Fringe Benefits Of The Job

Janet works as a maid at the Lexington beach hotel, the pay is good and the view is spectacular. The hotel sits on the coast and most of the rooms open right onto the beach. The sea air was an aphodisiac for most people which kept things around the hotel interesting. She loved the place, the people and the fact it fed one of her most erotic fetishes.

The hotel had plenty rooms and each of the equipped with large screen televisions. With the latest movie selection, especially the XXX rated kind. One of her favorite pleasure was to sneak off to one of the empty rooms. Turn on one of triple X rated movies and finger her self to climax.

On this day as she went about her cleaning the sea air was working on her. Her kitty was tingling while she went about her work. She couldn’t wait until she could go off to one of the rooms and orgasm all over her fingers. Janet could hardly think of anything ,but, to watch a nasty fuck flick and play with her pussy.

My name is Rafel Beck and I have an reservation. Just one moment sir, the clerk told him. Yes, I have your reservation. But, we don’t allow check in until three, Mr. Beck. Rafel looked at his watch which read ten after one. He dropped his head and turned to walk away. The clerk saw this and told him he had a room available. It was an up grade and would he like it.

Rafel walked into his room. It was fantastic, big bed, large TV and two huge glass doors that open up to the beach. He was there for a much needed rest. He was there to relax and work on his up coming book. He sighed when the sea air hit his face. He stood there in the breeze with his eyes closed enjoying the feeling.

Once his mind was clear, he went back into the room. He began to unpack, get everything situated and started to freshen up. He went into the spacious bathroom pulled off his shirt, through a face towel in the sink and turned on the water. He splashed his face and enjoyed the coolness. Maybe that’s why he didn’t hear the knock at the door or the maid enter.

Janet was finally done and went to find a room she had not masturbated in yet. She knocked to make sure no one was in there. She peaked in, no answer the bathroom door was closed. But, all she had on her mind was to watch some big dick man fuck a hot pussy. While she spread her thighs, open her blouse, pull her panties to the side while she rub, caress, stroke her clit and nipples.

She choose a movie called Black Dicks for White Chicks. The movie was picking up steam as a big dick black man guided his cock towards a wet, tight,white pussy. When the head of his hard dick parted the soft pussy lips. Janet gasped as her second finger sank into her sopping pussy. Her juices were flowing, her body on fire as she watched the dark steel sink into the light mound.

Rafel thought he heard something, he turned off the water. Nothing, as he dried the upper part of his body. Taking out some coco butter, deodorant and hair balm. He began to apply these things. He was in no rush and enjoyed the way he was pampering him self. That’s when he heard the T.V.

Rafel’s couldn’t believe what he saw. Peaking through a cracked door his penis grew as his eyes drank in the action. He was amazed at this hot woman lying on his bed pleasing her pussy. The care and precise movements of her hands as they massaged, stroked and caressed. He couldn’t remember ever seeing anything so, erotic. The intensity on her face let him know she was nearing climax.

Janet’s muscles contracted her moans became severe while her two fingers pumped her hole. Her body tremble as the pleasure ran through her. She pushed her fingers deep just as the dick on the screen slammed into the hot pussy. Her fingers were being sucked in by her hungry twat. That was creaming on them as her orgasm was reaching it’s peak.

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