as he took a beer. “He’d have his whole damn Bible study march up to my room and try to exorcise me, or something. I didn’t know WHAT I was gonna do.”

By :Dracthyus

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