Friends Island

Dozens of young girls are kidnapped and taken to a
secret island. There, four cruel men torment, torture
and rape their young captives. (M+/f+teens, nc, rp, v,


They were four friends for many years. Close friends
with a shared interest � terrorizing and raping teenage

Each of the Friends was fabulously wealthy,
billionaires. Each has a family, a normal home life and
each administered their own business empires. However,
a few times a year they left their families for a week
long business trip. The ‘business trip’ was in fact a
rendezvous at a remote private island, owned and
operated by the Friends.

The visit to the island would often be for about 2
weeks. On alternating days they either devote their
time to committing horrors on groups of victims, or,
relax with golf, swimming, and tennis. They counted
their days by the sessions spent in the cruel seraglio.
This visit was planned for 5 days of terror.

Developed gradually over the past several years the
Island was a complex of building and support services
designed solely for the pleasure of the Friends. There
were well appointed living and dining facilities for
the Friends. But most importantly, it had an induction
processing facility, holding cells, class rooms,
athletic facilities and an entertainment center. This
entire complex was designed to facilitate the ravaging
and sexual training of their captives.

The girls were kidnapped from across the country and
transported to the Island by trusted agents. The
Friends paid well for the girls but their standards
were high. All girls had to be between 11 and 16. All
had to be pure and innocent of all sexual experience.
Sensitive, shy and timid girls were valued over self
confident and assertive ones. It was important that the
recruits have high standards for personal grooming and

Variety was valued, so there was always an full
selection of girls – blonds and, brunettes; blue eyes
and brown; tall and short. They liked nubile girls with
fully developed figures � firm breasts, round inviting
hips. They also liked girls who were just starting to
develop – slim with small perky breasts and a boyish
butt. And they liked everything in between.

The Friends:
* Mack � a 6’4″ brute. A body builder with massive
biceps, triceps, pecks and prick. To his friends Mack
was charming. To his victims he was brutal. Mack was
the official host of this rendezvous.
* Buster � short and stocky he had a thick member that
was the nightmare of any virgin.
* Dick � a former football linebacker. A hulking man,
big in every department. A black man he particularly
savored the young innocent white girls.
* Simon � thin and pale. He had a scary look, almost
gaunt. The most sadistic of the group the Friends loved
him for boundless cruelty.

The Victims:
* About 50 of the sweetest, prettiest and most innocent
virgins a fortune could procure. Snatched from homes
and schools they were quickly transported to the
Island. Once there they were kept clean, nourished and
sedated. When called for by the Friends they were taken
to where they were needed and gently awakened. The
shock was always overwhelming.
* After the festivities the girls were given medical
treatment, some training and time to recover. They were
then disposed of in the various slave markets around
the world. The girls were sold for whatever price their
condition could command. Since many victims were
psychologically or physically mutilated they brought a
low price. But this was not about money for the Friends
had all they could ever use.
* The Friends had no particular desire to murder. That
would only prematurely end suffering. On the other
hand, the treatment could be very rough and it was
understood that a certain number of victims would not
survive. Sometimes a gruesome murder was needed to make
a point to a group of girls. But most survived to face
a lifetime of demeaning slavery.

By : Whyper Slapper

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