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We have known Linda and Martin for a number of years and were invited to their anniversary party at their house a few weeks back. We had a great evening and more than a few drinks were consumed. As the evening, more correctly early morning, was starting to wind down I went to go for a pee but someone was in the downstairs toilet. Having tried another 2 or 3 times with the same problem, I seriously wondered if someone had fallen asleep in there. I found Martin in the kitchen and he suggested using the upstairs toilet. As I reached the top of the stairs I realised I had no idea where the upstairs toilet was. The first door was open and clearly a bedroom. The second door was slightly open, I could see a bed and a dim light on. As I went to walk on I noticed a shape on the bed, someone was having a lie down. In the dim light I could see a very shapely pair of legs, with a dress having ridden up to show a little glimpse of arse cheek. I pushed the door open a little more to get a better look and realised it was Linda. Having a good look I thought Martin is one lucky man. Realising I had been looking for a while I thought I had better move on and find the toilet. Two doors later I had finally found the toilet. As I stood there having a pee all I could think about was Linda on the bed and before long I had finished my pee and was slowly stroking my now hard cock. Coming back to my senses I put my cock back in my pants and started to make my way back to the stairs.

As I past the bedroom I could not resist another look. I was not sure if I was imagining it but I was sure Linda had moved a little and parted her legs. All I could think of was stroking her legs and slowly rubbing her pussy. Lust clearly got the better of my drunk mind as I walked towards the bed. The sight of her skimpy white knickers over her lovely shapely arse was almost to much. With lust controlling me my hands were soon rubbing her thighs and arse cheeks. I bent down and kissed her sexy arse, god she even tasted nice. Fortunately before I got to carried away or Linda woke up, the sensible part of my mind kicked in. Almost in a panic I quickly left the bedroom and went back down stairs.

I could hardly think about anything else on the way home or as I was trying to go to sleep that night. I woke up with a bit of a hang over the following day so I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and something for my head. As I stood by the sink I started to think it must have been a drunken very sexy dream. Thinking about Linda I had not heard my wife come in, as she came up behind me and put her arms around me it made me jump. Her hand getting knocked against my hard cock. “Some one has been having naughty thoughts” she said with cheeky smile “Would seem a shame not to make use of it”. My phone then bleeped with a message as I went to get it off the worktop my wife said “Make sure that is still hard and be up stairs in two minutes”. I opened the message as she walked past, it was from Linda and read “You should not start what you cant finish. Now you have to pay the price”. Confused I just replied with a question mark. My phone went off again, “You are going to do what you are told, or Jo gets to see the video”. I was struggling to understand what she meant when my phone when off again, this time with a video clip, as I waited for it to play my hand start shaking. Fuck I nearly said out load, it was me touching up Linda last night, with a message “It was a trap, be at ours tomorrow at 8pm”. As I stood there not knowing what to do, I heard a banging on the floor. As I walked up stairs all I could think of was the video playing. I walked into the bedroom “Good it is still hard” Jo said laying on the bed, naked with her hand between her legs.

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