Friends Island

Dozens of young girls are kidnapped and taken to a
secret island. There, four cruel men torment, torture
and rape their young captives. (M+/f+teens, nc, rp, v,


They were four friends for many years. Close friends
with a shared interest � terrorizing and raping teenage

Each of the Friends was fabulously wealthy,
billionaires. Each has a family, a normal home life and
each administered their own business empires. However,
a few times a year they left their families for a week
long business trip. The ‘business trip’ was in fact a
rendezvous at a remote private island, owned and
operated by the Friends.

The visit to the island would often be for about 2
weeks. On alternating days they either devote their
time to committing horrors on groups of victims, or,
relax with golf, swimming, and tennis. They counted
their days by the sessions spent in the cruel seraglio.
This visit was planned for 5 days of terror.

Developed gradually over the past several years the
Island was a complex of building and support services
designed solely for the pleasure of the Friends. There
were well appointed living and dining facilities for
the Friends. But most importantly, it had an induction
processing facility, holding cells, class rooms,
athletic facilities and an entertainment center. This
entire complex was designed to facilitate the ravaging
and sexual training of their captives.

The girls were kidnapped from across the country and
transported to the Island by trusted agents. The
Friends paid well for the girls but their standards
were high. All girls had to be between 11 and 16. All
had to be pure and innocent of all sexual experience.
Sensitive, shy and timid girls were valued over self
confident and assertive ones. It was important that the
recruits have high standards for personal grooming and

Variety was valued, so there was always an full
selection of girls – blonds and, brunettes; blue eyes
and brown; tall and short. They liked nubile girls with
fully developed figures � firm breasts, round inviting
hips. They also liked girls who were just starting to
develop – slim with small perky breasts and a boyish
butt. And they liked everything in between.

The Friends:
* Mack � a 6’4″ brute. A body builder with massive
biceps, triceps, pecks and prick. To his friends Mack
was charming. To his victims he was brutal. Mack was
the official host of this rendezvous.
* Buster � short and stocky he had a thick member that
was the nightmare of any virgin.
* Dick � a former football linebacker. A hulking man,
big in every department. A black man he particularly
savored the young innocent white girls.
* Simon � thin and pale. He had a scary look, almost
gaunt. The most sadistic of the group the Friends loved
him for boundless cruelty.

The Victims:
* About 50 of the sweetest, prettiest and most innocent
virgins a fortune could procure. Snatched from homes
and schools they were quickly transported to the
Island. Once there they were kept clean, nourished and
sedated. When called for by the Friends they were taken
to where they were needed and gently awakened. The
shock was always overwhelming.
* After the festivities the girls were given medical
treatment, some training and time to recover. They were
then disposed of in the various slave markets around
the world. The girls were sold for whatever price their
condition could command. Since many victims were
psychologically or physically mutilated they brought a
low price. But this was not about money for the Friends
had all they could ever use.
* The Friends had no particular desire to murder. That
would only prematurely end suffering. On the other
hand, the treatment could be very rough and it was
understood that a certain number of victims would not
survive. Sometimes a gruesome murder was needed to make
a point to a group of girls. But most survived to face
a lifetime of demeaning slavery.

The Support Staff:
* It took a good support staff to make this possible.
There were procurers and transport agents. Once on the
Island staff was needed to tend to the girls. They
needed nourishment, wardrobe and sometimes cleaning.
There was an infirmary that cared for girls who were
injured by the Friends. Nearly all would need the
* The support staff responsible for most of the
supervision and care of the girls were called Keepers.
There were also dressers, bathers, medical staff, etc
* The Friends found that gay men and older women made
the best Support Staff. While these men were generally
as cruel and intimidating as the Friends, they had no
sexual interest in the girls. This guaranteed that the
meat would be kept fresh. To meet the staffs’ needs a
batch a young boys was also procured.

Day One – Induction

The victims

Elle 16, Kallie14, Karen 15, sisters Sue 14 and little
Becky 12.

The first day started a bit late in the afternoon.
After the last of he Friends arrived and exchanged
pleasantries they moved to the Induction Center to meet
the first batch of girls. The girls were generally
introduced to the Friends in groups of 5 or 6. This
session served to introduce the girls to their new
masters and to allow the Friends to relaxing and

Mack opened the session, “My friends, we have a great
batch of girls this time. I’ve never seen such a
collection of beauty and innocence at any of our
functions. We have several sister pairs and one group
of three sisters, one lovelier than the next. But, let
me introduce you to the first group.”

The Induction Center was a large room with a semi-
circle of poles fastened to the floor. The teenagers
were secured to each of 5 poles by a collar around the
neck. Each had her hands cuffed behind her back. They
were in a state of shock having become conscious in a
cell. Their calls for help ignored. Then roughly
dragged by uncaring Keepers into this room and tethered
to a pole. There was a clamor of crying and begging.

“Quiet, you sorry bitches!” boomed Mack. “Quiet or
you’ll be whipped!” yelled Mack as he menaced them with
a thick leather strap. “You are our captives! We will
not tolerate questions! We will not stand for your
talk! If you hope to live through the next few days,
you better remain silent.”

And things did quiet down to sobbing and whimpering.
“Gentlemen, have you ever seen a sweeter group of
girls? Let me introduce you to our newest playthings.”

Mack walked over to lovely 16 year old, her cheeks
smeared with tears, “This is Ellie. She’s from Chicago.
We found her in a Catholic school for girls, one of
their top students.” Wearing her school uniform, Elle
was 5’2″, trim, with dark hair. She had firm full
breasts and a great figure. Mack took her cheeks
between his thumb and for fingers and turned her head
up to face him, “Elle, I am Mack and these are my
friends. Do you have any idea why you are here?”

“Mister, I don’t belong here. Please let me go home.

Mack gripped her cheeks tight so that it hurt. “Owwww,”
whined Elle as she tried to twist away.

Mack hauled back and slapped her, “We are not here to
listen to your begging.” She slumped to the floor, face
down sobbing.

Buster went over to a terrified 14 year old. “Who is
this beauty, Mack?” At 5’8″ the trembling teen was the
same height as Buster, but less than half his weight.

“This girl is Kallie. She’s 14 and comes from a wealthy
family in Atlanta. You’re a sophomore at the high
school, right Kallie?”

“I don’t belong here, Mister. You can’t hold me like
this! My father will get you…” She just got the words
out as Buster punched her in the mouth. All four men
closed in on her and stripped her clothes as they
dragged her to the platform in the center of the
circle. Kallie screamed and cursed like a banshee. They
re-cuffed her hands in front of her and stung her up
from a hook in the ceiling.

Arms stretched painfully overhead just her tip-toes
touched the platform. Except for her frilly little
panties she was naked. Her petite but firm breasts
pulled high on her chest by her up stretched arms. A
very erotic sight.

With no further comment or ceremony each of the Friends
took a heavy leather strap and began to lash the
screaming girl’s back and breasts. Her titties bounced
violently with every lash. Soon her back was chris-
crossed with ugly bleeding welts. Cuts and bruises
disfigured her tits. The men paused to rest their arms
while 14 year old Kallie moaned and twisted in pain.

Turning to the other girls grim Simon reminded them,
“Mack told you bitches to keep quiet. Kallie’s
punishment is not done. You will all be whipped like
this if you cross us.” The girls were wide-eyed, and
choking with sobs. Simon’s morose warning sent chills
through their bodies. “Kallie we are not done with

“No, please. Noooo…” Simon ripped off her little
panties and stared at her fur covered mound. “NO!
Please!!” He then started lashing her pubic mound.
Kallie’s wails were heart wrenching. With a smile the
other Friends stepped up and aimed their blows at her
ass and thighs. They whipped unmercifully.

Soon the lower half of her body was shredded. Her wails
were reduced to low guttural moans. The Friends arms
finally tired. They cut her down and carried her to a
table. Young old Kallie was laid on her back. Mack held
her arms and Butch and Simon each took a leg. “Buster,
I think you should take the honors. You had your eye on

Buster grinned and quickly dropped his pants. He had a
particularly thick prick. It was stiff and ready to de-
flower the 14 year old. Butch and Simon hauled her legs
painfully apart. Buster licked his middle finger and
roughly caressed the teen’s slit. “Noooo…
Pleeease…” Kallie’s voice was pained but it had
become small and quiet. The finger rubbed her clit till
it became raw. Then he moved into her pussy feeling its
soft walls and scratching with his nail. Kallie’s body
was in such pain that this rough probing drew only
faint grunts.

Buster tired of the foreplay and lined up his hard dick
with the 14 year old’s sore pussy. He grabbed her tits
and with a brutal shove he drove into the virgin hole.
“Ughhhhh… No! Please noooooo!” Kallie’s attention was
focused on the new source of pain. Buster sawed in and
out, delighting in the excruciating pain he was
causing. Kallie tried to twist and turn, but this only
hightened Buster’s pleasure. What started as a dry fuck
now started to lubricate with the blood oozing from the
girl’s raw vagina.

Buster made the rape last as long as he could, but
finally the incredibly tight pussy caused him to cum to
erupt in a gush of pleasure. He collapsed on the 14
year old while cum/blood mixture oozed out of her sore
pussy and down her ass crack to make a puddle on the
table. His buddies slapped him on the back, “you are a

Simon whispered in her ear, “We are not done with you

The Friends turned to the other girls to measure their
reaction. Apparently the episode made quite a reaction.
The four girls were totally terrorized. Two of the
girls had pissed their pants and were standing in
puddles. All were sobbing uncontrollably. Elle was
still on the floor where Mack had thrown her wailing

Mack’s loud voice shouted over the noise, “We made
Kallie suffer so that you could understand that this is
very serious business. You are not leaving here. No one
is coming to save you. No one can find you here. You do
what we say and hope that if you please us we will let
you live. Be sure of one thing, you are never seeing
your family again. This is your life!”

The sobbing and crying grew louder and the men
congratulated each other on the fine job they had done
terrorizing the teens. Having started some business
with Elle, and feeling his cum backing up to his
eyeballs, Mack decided to break the girl in. As he
approached her with his cock engorged, young Elle tried
to crawl away from the menacing giant. She frantically
scraped her nails on the floor trying to escape. But
she was tethered to a strong pole and going no where.

Mack grabbed her by the hair and stood her up with one
hand and slapped her face back and forth with the
other. He un-tethered her, kicked her feet out from
under her and dragged the 16 year old to the table by
her hair. Kallie was shoved off the table onto the
floor to make room for Elle. Three of the Friends
grabbed Elle by the arms and legs and splayed her out
on the table. They did not even bother to strip her.

Mack ripped the panties off the screaming girl. He spit
in his hand, rubbed it on his cock head and started a
brutal penetration. His big hands had a good grip on
her hips and he pulled and shoved over and over again.
Blood flowed from the virgin pussy and soon Mack
reached the point of crisis. “I am going to cum.
Someone bite her tits!” With a broad toothy smile Dick
leaned over and took one of her sensitive nipples
between his teeth. He bit till he tasted blood. The 16
year old’s screams became more shrilled. Mack’s pace
picked up and then he exploded with a gush of sperm.

It took him a minute to recover. “Dick, Simon, this
child has another virgin hole. Can I interest either of
you?” Simon deferred and Dick was only too happy to
accommodate. They flipped the poor girl over on her
stomach. She had quieted down somewhat. Dick pried the
ass cheeks apart with this fingers and contemplated the
puckered anus briefly. He pushed a finger in and probed
around. This brought moans of pain from the girl.

“This baby is tight! I’ll tear myself up if I push in
there without some grease!” Dick had a very thick long
dick, and thus was aptly named. The member was big
enough to make his friends shudder. Some KY jelly was
produced, the 16 year old was lubed and Dick went to
work. He tore the little anus getting in. God knows
what damage he did inside. The screams became shrilled
again. He pounded away, his balls slapping against
Elle’s asscheeks for many long minutes. But the tight
anus finally squeezed the cum out of him in a small

“Simon, you should relieve yourself. You want seconds
with Elle? Or there’s still three pieces of fresh
meat,” offered Mack. Simon approached the three
untouched girls and considered each in turn. Karen was
a 15 year old with short blond hair. He felt her perky
little titties though her blouse. Simon licked at the
tears streamed down her face. But he moved on to Sue
and Becky. They were sisters from a loving home in
rural Kansas. Their father was a pastor and their
mother a loving full time parent. They were snatched
while waiting for their school bus. Sue was 14 and her
little sister just 12. Simon felt them up through their
clothes while licking their tears. He put his hand in
little Becky’s panties and gently caressed her bald

“I think I’ll wait till dinner. Little Becky should
make a delicious desert.” Simon was a master of self
control. Little Becky passed out.

Mack summons some Keepers and gave instructions, “This
was a great group of girls. You guys always do good
work. Take this bag of bones to the infirmary.” He said
as he gave Kallie a hard kick to a breast. But she was
unconscious and probably felt nothing. “I am sure you
can patch her up. One of our Arab friends will take
her. These four girls will be joining us for dinner. I
think Elle will make a good center piece,” he said as
he twisted a nipple to get a yelp. “Clean up the other
three and get them dressed for dinner. They can serve
us before they entertain us.”

The Friends went off to relax and recharge. They teased
Simon about his self control knowing full well that he
would exact an extra dose of agony from the dinner

Day One – Dinner

Elle 16 the center piece. Karen 15, Sue 14 and Little
Becky 12 the servers.

The dining room was a grand affair. It was well
appointed and well equipped. The table was unusual in
that it was an elevated runway directly from the
kitchen. It was long and broad enough to accommodate
the traffic of several servers. When a server came out
of the kitchen they walked along the center of the
table to serve the guests from above.

The Friends took their places and called for the meal.
Two burly Keepers came out with Elle mounted on a large
platter and set it before the guests. She was in a
seated position, legs stretched apart and in front of
her, hands tied behind her back. Her thighs were held
tightly to the platter by a pair of straps. The 16 year
old was impaled on two long stainless steel probes that
where part of the platter. She had been lowered onto
these two poles. One was a 12 inch rod about an inch in
diameter that was securely up her colon and prevented
any movement.

The other probe was a shorter thicker version designed
to stimulate her vaginal orifice when it pleased the
Friends. From a remote control panel the probe could
deliver rough vibration, electric shock, sharp spikes,
spurts of burning pepper spray, or all of them

Though bruised and battered, the Keepers had cleaned up
Elle remarkably well. The girl wept bitterly from the
awful discomfort in her pussy and anus. Between her
legs were some of the delicacies of the meal.

The Friends were delighted with Elle’s pathetic
posture. Kept erect by the cruel pole in her rectum the
girl had no way of avoiding their abuse. They squeezed
her breasts and pinched her sensitive nipples. Mack was
at the controls of the dildo. “Elle, we intend to hurt
you badly tonight… from the outside and from the
inside!” He have her a jolt of electricity.
Involuntarily she screamed and stiffened. A roar of
laughter from the men. Mack gave her another shock.
Same scream, same laughter.

Buster and Butch poked at her with their very sharp
forks. They punctured her thighs, her sides and her
breasts. Each poke brought a scream or a groan. Mack
hit another button on the controller and Elle’s screams
went up an octave. “That dildo is growing little spikes
the length of thumb tacks. To make sure she feels it
I’ve turn on the dildo’s vibrator!” Blood flowed out of
her pussy mixing with the food on the platter. “You
will find that those vegetables taste better with her

More laughter as the men dipped their food in her
blood. “Who is going to have her cherry?” Mack offered.
Buster and Dick jumped up together knives and forks in
hand. “That clit is not enough for two. Buster, would
you let Dick have the honors with this one. We will
make it up to you later.” Buster deferred. Dick climbed
up on the table and kissed Elle running his tongue into
her mouth.

The big black man looked Elle in the eyes and explained
to her that he was going to cut off her clitoris with
his knife and fork and eat it. The 16 year old gasped
and began begging the man to spare her. But the
pleading had no effect on the hard hearted beast. He
folded back her pussy lips and pierced her clit with
his fork. A howl went up from the girl. He let her
savor the pain for a moment while he twisted the fork.
Then he went in with the knife and sliced the clitoris
off. Putting his face in front of the screaming girl,
he took the clit between his teeth, chewed and
swallowed it.

The big black man stood in front of the now delirious
16 year old. His thick penis was level with her face.
“Open your mouth, girl. I need you to relieve my aching
testicles.” Elle did not really understand his demand,
but instinctively turned her head in disgust. Dick
grabbed her hair with one hand and her chin with the
other. He began prying her mouth open.

By : Whyper Slapper

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