Friends taken advantage of my wife

Dal, Laurie & myself had been at the pub for a while & quite a few beers had been put away when the barman called last drinks. I told the guys I would see if my wife, Sam, would come get us & drop them at home.

Sam pulls up out the front & I go out to see her & ask if she would give the guys a lift home. She says, but look what I’m wearing, I was only expecting you. Sam was only wearing one of my long white singlets with the big arm holes, so a lot of side boob could be seen. I told her not to worry & they won’t care.

The guys came out got in the back seat but not before they caught a glimpse of Sam in the revealing singlet. They said their hello’s & Sam drove off. On the way we were talking about our night & we were bummed that our night was cut short. Then Dal piped up & said well why don’t we just go back to your place & keep the drinks flowing & he asked Sam what she thought about that. Sam replied that she didn’t care because she was going to bed anyway. Dal scooted forward on the back seat & leant on the back of Sam’s drivers seat & started to rib her about being a party pooper & said he would love to see her in that singlet serving us beers. Sam wasn’t having any of it & told him to be quiet because he was drunk.

Yes it was true, we were pretty drunk. Anyway Dal was still antagonising Sam & was playing with her hair to stir her even more. I then saw Sam flinch & looked at her & could see Dal’s fingers caressing her sideboob. Sam was asking him to stop teasing her so she can concentrate on driving. I then saw movement at the front & he had his hand inside the singlet & groping her boob & then pinching her nipple. Dal continued to stir her up & manhandle her boob. Sam was trying her hardest to move away but couldn’t without letting on that he was groping her.

We arrived home headed inside, I could see the guys eyeing Sam off & I couldn’t blame them, she looked pretty hot in that long singlet, showing off a very perky set of D cups. It wasn’t last as she returned from kitchen & brought us out a beer each & said she was off to bed.

So here we were, sitting on the back porch talking shit & drinking more beers & I soon started to get really tired & feeling the effects of a big session. I could here Dal & Laurie talking & realised they were talking about how hot Sam looked in her singlet & heard Dal tell Laurie that he was playing with her boob in the car & it was awesome.

I took a glance at the clock & it was close to 2am. I then glanced at the clock again & it was 2.20am, I had passed out & noticed the Dal & Laurie had gone. They must’ve just thought they’d go home. I was feeling quite crook so I dragged myself up & headed around the side of the house to throw up & try to feel better.

I lifted my head & wiped my mouth clean & heard a shriek coming from the bedroom which was just in front of me, so I took a look through the Window & seen Sam on all fours on the bed, Laurie was underneath fucking up into her pussy & sucking on her tits as Dal was behind her fucking her in the arse.

Dal had a hold of her hips & was banging her hard, pulling almost all the way out & ramming his cock back into her arse as far as he could get it. Laurie was mauling her tits as he rammed his cock into her. Sam was just moaning & groaning as my 2 friends fucked her in both her holes as they thought I was out for the count.

I was glued to my bedroom Window, mesmerised by what I was witnessing when Dal says “this’ll teach you a lesson, coming outside to check on us wearing that sexy flimsy singlet & making us horny. You didn’t seem to hesitate to suck our cocks & let Laurie & me blow our loads on your face in front of your passed out husband.”

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